What Types of Fish can Live with Guppies?

If shade is something you seek in a fish, guppies are most definitely a fish to check out. Easy to take care of as well as extremely lovely, guppies make a remarkable enhancement to any kind of fish tank, novice or professional. All of us recognize, however, that fish looks finest when they aren’t alone.

Guppies can exist side-by-side with a vast array of freshwater fish. Fish that are relaxed as well as medium-sized do finest with guppies. Stay away from big as well as hostile fish, as they will certainly strike the guppies. Fish that nip at fins will certainly not be a great selection either, as guppies have big, flowy, fragile fins.

When finding container companions for your guppies, there are great deals of choices offered. Allow’s have a look at several of the very best choices for guppy container companions, and after that we will certainly look at what to seek in a container companion in situation you intend to select your very own fave container companions.

What are the very best Container Mates for Guppies?

Guppies work with an entire host of fish. There suffice fish out there that you might maintain with guppies that this post might conveniently more than 4,000 words long.

Nonetheless, to conserve you time as well as to not make a comparable checklist to all the others around, we will just speak about our leading 4 favored container companions to make use of with guppies.

Boeseman’s Rainbow Fish

Boeseman’s Rainbow Fish is among our leading choices as container companion for guppies as well as much various other fish, as well as completely factor. They look spectacular, are relaxed, are incredibly social, as well as live for a long time (lasting approximately twelve years when taken care of correctly!).

In addition, they prosper under the very same exotic freshwater container problems as Guppies do.

Because of their social nature, Rainbow Fish do finest when in a shoal of a minimum of 5 others. Ensure, after that, to have a large sufficient container to house a minimum of 6 Rainbow Fish, as these lovely fish can mature to 4 as well as a fifty percent inches long.

Rainbow Fish are appropriately called, as they have a noticeably vivid look. The remarkable blues as well as oranges of these appealing fish will certainly offer a terrific praise to the shades of your guppies.

Corydoras Catfish

An additional of our favored freshwater area fish, the Corydoras Catfish is a peaceable bottom-feeder.

There are a variety of factors they function well with Guppies:

  • They expand from 2 to 3 inches long
  • They are relaxed, social fish
  • They harp on all-time low of the container
  • Their darker shades will certainly offer a wonderful comparison to the Guppies’ pigmentations

Corydoras Catfish will certainly likewise feed on along all-time low of the container, tidying up remaining fish food as well as plant issue.

These adorable catfish do finest in teams of a minimum of 5, however considering that they are smaller sized than the Rainbow Fish, they do not require rather as large of a container.


Mollies, like Guppies, are live-bearing fish, indicating that they bring to life live fish instead of generating eggs. As a matter of fact, Mollies as well as Guppies get on rather well since they are extremely comparable.

Like Guppies, Mollies:

  • Are simple to take care of
  • Will certainly consume practically anything
  • Type extremely conveniently
  • Are relaxed as well as social fish

Colorwise, Mollies be available in a selection of shades as well as patterns, however our faves to couple with Guppies are the strong black Mollies. These black fish will certainly provide your vivid Guppies a plain comparison to make their shades actually radiate through.

Long-Fin Black Skirt Tetras

While some Tetras are understood to be fin nippers, these Black Skirt Tetras will certainly leave your Guppies’ priceless, flowy fins alone.

With lengthy fins of their very own, Black Skirt Tetras will certainly match your Guppies’ lengthy fins; as well as the black shade of the Black Skirt Tetras will certainly likewise offer some wonderful different shade.

Black Skirt Tetras often tend to be extra on the timid side, so they will not be a trouble for your Guppies.

Likewise, the Black Skirt Tetras simulate to be in teams of their very own kind as well as will certainly be social as well as reasonable with various other participants of the container.

What Makes an Excellent Container Friend for Guppies?

There are a variety of variables that make a great container companion. We desire our guppies to be pleased as well as prosper along with the fish we contribute to the container. Variables that influence whether a fish will certainly make a great container companion consist of:

  • Character
  • Dimension
  • Pigmentation
  • Water Setting
  • Container Area

The good news is, Guppies function wonderful with virtually any kind of fish that is relaxed, not way too much bigger than them, which populates the very same water setting they do. Nonetheless, allow’s check out several of the certain points that can make a container companion come to be the very best container companion they have actually ever before had; or the most awful.


Guppies are relaxed fish as well as are extremely vulnerable to strike as well as intimidation. Therefore, it is important to maintain them with various other relaxed, non-bullying fish.

Fish with virtually any kind of aggressiveness whatsoever will certainly discover the priceless Guppies to be a simple target.


Guppies do not especially respect the dimension of the fish around them, though they might obtain burnt out if a fish is enormously larger than they are.

The concern with the dimension is whether the larger fish sees the guppies as a reward or otherwise. Fish significantly bigger than guppies, also if they are relaxed fish, can begin considering the guppies as their following dish, which is certainly not what we are searching for in a container companion.


When finding container companions, it’s a great suggestion to select fish that will certainly boost the shades of your Guppies, instead of remove as well as plain the shade. Therefore, each of our leading 4 favored container companions for Guppies had something to do with their shade.

Water Setting

Guppies like an exotic water temperature level of 72 to 79 levels Fahrenheit. While Guppies do like freshwater, they can likewise succeed with somewhat salted water.

Container Area

Guppies live in the leading area of a container, however will not always obtain territorial over it. Still, it’s far better to obtain fish that live in various other areas of the container unless they themselves are not mosting likely to be territorial either.

Guppies look definitely superb, however they typically look also much better with various other type of fish as container companions. Following time you place Guppies in a container, attempt to provide some wonderful container companions to deal with.

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