Most Beautiful Types of Betta Fish

Some of Most Beautiful Types of Betta Fish
Type of Betta Fish

If you are like me and have a sturdy ardour for freshwater aquariums, you have in all likelihood viewed incorporating Betta fish to your tank. I’m certain you’ve heard how tremendous Bettas are and how lovely they can be.

Another purpose to get a Betta fish is the freedom to pick a multitude of colours or patterns to fascinate admirers with an attractive aquarium. They are regarded as one of the most colourful freshwater fish.

These are the most frequent sorts of Betta fish:


plakat betta fish
Closely associated with the normal conflict Betta, the Plakat Betta is without difficulty recognizable from its quick tail.

If you are unfamiliar with the Betta fish, you might also assume Plakat is clearly females, given that they have brief fins and tails.

The tail of the Plakat Betta can be rounded or with elongated rays and a spiky appearance.

When breeding with different types, this fish tends to appear extraordinary due to its a number of colours.


crowntail betta fish
As the title suggests, the tail is what makes this kind of Betta so special.

It is the most famous and incredible kind of Betta due to its long, spiky tail.

There are three kinds of Crowntails: the single ray, the double ray, and the crossed ray.

The crossed ray is the most stunning type, however additionally the hardest to discover and take care of.

You have to keep away from preserving the Crowntail Betta in the same tank with aggressive fish or it will be attacked very often.

These fish additionally have strict necessities and in order for their tails to maintain their shape, the water wants to be definitely easy all the time.

They are inclined to ailments and aggressive in nature, which is why they thrive higher in a smaller tank alone.


Betta Half Moon
With a tail that spreads a hundred and eighty degrees, the Half Moon Betta is lovely in any colour.

To be regarded a Half Moon, the tail of the Betta wants to structure an entire “D” shape.

Just as the Crowntail Betta, the Half Moon Betta desires to be stored by myself or in the equal tank with calm species that will now not chew their fins.

It is rather tough to breed them due to the fact the adult males can’t wrap the lady absolutely due to the female’s lengthy tail.


Double tail betta
The Double Tail Betta fish has two tails due to a genetic mutation.

Depending on the preliminary kind of Betta, this mutation can make the fish appear very interesting, but they are additionally shorter than regular and susceptible to swim bladder illnesses (something that I will contact on some other Betta sequence post).

Not many children survive, so you will now not see them in aquariums and even in pet shops very often.

It is now not advocated to breed them with different kinds of Bettas due to the fact the infants would possibly be compromised from the beginning.


An end result of cautious breeding, the Rosetail is very comparable to the Half Moon type, however, the tail is a lot greater and with ruffled edges.

Although this kind appears special, it is challenging to breed them.

The tail will be received solely if a genetic mutation takes place, however this additionally ability the fish can be touchy to illnesses and die prematurely.

Many Other Betta Types and Betta Fish 

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