Funny Fish names: more than 500

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 Funny Fish Names: From Tank to Sole-mate!

Whether your pet fish is as bright as a goldfish, as treasured as a guppy or as colourful as a betta, it deserves an interesting name.

To you, your fish is greater than a scaly physique gliding around. It is your new pal and your favoured amusement so your fish deserves an identity that lives up to all of the pleasure it brings. What better way to title your fish, than deciding on a title which makes you smile each time you say it?
Finding the ideal identify for your fish is now not a swimmingly easy process, so we have put collectively a considerable listing of greater than five hundred humorous fish names.

Funny Fish Names

As your pet fish usually manages to make you smile simply via swimming round in your life, we favour making certain that the identify you provide him to the happiness.

Here are a few of the funniest names you should supply to your fish:

Billie EiFish

Billie Eilish is presently taking the song charts by means of storm. Not solely is the identify a wise pun, however, it is so funny! You are positive to get a snicker with this innovative and quirky name. Whether you are a fan or not, this is nonetheless humorous and trendy.

Darth Bait-er

A non-public favourite. This can be a cult fan desire or possibly you assume your fish brings out your villainous alter ego? Regardless, this is a pinnacle preference and positive to make your company giggle.

Han Sole-o

The Star Wars theme is an exact one – it ensures a lot of laughs. Do now not let your creativity stray here, if you virtually prefer a Star Wars name, preserve the puns coming!

Harry Water

Get it?! Like Harry Potter? Thinking of fictional characters, and growing puns or rhyming names with fish associated phrases is an actual intelligence jogger, and a hilarious way to create the best title for your new gill-bearer.

Loch Ness Monster

A stupid basic that we had to include. Have you ever made jokes about small puppies that appear to assume they are lots larger than they are? This is a form of like that, but… much less fluffy.

Megan Mackerel
A twist on the Duchess of Sussex’s name. These royal names are actually humorous and pretty handy to come up with! Let this encourage you if it does no longer experience like the best fit.

Michael Phelps

Your fish is no regular fish, it is an Olympic gold medalist. Naming your fish after the well-known swimmer ought to reel in some serious laughs, especially when you see his or her tiny fins flopping round in the tank.


Whether you have definitely ever studied the Odyssey through Homer or not, this title has lots of uniqueness. It is an equally humorous and lovely identify for your finned bestie. Give it an attempt – see how it goes down!


How lovely is this one! Just as lovely as it is humorous – reserve this identity for your peaceable little swimmer.
Prince William or Prince Whale-iam, what is without a doubt better? Whale creates some traditional jokes in the world of aquatic puns – we are certain you can inform why.

Sea-line Dion

Do you assume your fish has wildly proper vocals? Can they stay up to the singing queen, Celine Dion? We suppose this would possibly be the case… and if so, this pun is a certain chuckler.


It’s comprehensible if some human beings do now not apprehend the extraordinary connection between you and your new pet. You two are great friends, the closest pair, and absolute soulmates – so use this pun to your advantage.

The Great GatSea

The Great Gatsby with a nautical twist. A definitely special and humorous identify for your new friend. We understand your fish is simply as suave as Mr Gatsby.

The Lion, the Witch, and the Goldfish

Come on, it is so ridiculous that it is funny. The unexpectedness brings such a humorous shock element. If you have a trio of fish this is perfect.

The Rolling Rockfish

funny fish name
Rock fish

If you love The Rolling Stones, perhaps this is the proper desire for you.

More Funny Names

Although there are simply over 27,000 species of fish, we are aware of that your pet is especially special. It may be your fish’s character that glistens past its gills or the way its fins waddle in the course of tricks.

Whatever it can also be that makes you smile at your gill-bearing quality pal it deserves to be complemented by way of an outrageously special name.
Here is a listing of thirty humorous names for your new pet:

Agent Cody Tanks – Agent Cody Banks, however with a fishy edge
Anne chovvy – A fancier anchovy
Bobby Filet – Bobby Flay, however fishier
Captain Hook
Genghis Karp – Genghis Khan
Guppi Goldberg – Whoopi Goldberg
Gyrados – what your Pokemon Magikarp will evolve into
Fish N’ Chips
Fisher-Price – a childhood preferred company and perhaps a nostalgic identify for your new pet
Fluffy – some names simply are trying to find humour in their irony and this is one of them!
James Pond
Leviathan – a non-secular sea monster
Mackerelmore – Macklemore
McFish – die-difficult McDonald’s fan, anyone?
Mr Bubbles – your fish is going to create some serious bubbles, so this is fitting
Mr Fish – classically ridiculous, consequently classically funny
Mrs Puff – Spongebob’s riding trainer who used to be a pufferfish
PeeWee – how tiny is your fishy? Is it peewee?
Puckerface – equally lovely and funny! We wager your fish is continually puckering up
Sharkira – Shakira
Swim Shady
Uncle Salmon – Uncle Sam
Still no longer sufficient names? That does now not faze us.

Funny Betta Fish Names

If you have now not sold a betta but and are questioning about it, you will want to recognize what to feed them and the satisfactory tank size. Once you’ve figured that out, you can come up with a special humorous betta fish name.

America’s Most Wanted
Aries – a hearth signal of the zodiac (a crimson betta)
Betta Cooper – Betty Cooper from “Riverdale”
Bettaface – Leather face
Betta Rexha – Bebe Rexha
Betta Rhymes – Busta Rhymes
Betta Swan – Bella Swan from Twilight
Betta White – Betty White
Rhythm and Blues
Blue Ivy – Beyonce
Blue Smurf
Cancer – a water signal of the zodiac (a blue betta)
CerSea Lannister – Game of Thrones
Original Dorito – for your pink betta
Dr Betta Now – a physician who makes it all betta!
Leo – a hearth signal of the zodiac (a purple betta)
Patrick Bettaman – American Psycho
Pisces – a water signal of the zodiac (a blue betta)
REDemption – for your purple betta
Rocky – we already understand that your betta is a fighter, what higher way to include it?
Sagittarius – fireplace signal of the zodiac (a purple betta)
Scorpio – a water signal of the zodiac (a blue betta)
Siamese cat – like Siamese struggle fish however ridiculous
Swedish Fish – for your pink betta
Funny Fish Names Puns
We understand what you are thinking… this listing is now not bad, however, we cod do better.


If you experience like there is even extra that would tickle your fancy, test out our favourite fish puns.

Funny names are an outstanding way to categorical each you and your fish’s special attributes – so let your innovative juices flow!

Name your new pet something you are proud of, and something that embraces your friendship.

Can you suppose of any different humorous names for your fish? Let us be aware of in the feedback below…

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