The Ultimate Tomini Tang Care Guide

Tomini Tang is steadily referred to as Tomini Surgeonfish and is within the genus Ctenochaetus. It isn’t an extraordinary tang species and is preferred among fish-keeping fans for its small dimension, whilst an grownup fish.

If you wish to have a fish that has a longevity span and quirky persona, Tomini Tangs are nice fish to move for. Opting for reef-safe fish in your aquarium could be a problem, however the Tomini Tang is a fish that matches completely right into a reef setting.

This article is going to quilt the entirety you want to learn about Tomini Tang with the intention to be sure that they’re totally appropriate for you. Learn throughout the knowledge on this put up to determine their fundamental care wishes, learn how to breed them, what their nutritional wishes are, and a lot more. Revel in!

Tomini Tang Information & Evaluate

tomini tang

Class Score
Care Degree: Reasonable 
Temperament: No longer tolerant of recent tank pals, however calm down over the years. Steer clear of conserving them with different non-related tangs
Colour Shape: Brown frame with yellow, blue, and white highlights
Lifespan: Over 5 years
Dimension: 6 inches
Vitamin: Omnivore
Circle of relatives: Tangs
Minimal Tank Dimension: 70 gallons
Tank Set-Up: Reef tank 
Compatibility: Non violent however would possibly bully species presented after them


Tomini Tang has rather a couple of boulevard names. You may have heard them being known as Bristletooth Tomini Tang, Tomini Surgeonfish, and Flame Fin Tang. Its clinical identify is Ctenochaetus Tominiensis, which is rather the mouthful, so we can stick with Tomini Tang for the aim of this text.

There are a whopping 38 species of tang fish and the vast majority of them are discovered within the Indo-Pacific Oceans, with a couple of species scattered within the Atlantic Ocean. They feed on algae within the wild, and nori is their favourite meals in captivity. I recommend letting your fish graze on their meals as and once they need to all through the day, a lot as they might within the wild.

You’ll be expecting to pay any place from $60 to $80 for a Tomani Tang fish, which isn’t reasonable. Better Tang species can price as much as $250 in line with fish.


Conventional Conduct

Tomini Tang is usually an excessively calm fish that helps to keep itself to itself. They don’t like sharing a tank with different Tang species, so keep away from hanging a couple of Tang breeds into one aquarium; in a different way, you might be requesting bother.

In case you are making plans your aquarium setup, be sure that the Tomini Tang is the final fish you introduce into your aquarium. They may be able to be just a little feisty with new fish which are presented after them, however they will have to chill out after a couple of days.


Tomini Tang has a brown frame with yellow and blue fins. It has a white underbelly that can get darker and in the end flip brown because the fish ages. Mature fish have an excessively distinct blue tail, with vibrant yellow anal fins and dorsals.

Those speedy and livid fish keep quite small. You’ll be expecting an grownup Tomini Tang fish to develop as much as six inches lengthy, however more often than not, grownup fish are smaller than that.

Some Tang species can develop as much as 30 cm lengthy and weigh over 600 grams. This isn’t the case for our little Tomini Tang. it is extremely simple to get puzzled between Tang species, even supposing all of them glance very other.

Habitat and Tank Prerequisites

tomini tang

Tomini Tang are maximum often discovered within the Solomon Islands, Western Central Pacific, Indo Pacific, and Fiji. They’re tropical fish which are additionally sensible tank pals for reef tanks.

That is your probability to get adorning and accessorizing! Tomini Tang loves feeding on algae that develop among rocks within the fish tank. They’re grazing fish, this means that that they preferably like to select at meals all through the day, and conserving rocks and crops within the tank is one of the best ways to let your fish do that.

Tank Prerequisites

It is important to stay your fish tank’s situation in keeping with the fish you might be conserving as shut as conceivable to fulfill ultimate tank stipulations. Opting for appropriate fish and crops is vital to make sure none of your tank pals go to pot because of non-ideal stipulations.

Tomini Tang will have to be saved in water with a pH stage of between 8.1 to eight.4. The water temperature will have to by no means drop not up to 75 ° F and keep away from letting the tank achieve temperatures upper than 80° F.

Those fish want numerous tank area as they’re keen swimmers, so don’t overcrowd the aquarium with too many fish, crops, and equipment. Stay the lights average as those fish don’t recognize vibrant lights.


What Dimension Aquarium Do They Want?

tomini tang

As I discussed above, Tomini Tang is a rapid little fish that swims across the tank so much. Preferably, you wish to have to stay them in a 120-gallon fish tank; then again, this is probably not conceivable.

So long as the aquarium isn’t overcrowded, Tomini Tang can are living luckily in 70-gallon fish tanks. Some tank fans stay their fish in 40-gallon fish tanks, which, even if that is technically good enough, your fish received’t be as satisfied and wholesome as they will have to be.

Fish that are living to their five-year lifestyles expectancy are generally saved in fish tanks no smaller than 120 gallons. The simpler your fish’s high quality of lifestyles, the longer it’s going to are living, and the calmer your fish will likely be within the tank.


How Many Can also be Saved According to Gallon?

You will have to stay about 3 wholesome Tomini Tang fish in a 120-gallon tank. When you opt for the smallest really useful fish tank of 70 gallons, stay not more than two Tangs within the tank in combination.

Tank Buddies

Tomini Tangs fit with clownfish, angelfish, hawkfish, pufferfish, gobbies, eels, and plenty of different reef fish. Crucial factor to keep in mind when conserving a mix of fish species in a tank in combination is to move for fish with equivalent temperaments.

Can You Stay Tomini Tang In combination?

You’ll stay Tomini Tang in the similar fish tank, however that is solely really useful if the fish have a variety of area to swim across the tank. By no means stay greater than 3 or 4 in an aquarium in combination, particularly if they’re sharing a tank with different Tang species.


Seaweed and algae are Tomini Tang’s favourite dishes. Even supposing those fish are omnivores within the wild, you’ll in finding them nibbling on meaty fish meals in an aquarium if it stocks a tank with meat-eating fish. Tomini Tangs graze on meals all through the day of their herbal habitat, so putting in a feeding time table like that is higher in your fish than set feeding instances.


You will have to keep away from deliberately feeding your fish meat and take a look at to stay their vitamin as with regards to what they’ll wind within the wild as conceivable. This would possibly imply you want to stay Tomiri Tang in an omnivore-only fish tank.


Taking good care of your Tomini Tang fish correctly is important if you wish to have them to are living to their five-year lifestyles expectancy. Make sure to give them are living rock to graze on and feed them algae and seaweed steadily.

Steer clear of conserving them in overcrowded fish tanks as this will make the fish very distressed or even depressed. When you see your fish swimming round frantically, you will have to take a look at that the pH stage of the water, the temperature, and the chemical make-up is inside of the right kind vary.

Common same old fish tank repairs is needed in a Tomini Tang tank. So long as the tank is saved blank and partial water adjustments are performed on time, the fish will have to keep satisfied and wholesome.



tomini tang

It’s onerous to decide the intercourse of the fish by way of taking a look at exterior traits. Those fish are team spawners and open water egg scatterers. Breeding Tomini Tang in a neighborhood fish tank may be very tricky and nearly unattainable.

If you wish to make breeding those fish more uncomplicated, you will have to put Tomini Tang right into a separate breeding tank and change the stipulations accordingly. Expanding the temperature somewhat activates and encourages breeding.

Putting in a breeding tank accurately for team spawning fish is essential, particularly when the eggs are laid in open water. Your fish is not going to ‘get within the temper’ if the tank isn’t spot on.

Are Tomini Tang Appropriate for Your Aquarium?

What do you bring to mind Tomini Tang after studying this text? You’ll accept as true with those vibrant and full of life fish to stay you to your feet as they’re rapid fish with tons of persona.

If you have already got an aquarium stuffed with chilled-out fish, and you wish to have so as to add a little of pleasure and velocity for your tank, those are nice tank pals to move for. I recommend conserving those fish when you’ve got some tank enjoy and also you aren’t new to taking good care of fish and massive tanks.

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