What Types of Fish Can Live with Bettas

Betta fish are definitely beautiful fish; their shades are lively as well as their fins are lengthy as well as flowy. Nevertheless, among the huge disadvantages of having Bettas is their aggressiveness. Bettas are extremely hostile in the direction of practically anything in their area, specifically various other Bettas. This aggressiveness makes Bettas appear improper to have storage tank friends of any kind of kind.

While Betta fish are infamous for being exceptionally hostile, it is in fact feasible to have storage tank friends with Bettas. Bettas exist together well with tankmates that are serene, aren’t very vibrant, are lower or center home, as well as do not have long, flowy fins.

As it ends up, Bettas can undoubtedly have storage tank friends! Nevertheless, since Bettas are so hostile as well as conscious the various other fish around them, the listing for ideal storage tank friends is a little much shorter than regular. Allow’s have a look at our choice for our 4 fave storage tank friends for Betta fish.

What are the most effective Storage Tank Mates for Bettas?

Bettas are extremely certain concerning that shares a space with them. Active hostile naturally, they are called combating fish nevertheless, any kind of fish that is also huge, also vibrant, or socializes in their location is viewed as a risk.

Nevertheless, in spite of that, there are some fish that exist together truly well with Betta fish; as well as not simply lower residents, either!

We have actually selected 4 of our fave storage tank friends to couple with a Betta fish, or a pair if you have a sorority storage tank (a container with numerous women bettas).

1. Corydoras Catfish

Take a look at this little fella! Exactly how can you not like such an adorable little face?

Corydoras Catfish are lovable, bottom-dwelling participants of the catfish family members.

Not just are they lovable, yet they examine packages of the needs of a Betta:

  • They aren’t also huge, maturing to 2 to 3 inches long
  • They occupy the lower area of the storage tank
  • They are extremely serene fish
  • They are not vibrantly vibrant
  • They do not have huge, flowy fins

Corydoras catfish favor to be in multiples, so if you intend to utilize some in your storage tank, see to it to access the very least 3.

2. Buffoon Rasboras

Buffoon Rasboras are timeless tropical fish, likely as a result of their serene personality, easy-care, as well as pigmentation.

Not just are they excellent tropical fish, yet they are several of the most effective non-bottom home fish to couple with your Betta! These fish are serene, as well as will not disrupt your Bettas. While Rasboras do have some pigmentation, it’s not near sufficient to activate a Betta right into assaulting.

Buffoon Rasboras are likewise very quickly swimmers, so your Bettas will certainly have a tough time capturing them if they do determine they intend to battle.

3. Coal Tetras

Called for their burned orange bodies, Coal Tetra are an additional remarkable choice for center residents for your storage tank.

Coal Tetra are extremely comparable to the Buffoon Rasboras, as they share a great deal of the very same high qualities:

  • Tranquil
  • Tiny
  • Some shade, yet not excessive
  • Super fast swimmers

Coal Tetras require to be in colleges to really feel comfy. A good-sized Tetra college is around 5 to 10 fish.

Although the majority of Tetra are understood to be fin nippers, Coal Tetra must not nip at your Betta’s fins unless they really feel intimidated.

4. Glass Catfish

If you truly desire a fish that will certainly wow individuals, the Glass Catfish is the method to go. These clear fish are totally clear, suggesting you can see their body organs as well as skeletal system!

Comparable to the Coal Tetra as well as Buffoon Rasboras, Glass Catfish favor the center of the storage tank as well as are very serene, so there should not be excessive problem with yourBetta

Glass Catfish likewise require to be in a shoal to really feel comfy as well as delighted, with a good-sized shoal being around 5 fish as well as the most effective dimension being around 10. Due to the fact that they like to be in colleges, Glass Catfish require to be in a larger storage tank.

One point to likewise remember with Glass Catfish is that they are exceptionally delicate fish, so see to it your water is definitely beautiful or they will certainly not enjoy, as well as might also pass away.

What Makes a Great Storage Tank Friend for Bettas?

When determining if a fish will certainly make a great storage tank companion for Bettas, there are a couple of variables to take into account:

  • Dimension
  • Shade
  • Individuality
  • Storage Tank Room
  • as well as Water Setting

Bear In Mind That Bettas are especially conscious that their flatmates are, so it’s finest to accommodate the Betta’s requirements as opposed to the fish you intend to include in the storage tank.



Fish you have as tankmates with your Bettas ought to be no greater than an inch larger than the Bettas Bettas will certainly really feel frightened by fish larger than them.

Additionally, Bettas will certainly nip at as well as be set off by fish with huge as well as flowy fins as they have. It’s finest to stick to fish without flowy fins.


Bettas obtain set off by vibrantly tinted fish, assuming that they are likewise Bettas. While vibrantly tinted fish are a no-go, that does not imply your fish need to be boring as nails. Minor colorings will certainly be alright for storage tank friends to Betta fish.


Tranquil fish job the most effective with Bettas, as any kind of hostile fish will certainly simply make the Bettas resist.

Storage Tank Room

The very best fish to couple with Bettas are fish that inhabit the lower area of the storage tank. Bettas are normally territorial, as well as usually occupy the leading area of the storage tank as well as periodically the center.

Fish that like the center area of the storage tank are alright to couple with Betta fish, as long as the Betta is alright with it.

Do not maintain your Bettas in smaller sized than a five-gallon storage tank, specifically if you are intending on having various other fish. The 2nd you determine you desire a lot more fish with your Betta, you quickly require at the very least a fifteen-gallon storage tank.

Water Setting

Betta fish are exotic fish as well as require an exotic water temperature level of around 78 levels Fahrenheit with slow-flowing water.

Bettas are commonly thought to not work with various other fish. Nevertheless, as we simply talked about, that is definitely incorrect. We wish you appreciate your Bettas as well as their storage tank friends.

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