ember tetra

Ember tetra (Hyphessobrycon amandae)

Ember tetra (Hyphessobrycon Amanda) is one of the smallest tetra fishes saved in tanks. Ember tetra has grown to be a famous nano tanks dweller due to its size, top mood and its simplicity as for tank conditions.
he fish inhabits in Brazil, in Araguaia River basin and in its tributary Rio das Mortes river. This appealing small fish used to be located in 1986 by using Heiko Bleher, German popularizer of aquarium husbandry.

He was once the first to describe the fish in 1987 and named it after his mom Amanda Bleher, who was once a researcher.

Typically the fish inhabits in sluggish waters of forested streams and tributaries with thick-set water plants. Araguaia River basin pH values are low and the backside is protected with a layer of fallen leaves and tree branches.

The water once in a while has mild yellowy-brown tint due to the presence of tanning dealers and other chemical compounds produced whilst organics decay – the backside is included with fallen leaves and branches.

Such medium normally has soft, barely acidic or impartial pH water and pretty regularly is poorly lightened due to the thickly developing flowers and the woodland above the water.


The structure of the physique is the one common to all tetra fishes, however, it is simply two cm (0.8 in) long. The lifespan of the fish is pretty brief – about 2-3 years.

ember tetra

Usually, its body is orange or orange-red, eyes ounce is additionally orange with a black student of the eye. The small measurement of the fish approves it to dwell even in nano tanks. Though, for this fish, I wouldn’t advocate tanks smaller than 20 litres (5 US gallons). Tank decorations aren’t that crucial, on the other hand, the fish demonstrates its fine colouring is a properly embellished tank with a darkish substrate.

Considering the above-cited a small Aquascape or Nature Aquarium will be precise for the fish. Floating vegetation will create shadowed areas in a tank and make the fish fill safe, which will lead to the forming of the bright orange-pink colouring of its body. Water filtration shouldn’t be too strong when you consider that the fish essential habitat is in sluggish waters and it doesn’t like combat with quick water flow.

The soft, sandy backside will be the closest to one of the biotopes the place the fish inhabits as a rule. You can put some dry leaves on the bottom, however, preserve in thought that they’ll make the tank water darker.

In the wild ember, tetra dwells in soft, acidic water, on the other hand, the fish that grew in a tank can adapt to quite a number of water parameters. The advocated tank water temperature is 23–29 C (73–84 F), pH 6.5-75.


The fish is omnivorous, however, it has a small mouth, that’s why small-grained meals are greater preferable. In the wild, the fish feeds on small bugs and zooplankton, whilst in a tank it eats each synthetic and stays food.

The most important aspect you must hold in thought is that the meals have to be small-sized.


Ember tetra is a very peaceable fish, it won’t compete either with different fishes or with small shrimps as nicely (like cherry shrimp, for example). Tiny dimension of the grownup fish additionally capability that it won’t damage even a newborn shrimp.

It’d be ideal to hold the fish with other even-tempered fishes of South America and South-East Asia – such as neon tetra, honey gourami, pygmy corydoras and oto.

This is an education fish, normally there are 8-10 species in a school. That’s why it is advocated to get precisely this variety of tetra fish, to make the experience and behave extra assured as properly as reveal their herbal habits.

Ember tetra is continually in its school, they continually swim in a flock and it is nearly not possible to scatter them, due to the fact they experience greater at ease in a business enterprise of its kind. The fish swims more often than not in the bottom section of the tank.

At that, if the fish lives collectively with different small fishes, they are energetic and swim around all the tank volume.

However, if there is simply a faculty of this fish in a tank, they have a tendency to spent most of the time at one place. Ember tetra will be a desirable accomplice for a shy celestial pearl danio.


There is no colouration differentiation between adult males and females. However, the grownup women have extra rounded and fats abdomen, then the males.

You may additionally additionally differentiate the ladies due to their air-bladder, that is truly considered via nearly obvious physique of the fish. Air-bladder of the male is a bit pointed and ordinary shaped, at that it is smaller than that of the females.


Ember tetra breeding is effortless and very lots alike to that of different Hyphessobrycon species. You’ll have to locate a separate tank for spawning if you desire to have a massive range of juveniles.

The tank of 30 x 20 x 20 cm measurement will do for this purpose. It needs to have dim lighting fixtures and bunches of thin-leaved plant life such as java moss or some different spawning substrate.

The water must be of low hardness with acidity in the varying pH 5-7, GH 1-5, temperature about 27-29 °C. Water filtration thru peat will be of awesome use as properly as the usage of osmotic water for breeding.

A small airlifting filter is the best one in phrases of selecting an acceptable one for the tank.

Ember tetra spawning in a team of about 5 species of every intercourse is a very interesting manner to observe. Besides the fish can also spawn in couples.

But to function this form of spawning it’s higher to maintain adult males and ladies in separate volumes.

When the girl has eggs and the men display their pleasant colouring, you need to choose the fatter ladies and the adult males with the brightest colourings and put them into the spawning tank in the evening.

The fish have to spawn the subsequent morning. Adult species may additionally consume the eggs each time they have a risk to do this, so cast off them from the tank proper after the spawning is over.

The eggs incubate for 24-36 hours, the juveniles begin swimming in 3-4 days after this.

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