Why is Aquarium Driftwood Expensive? (3 Main Reasons)

Perhaps you have actually considered including fish tank driftwood to your fish tank. It’s fantastic for a natural-looking container as well as offers the fish a lot of concealing areas. Yet after that you sought out just how much an item of driftwood would certainly set you back.

Why is fish tank driftwood pricey? Supply as well as need, delivery as well as import prices, as well as all the job that enters into searching for, cleansing, as well as preparing the timber prior to it reaches your regional fish shop or on the internet vendor. And also a great deal of it relies on the kind of timber you wish to include in your fish tank.

I additionally explain on why preparing fish tank driftwood is one of the most critical action as well as why you may not wish to do it on your own.

Supply vs. Need

There’s a quite solid need for driftwood in fish tanks (a minimum of in the USA). Vendors have the ability to bill greater rates for points individuals actually desire due to the fact that they understand their consumers want to spend for them (also if they whine regarding just how pricey it is!)

If no person was actually that curious about driftwood, vendors would certainly need to decrease their rates simply to obtain somebody to take the timber off their hands, yet because that isn’t the situation, they can bill greater rates as well as understand that individuals will certainly pay them.

This company version is referred to as “the regulation of supply as well as need.” High need suggests you can obtain greater rates, reduced need suggests you need to decrease your rates considering that no person intends to purchase the item.

On top of that, for the rarer, or more difficult to locate driftwoods, like manzanita, vendors can bill a greater rate due to the fact that they understand the majority of people will not have the ability to simply head out to their yards or the regional river as well as locate it.

Yet supply as well as need aren’t the only points increasing the rate of driftwood. The vendor needs to obtain the driftwood to you in some way (or obtain it themselves!) which additionally costs them cash.

Undersea landscape nature design closeup aquarium container with a range of water plants as well as driftwood within.

Shipping/Import Prices

Driftwood can be hefty– as well as hefty products set you back even more to deliver than light products do. On top of that, driftwood isn’t generally a wonderful, blocky form, so vendors might need to deliver the timber in a bigger box in order to fit the whole item of driftwood inside. Bigger boxes can additionally set you back even more to deliver than tiny boxes.

Delivering prices additionally consist of greater than simply shipping– vendors need to recuperate the quantity they have actually invested for boxes as well as packaging products, as well.

Vendors in regional fish shops will certainly need to recuperate what they paid to have actually the timber delivered to them by boosting the rate of the driftwood.

If they’re marketing the timber online after that stores compose what they would certainly shed in delivery prices by billing you the delivery charges, which includes in the complete rate you need to spend for the driftwood.

In addition to all that, some driftwood is imported from various other nations, consisting of Malaysia, as well as vendors need to offset what they shed in import charges by increasing the rate of the driftwood.

Yet this isn’t the last consider high rates– as well as regrettably, the last variable might be one of the most pricey of all.

Preparing the Driftwood

This is one of the most essential point the vendor provides for you as well as can be the largest consider the high rate due to just how much labor is included.

Prior to the driftwood can be offered to you, the vendor requires to prepare the driftwood so it’s risk-free for fish tanks. This procedure is called “healing” the driftwood as well as makes it risk-free for your container as well as the container’s occupants. That can take a number of weeks (at a minimum), relying on the kind of timber as well as what needs to be done.

Prior to they can treat the timber, nevertheless, vendors initially need to locate the timber, which entails either paying another person to locate it for them or investing their very own time searching for suitably sized, formed, as well as aged items of timber.

The vendors might additionally wish to reduce big items of driftwood down right into aquarium-sized items or form the timber to be a lot more pleasing to consider. This additionally requires time as well as perhaps cash, relying on whether the vendor does this themselves or works with somebody to do it for them.

After That, once they have the timber, it requires to be cleaned up. This can be as straightforward as making use of a scrub brush to scrub off the dust, algae, mold and mildew, and so on, or maybe a much larger-scale procedure entailing pressure-washers as well as conveyor belts to clean up a big team of driftwood at once.

After cleansing, the driftwood will certainly require to be saturated or steamed to get rid of tannins that can tarnish fish tank water. This may take a number of weeks (if saturating the timber) or a number of hrs (if steaming the timber).

Just besides these points are ended up can they market the timber to you straight, or to an additional vendor.

Every one of the timber prep work actions include in the rate of the timber considering that the vendor requires to redeem their time as well as expenditures for preparing it.


Why Is It Essential to Heal Driftwood?

If you purchase uncured driftwood, a number of points can take place, none of which benefit your container.

The timber itself can rot away inside the container, which type of beats the entire function of having driftwood in there to begin with. Not just that, yet when driftwood decomposes, it can emit ammonia, which can damage your fish.

You can additionally wind up presenting international germs right into the container which can damage your fish/invertebrates.

The tannins in the timber will certainly additionally wind up making your water transform brother wn or yellow. (Tannins are what provide tea its brownish shade!)

While this shade modification should not damage your fish, it may make points hard on your plants if they can not obtain sufficient light in the darker water. You can constantly change for this by leaving the lights on longer or acquiring a brighter light if you pick to cope with tannins in your container.

Exactly How to Prepare Your Own Driftwood

Perhaps you prefer to locate as well as prepare your very own item of driftwood rather than paying another person to locate as well as prepare it for you.

If you pick to go this course, simply make certain to tidy, saturate, as well as completely dry (if needed) the driftwood prior to you include it to your container.

I have a look at every one in even more information listed below.

1. Cleansing Driftwood

This set is quite uncomplicated– you actually do require to clean up the timber prior to you can place it in your container considering that it’s been relaxing in mud, dust, rotting fallen leaves, as well as that understands what else outside, as well as it would certainly be simple to earn undesirable germs, mold and mildew, fungi, and so on

You can utilize a scrub brush to reject anything you see. Simply beware to keep away from cleaning agents, soaps, or cleansing chemicals, considering that these can all misbehave for the fish.

As soon as you have actually completely cleaned up the timber, it’s time to provide it a little saturate.

2. Saturating the Driftwood

You’re mosting likely to cover the driftwood in water as well as saturate out the tannins, which will certainly discolor your fish tank water if they’re not eliminated.

You’ll wish to obtain a container big sufficient to totally immerse the driftwood.

Allow it saturate for a number of days, altering out the water occasionally when it obtains dark.

You’ll understand it’s time to give up saturating the driftwood when the water it’s being in remains clear for a number of days.

If you desire, you can also steam your driftwood, which additionally aids eliminate any kind of remaining fungi as well as germs that rubbing may have missed out on. This is additionally a terrific means to seep out even more tannins.

3. Drying Out the Driftwood

You might be asking yourself why you would certainly require to dry out the timber when you’re simply mosting likely to be placing in it your aquarium, under the water.

This is a needed component of the procedure if you made use of bleach or something comparable to assist decontaminate the timber. As the timber dries out, the chlorine from the bleach vaporizes right into the air as well as makes the timber risk-free for your container.

The majority of people, nevertheless, do not have the moment to undergo the healing procedure themselves, which’s an additional reason that they want to pay a little a lot more to purchase driftwood that’s currently been healed.


In Recap

There are a number of points that make driftwood so pricey, consisting of:

  • Supply as well as need
  • Shipping/import charges
  • Preparing the driftwood

Preparing driftwood to be risk-free for fish tanks is one of the most essential point that a vendor can do, as well as is possibly the largest consider the rate of the timber. If the timber isn’t healed, it can produce concerns in your container, like ammonia spikes from decaying timber, unsafe germs, as well as blemished water.

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