What Types of Fish Can Live with Cichlids?

A extremely usual option for fish tanks, Cichlids of all ranges can make a container pop with their normally dynamic shades as well as a big selection of sizes and shapes. As differed as Cichlids might be, it’s constantly excellent to shock the container with some extra types as container friends to provide the fish tank much more life.

Cichlids are normally an extra hostile types, suggesting any kind of prospective tankmates should have the ability to match their hostility or endure it. Medium-sized freshwater fish job well in containers with many types of Cichlids, as they are as well huge to be quickly consumed as well as appreciate the very same water atmosphere.

Though there are a great deal of various types of Cichlids, each with its very own dimension as well as character, there are some types that make terrific container friends for many Cichlids. We will certainly discover some certain instances of terrific container friends, and after that speak about the specifying features of an excellent container companion for Cichlids.

What are the most effective Fish to Couple With Cichlids?

Not all fish set well with Cichlids, because of Cichlids’ typically hostile nature. In spite of the Cichlids’ hostility, there are numerous excellent alternatives for container friends.

Nonetheless, some Cichlids are much more calm than others, particularly the Angelfish, one of the most calm Cichlid of them all. We created a short article devoted particularly to the most effective container friends for Angelfish right here, as there will certainly be some distinctions in ideal container friends for many Cichlids than there will certainly be for Angelfish; though you might discover some resemblances.

1. Boesemani Rainbow Fish

Boesemani Rainbow Fish resemble the most effective pal of the Cichlid.

  • They are calm fish that remain in colleges
  • They remain in the center of the container
  • They are medium-sized fish, at 4 to 6 inches, suggesting they can hold their very own versus a Cichlid

An exceptional container companion for Cichlids, Rainbow Fish additionally look impressive, with dynamic blue fronts as well as an intense orange dorsal area.

2. Clown Loaches

Called for their clownfish-esque coloring, the Clown Loach belongs to the catfish household. Clown Loaches are calm fish that survive all-time low of the container, comparable to the Plecostomus listed below. Nonetheless, where a Plecostomus is great getting on its very own, Clown Loaches do finest in colleges.

Among the disadvantages to the Clown Loach is its grown-up dimension. Clown Loaches can mature to a foot in size. Currently, as they like to be in colleges, can you picture a college of foot-size loaches swimming about under of your container? These attractive fish are best for a big container.

3. Plecostomus

The Plecostomus, additionally referred to as a Pleco, is a variety of catfish, thus the label “suckermouth catfish”.

These armored fish are calm, bottom-feeding algae eaters, as well as will certainly maintain your container tidy from algae while steering clear of from the typically top-dwelling Cichlids. If a Cichlid does make a decision to obtain energetic for whatever factor, the Pleco is rather armored, as well as most likely will not also obtain a scrape.

Beware to pick the right Pleco for your container, as the usual Pleco can mature to 2 entire feet in size! Bristlenosed Plecos are an excellent alternative if you do not have a container large sufficient for a two-foot Pleco.

4. Various Other Cichlids


In spite of common belief, it is really alright to have some Cichlid types in the very same container with each other. The secret to having your Cichlid types quietly exist together is matching their hostility degrees as well as dimension.

Cichlids that function well with each other are:

  • Convict Cichlids
  • Tricolor Cichlids
  • Mbuna Cichlids
  • Firemouth Cichlids
  • African Cichlids

What Makes a Great Storage Tank Friend for a Cichlid?

When picking a container companion for any kind of fish, not to mention Cichlids, it is essential to recognize what makes an excellent container companion for that certain fish. The characteristics we take a look at are:

  • Dimension
  • Individuality
  • Water Setting
  • as well as Storage Tank Room

Whether they get on the checklist of finest container friends over, any kind of fish that inspects these boxes will certainly probably appropriate container friends (however we can not assure that, so do your study!).


The majority of Cichlids are halfway decent sized fish, appearing at anywhere from 4 inches to a foot or even more.

Fish that will certainly work with Cichlids will certainly need to be a minimum of 2 inches long. Any kind of smaller sized than 2 inches, as well as the fish will certainly be a simple dish for the Cichlids. 2 inches is currently reducing it close.

Also, it is most likely a good idea to have fish that aren’t as well large, either, particularly if they have a tendency to be hostile. Attempt to maintain your container friends around the very same dimension as each various other, not having fish that surpass 4 inches larger than your Cichlids.


Cichlids are, naturally, hostile fish. They are susceptible to nipping, intimidation, as well as bugging various other fish, especially fish that are smaller sized as well as timider than they are.

The most effective counter to their hostility, unlike many points in life, is fish that are additionally hostile. Having fish that want to stand their ground versus the Cichlids will certainly protect against intimidation as well as harassment among your fish, offered they aren’t as well hostile as well as bully the Cichlids.

The exemption to this are fish that are calm, however huge as well as quickly sufficient to ward off intimidation.

Water Setting

Cichlids are usually fresh water fish, so the fish that share a container with them ought to additionally be fresh water lovers.

Viewing as many types of Cichlids originate from exotic atmospheres, they require warmer water temperature levels at around 78-82 levels Fahrenheit.

Storage Tank Room

Cichlids do best with fish that live in the locations of the container where the Cichlids themselves are not. Cichlids swiftly end up being territorial over the area of the container they live in.

Likewise, Cichlids love to have little hidey openings as well as caverns, as well as otherwise effectively taken care of by altering the views of the container around once in awhile, can end up being territorial of those locations too.

Though Cichlids have a tendency to be hostile, it is feasible to take care of a calm container with great deals of fantastic container friends to swim together with. We like Cichlids in all of their ranges, as well as wish that you have the ability to discover some exceptional container friends for your extremely own Cichlids!

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