What Types of Fish Can Live with Angelfish?

Every terrific storage tank requires terrific fish. Or else, unless you have a grown storage tank, what’s the factor of having an aquarium if you do not have any kind of fish? Angelfish are remarkable enhancements to any kind of storage tank, however make certain to choose the right storage tank companions if you do not desire battles to burst out in between your precious fish.

Angelfish, regardless of their peaceful-sounding name, are hostile in the direction of smaller sized, meeker fish. Consequently, pick freshwater fish in between 2 as well as 10 inches long that are neither meek neither hostile as storage tank companions. Additionally, Angelfish favor the area, so bottom-dwelling fish set well with them.

The Good News Is, Angelfish are not very fussy regarding that shares the storage tank with them, as long as they do not enter their means as well as will not succumb to intimidation. Initially, we will certainly present a few of the most effective fish to couple with Angelfish, as determined by professionals, and afterwards we will certainly discuss exactly how to pick your very own storage tank companions for your priceless Angelfish.

What are the very best Fish to Couple With Angelfish?

There is a wide variety of fish that function terrific with Angelfish, both in existing together well as well as in matching the shades as well as forms of the Angelfish.

We just recently went over with a couple of professionals from fish shops on what the most effective storage tank companions for Angelfish would certainly be. Below will certainly be the checklist of the leading 3 fish to have as storage tank companions with Angelfish, according to the fish shop’s referrals as well as our very own study as well as experience.

Allow’s begin with # 1:

1. Boesemani Rainbow Fish

Boesemani Rainbow Fish, or else referred to as Boeseman’s Rainbow Fish, set very well with Angelfish.

These vibrantly vibrant fish can expand to be as much as 4.5 inches long, that makes them a wonderful dimension to cope with Angelfish. Additionally, viewing as they have a calm behavior, they will not badger the Angelfish. As an included benefit, the Boesemani Rainbow Fish live in the center area of the storage tank, which leaves the Angelfish to their kingdom on top of the storage tank.

Boesemani Rainbow Fish are social fish naturally, resulting in them existing together exceptionally with various other fish. Nonetheless, as a result of their social nature, in order for them to truly more than happy, they require to be in shoals of at the very least 5 fish.

One more terrific characteristic of the Boesemani Rainbow Fish is their long life. Rainbow Fish, when appropriately taken care of, can last in between 7 to 8 years, equalize to twelve years sometimes!

Overall, the Boesemani Rainbow Fish quickly takes the throne as the most effective storage tank friend to couple with Angelfish.

2. Corydoras Catfish

Corydoras Catfish are definitely charming little fish.

Not just are they charming, however they tick the 3 primary boxes for being storage tank companions with an Angelfish:

  • They expand anywhere from 2 to 3 inches
  • They are serene fish
  • They live in the lower area of the storage tank

Along with all those remarkable attributes, they additionally will certainly assist cleanse your storage tank for you! Corydoras Catfish will certainly look for leftover food as well as algae at the end of the storage tank as well as consume them for you, though they will certainly often make a minor tinker the substratum. Do not, nonetheless, rely on them to be your whole cleansing team, as they will not obtain all the algae.

These adorable catfish are additionally college fish as well as have actually been understood to pass away if alone, so ensure if you obtain some Corydoras Catfish to obtain several.

3. Dwarf Gourami

The Dwarf Gourami is an attractive as well as distinct fish.

Nonetheless, it is available in 3rd on this checklist since it does lug some attributes that might create some stress if in the very same storage tank as Angelfish:

  • They are labyrinth fish, which implies they take a breath air from the surface area also as well as require accessibility to the surface area
  • Dwarf Gourami are smooth fish as well as they will certainly catch harassing if struck.

While they might be smooth fish that like the surface area, they can still match well with Angelfish, specifically if your Angelfish are specifically serene.

What Makes an Excellent Storage Tank Companion for an Angelfish?

Angelfish are remarkable fish. The impressive shades as well as the distinct form of their body makes them a prominent option amongst fish tank fanatics. Furthermore, Angelfish are among one of the most serene of the participants of the Cichlid family members, making it possible for fairly a wide variety of storage tank companions.

When picking storage tank companions, there is a great deal to think about. There are a lot of elements that impact whether fish will certainly be excellent with each other, consisting of dimension, individuality, the water temperature level they favor, the room they inhabit in the storage tank, as well as a lot more.


Fish that function well with Angelfish are no smaller sized than 2 inches as well as no greater than 10 inches at grown-up dimension. Fish smaller sized than 2 inches will certainly be harassed or consumed, as well as fish larger than 10 inches can bully the Angelfish.


While Angelfish are among one of the most serene of the Cichlid family members, that does not suggest they aren’t hostile. Angelfish will certainly have no sorrow for harassing especially shy fish. Nonetheless, they are vulnerable to ending up being the target themselves if harassed. Consequently, hostile fish do not match well with Angelfish.

A excellent storage tank friend for Angelfish will certainly be serene, however not as well shy regarding permit themselves to be harassed.

Storage Tank Area

Angelfish enjoy the leading area of the storage tank. As a matter of fact, they enjoy it a lot that they can come to be territorial over it as well as come to be hostile to fish that additionally inhabit the top of the storage tank.

Angelfish job best with fish that inhabit the center or lower areas of the storage tank.

Water Temperature Level

Angelfish are fresh water exotic fish, suggesting they require a water temperature level of around 78-80 levels Fahrenheit. Any kind of fish that are mosting likely to be with them require to be able to stay in that atmosphere. This implies that Goldfish are definitely not appropriate storage tank companions for Angelfish.

Angelfish can exist together with a selection of lovely as well as impressive fish. Prior to you match any kind of fish with each other, it is constantly best to investigate the particular varieties as well as whether they will certainly work or otherwise. Looking into as well as recognizing your fish will certainly bring about a satisfied as well as amazing storage tank for several years ahead.

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