EMBER TETRA: The Fire Tetra and Aquarium

ember tetra

EMBER TETRA: The Fire Tetra and Aquarium

Tropical fish have risen in recognition over the final few years due to the fact of their hanging look and playful personalities.

The Ember Tetra is an eye-catching fish that will mild up any aquarium, and its temperament makes it a high-quality preference for any neighbourhood tank.If you are searching for surely special fish to be part of your aquatic household – seem to be no further. They are convenient to care for and seem to be exquisite in groups. They are additionally a splendid hazard to get innovative with your tank setup!
This article will assist you to get to understand all about this small and thrilling fish.

Overview of Ember Tetras

Sometimes referred to as the Fire Tetra, the Ember Tetra (Hyphessobrycon amandae) is a small freshwater fish from the Characidae family and is native to the gradual flowing rivers of Central-Western Brazil.

They come from one of the most various orders: Characiformes (which has nearly over 2000 fish throughout 19 families). They are with the aid of some distance amongst the most impressively searching species.

Ember Tetra is newly described species and have been first discovered in the Mato Grosso State, in Central Brazil.

These fish are very famous with fish keepers due to their brilliant appearance.

Even even though classifying most fish in Characiformes is a difficult task, Ember Tetras can without problems be exotic through their bright, fiery appearance. They are a lively but very peaceable fish. They are now not a traumatic fish when it comes to retaining either, in part due to the size.

It doesn’t rely on how a good deal journey you have with fishkeeping – they are a remarkable desire for anyone.

In a nicely stored tank, they can stay up to two years.

Typical Behavior

Ember Tetra comes from a very forested and inexperienced region. This abundance of plant life has been a fundamental effect on their behaviour. Plants, logs and drifting timber generally serve as secure spots or breeding grounds in the wild.

Despite their size, these species are no longer timid.

In fact, they are active, quickly swimmers and pretty playful. They can be discovered swimming via plant life or hiding in them. You are additionally greater probably to locate them in the centre area of the tank (they hardly ever swim shut to bottom).

Even although Ember Tetras are lively and no longer without problems scared, they nevertheless require some time to adapt to a new tank. During that time you can assume fish to act bizarre or be overly cautious.

As shoaling fish, they are happiest when surrounded by means of different Ember Tetras. This additionally drastically reduces the time wished for adaptation. Not solely that, however, they seem to be even extra amazing in groups.

Their measurement is partly accountable for their peaceable and cautious conduct – think about fish roughly 1 inch in size performing aggressively. That wouldn’t ultimate long.


They are without difficulty identified thanks to their distinguishable appearance. They are fiery red, once in a while with a saturated orange gradient. Eyes additionally regularly have an orange rim. Ember Tetra is small and attains up to about 0.8 inches long.

ember tetra

Their physique form is a little elongated, with females’ abdomens being barely oblate for the duration of the breeding period. Female fish typically additionally have a large air bladder in assessment to males.

They have one merged anal fin, a rather small dorsal fin and giant caudal fin. Dorsal and caudal fins have a barely mild grey or black gradient. The higher section of the head, above the eyes and around the mouth, now and again can be a reddish colour.

Their physique can also appear barely compressed toward the lower back – this permits them to pass round greater smoothly. Their scales are very compact and lie close to every other. Due to this, they seem barely transparent.

Habitat and Ideal Tank Conditions

Ember Tetra is naturally discovered in sluggish flowing rivers, lakes and every now and then swamps. The areas the place these species are determined are closely surrounded by using vegetation and trees, most of which quit upon the riverbed. This gives safe haven for many fish and different animals.

In addition to shelter, it can serve as meals or breeding grounds.

The soil on the riverbed is normally smooth and dark, occasionally combined up with mild rocks or gravel. Rivers in these areas are typically pretty closely shaded by using vegetation and trees.

Tank Conditions
Ember Tetra is freshwater fish that pick small rivers with gradual flowing water.

The desired pH would be in the vary of 5.5–7 and water hardness must no longer exceed 18dH. The temperature of the water has to be stored in the vary of 68–82°F.

Because they are discovered in closely planted areas and “green” riverbeds, you want to recreate this in the tank. Examples of flora you can preserve with them encompass Java moss, Java fern, and Anacharis.

The vital issue to maintain in thought right here is to do the whole lot in moderation – region simply adequate flowers for fish to disguise and depart simply ample area for them to swim around.

Try putting a few drifting or free-floating flowers such as hornwort, and connect the relaxation firmly to the substrate.

Ember Tetras are commonly located pretty a long way away from the fundamental streams, in sluggish flowing tributaries. This capacity you ought to strive to use a silent filtration and aeration system.

Such a setup will create the required quantity of water movement, whilst maintaining it aerated and no longer stressful them. You can use an ordinary sponge filter for that task.

There are no distinct necessities involving the substrate however having a darkish one is visually greater impressive. Another way to decorate your tank is by using including dry leaves; after they decompose, they depart a complete bunch of recommended bacteria. The peak of the aquarium relies upon on how many plant life and/or decorations you desire to in shape in. Having all these decorations is nice, however no longer until you have to sacrifice free area in the tank for that. You can test with the aquarium environment, simply endure the principal factors above in mind.

What Size Aquarium Do They Need?
Ember Tetras will want at least a 10-gallon tank. Despite their small size, they are lively swimmers thru the tank.

Tank Mates

Ember Tetras are peaceable and pleasant neighbourhood fish.

They seem awesome in neighbourhood tanks, and hardly ever reason trouble. Due to spending most of the time in the centre layer, they hardly ever choose meals from the backside of the tank. That makes pygmy catfish a terrific tank mate choice.

Other than that, they are first-class stored with fish that have a comparable temperament and size. For example, small corydoras or different peaceable fish from the Characidae family.

Fish that opt to swim in a one-of-a-kind water layer additionally make correct tank mates, such as hatchet fish, dwarf cichlids, rasboras, micro rasboras or neons.

They must no longer be stored with large, aggressive fish (especially predatory ones). If you determine to introduce any non-fish inhabitants to the tank, reflect on consideration on the identical points.

Most shrimps and snails are nice to preserve with these fish, as lengthy as they don’t smash your plants.

Keeping Ember Tetra Together
Not solely can they be saved collectively however it is encouraged that you get at least 7-8? This will assist them to sense greater comfy in the tank and will extensively minimize stress.

What To Feed Them

An Ember Tetra’s herbal weight loss program consists by and large of small invertebrates and different zooplankton. Sometimes you can discover them grazing on plants, scraping microbe colonies that stay there.

They can be fortunately fed on dry foods, both flakes or granules. In addition to synthetic feeds, it is advocated to consist of stay or frozen meals (Aartemia, Daphnia or Grindal worms).

When it comes to placing the weight loss program together, attempt to make it as varied as possible. The feeding habits of Ember Tetras at once impacts their look and colour. Also, preserve their measurement in the idea – when fundamental grind the meals up. They must be given small parts two or three instances a day. Plants in your aquarium that these fish can naturally graze upon are an extremely good addition to their diet.

Healthy fish do no longer require any extra supplements. The first-rate way to make certain your fish continue to be healthful is to preserve a various diet. Being proactive, no longer reactive – is the excellent method of feeding your fish.

How To Care For Ember Tetras

The Ember Tetra is a small freshwater fish, and simply like different freshwater fish, they are very touchy to modifications in lights or water temperature and acidity.

Despite what their dimension may suggest, they are pretty healthful species and are now not susceptible to any precise diseases.

Overfeeding is continually trouble with small fish. It can reason many troubles with their digestive system. If your fish acts unusually or appears exhausted – take a appear at what they’re eating.

It can additionally be pleasant meals that impacts the fitness of your fish. So, if you sense that there is a hassle with that, reflect on consideration on investing in barely greater steeply-priced foods.

Consistent water renewal is crucial for their health, as is constant aeration and filtration.

Because the aquarium is so densely packed with plants, it requires regular attention. A tank full of algae or microorganism is now not a very beautiful sight, so take time to smooth it regularly.

Although it’s greater dangerous for the basic seem of your aquarium than for the fish, immoderate algae can motive hassle to inhabitants as well.

It’s challenging to seem after the whole thing that goes on in your tank, and occasionally parasites manipulate to slip in. Parasitic ailments are commonly expressed by means of bloating of some physique areas or creamy dots on the skin. Dysfunctional shoaling conduct can in some instances signalize presence of parasites as well.


Breeding Ember Tetras is now not a challenging task.

They are free spawning fish, which skill that the dad and mom do no longer care for the fry.

Under nicely monitored prerequisites spawning happens regularly and doesn’t require any intervention. However, in order to make bigger the quantity of fry this procedure has to be controlled.

You want a small tank for the fry. Water needs to be taken from your important aquarium to optimize the acclimatization procedure for fry as nicely as parental fish. Lighting needs to be dimmed and the water needs to be weakly filtered.

To stimulate spawning you can attempt putting the pH shut to impartial and preserving water temperature around 80-82°F. It is endorsed to supply fish stay meals for two weeks prior to spawning. To forestall the mother and father from ingesting the fry, both area them in a separate tank or put a breeding mesh on the base of the tank.

Are Ember Tetras Suitable For Your Aquarium? (Summary)
Are you searching for a beautiful, shiny and colourful fish to be a part of your neighbourhood tank? If so, then the Ember Tetra is best for you!

Their vivid hues and special look have made it one of the most famous tropical fish for neighbourhood aquariums.

The solely component to preserve in thought is their dimension and sensitivity to water parameters. Ember Tetras certainly shouldn’t be stored with large or aggressive fish.

This fishes peaceable temperament lets in them to effortlessly suit into nearly any sort of aquarium. It is additionally a magnificent possibility to strive out a Nano set-up in a 10-gallon tank.

Are you thinking about an Ember Tetra for your aquarium? Let us recognize in the feedback part below…

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