The Complete Picasso Triggerfish Care Guide

Picasso Triggerfish are gorgeous fish covered in distinct shades and also forms. They are extremely energetic, as well, that makes them a a lot more appealing choice for a fish tank.

These fish are fairly territorial though, which could avoided some newbie aquarists

Thankfully, Picasso Triggerfish are just one of the much easier triggerfish varieties to take care of; there are methods to handle their hostility.

We will certainly cover whatever you require to learn about Picasso Triggerfish in this write-up.


Picasso Triggerfish Details & & Introduction

picasso triggerfish

Group Ranking
Treatment Degree: Easy-moderate
Personality: Hostile
Shade: Unique blue, yellow, and also black slopes
Life Expectancy: Approximately ten years
Dimension: Approximately 12 inches
Diet Plan: Predator
Household: Balistidae
Minimum Storage Tank Dimension: 100 gallons
Storage Tank Set Up: Fish-only or with real-time rock
Compatibility: Big and also hostile storage tank companions, no invertebrates

The Picasso Triggerfish is clinically called Rhinecanthus aculeatus. It has several various other names though, such as The Shallows Triggerfish and also The Blackbar Triggerfish.

In Hawaii, the varieties is called Humuhumunukunukuāpuaʻa (or Humu Humu for brief), suggesting “triggerfish with a nose like a pig”. This name is shown the Hawaiian state fish– The Rectangle-shaped Triggerfish.


The Picasso Triggerfish belongs to the Balistidae household, which includes all triggerfish (concerning 40 varieties).

These deep sea fish are discovered in the Indo-Pacific, mainly Hawaii, Polynesia, and also the Philippines. Right here it resides on superficial coral reef environments, utilizing rocks and also corals reefs as sanctuary.

These are rather pricey fish, yet their rate can differ a fair bit. They might set you back as much as $125, so make certain you are obtaining a healthy and balanced person by viewing it for some time prior to buying.

A healthy and balanced Picasso Triggerfish will certainly live for around ten years.

Regular Habits

Contrasted to various other triggerfish, these are just one of the much easier varieties to handle in regards to hostility.

They will certainly be territorial and also hostile, yet you can regulate this by giving great deals of room and also concealing areas. Container friend selection is additionally essential.

They will certainly consume invertebrates, so this varieties is not coral reef secure.

Take care placing your hands right into the storage tank due to the fact that Picasso Triggerfish might attack you as well. They commonly attempt to ward off scuba divers in their all-natural environment.

They are energetic throughout the day and also will certainly inhabit all degrees of the water column.

They might relocate points around in your storage tank a little if decors aren’t safeguarded down in the substratum.

An additional point to be familiar with is sound If you pay attention very carefully, you might hear your triggerfish groaning. They do this to connect, generally strongly.



It is simple to see why this fish is called after the well-known Spanish painter. The Picasso Triggerfish integrates shades and also forms in an one-of-a-kind and also exciting means.

They have a huge oval-shaped body that gets to 10-12 inches when totally expanded. It is additionally side to side pressed, showing up fairly level.

Their body is mainly a tan shade with dark slopes towards the back and also a white stubborn belly. In addition to their head are brilliant blue/black red stripes, and also a yellow red stripe ranges from the mouth to the rear of the head.


Their head obtains smaller sized in the direction of the front where there is a mouth with a solid jaw created for damaging down coverings and also corals reefs. Their tiny eyes are even more back and also rest on top of the head.

There are huge dorsal and also rectal fins at the back by the back fin which swell to supply motion. The back fin just ends up being included when they require to dart away to run away killers.

Sexing Picasso Triggerfish is extremely tough. Men have a tendency to be somewhat bigger than women, yet this can be challenging to court.

Environment and also Storage Tank Problems


You would normally locate Picasso Triggerfish in the Indo-Pacific Sea. They survive superficial coral reefs around Hawaii, Tahiti, Kiribati, Polynesia, and also the Philippines.

There would certainly be lots of light and also water motion in these locations, yet additionally several rocks and also corals reefs producing caverns to conceal away from these problems or hostile fish.

They will certainly assert an area and also proactively safeguard it. A lot of their time will certainly be invested right here yet they might stroll looking for food.

The deep sea would certainly be cozy and also alkaline.


The even more carefully that your fish tank resembles their all-natural environment, the better your Picasso Triggerfish will certainly be.

Storage Tank Problems

Usage live rocks to produce some frameworks and also caverns to assert as an area. Do not make use of corals reefs, Picasso Triggerfish are not coral reef secure and also will certainly create great deals of damages.

Safe and secure points down right into a sandy substratum as this varieties is understood to relocate points about.

Make certain that you leave lots of open swimming room due to the fact that these varieties are extremely energetic and also will certainly go across the entire storage tank.

A Picasso Triggerfish’s favored water problems are rather basic for a deep sea fish tank.

Make use of a heating system to get to a temperature level in the variety of 76 °F to 82 °F and also make use of fish tank salts to produce a details gravity of 1.021-1.025. The pH requires to be in between 8.1 and also 8.4.

The fish tank requires to be well lit and also well-circulated, so you might require to buy a water pump or a filter with a solid electrical outlet.

What Dimension Container do they require?

Offering great deals of room is necessary for making your Picasso Triggerfish comfy in your fish tank, yet it aids to lower hostility as well.

The minimum storage tank dimension is 100 gallons, yet bigger containers will certainly even more lower the chance of hostile outbursts.

Storage Tank Companions


Although they are calmer than a lot of triggerfish, Picasso Triggerfish are hostile and also territorial. There are methods to regulate this, yet it’s not feasible to get rid of these habits completely.

They can be included in neighborhood fish tanks, yet your selection of storage tank companions will certainly be important.

Any kind of various other fish needs to be hostile themselves to ensure that everybody can safeguard themselves. Do not select tiny fish; they will certainly quickly be consumed if they can match a Picasso Triggerfish’s mouth.

You might attempt points like Lionfish, Snow Eels, and also Surgeonfish (of a comparable dimension).

These fish are not coral reef secure– maintain them far from corals reefs.


It’s not simply corals reefs though, you ought to be preventing all invertebrates. Animals like shrimp will certainly be considered as treats considering that invertebrates compose a huge component of a Picasso Triggerfish’s all-natural diet plan.

Can You Maintain Picasso Triggerfish With Each Other?

Just maintain one Picasso Triggerfish per storage tank, otherwise you take the chance of highlighting their territorial nature a lot more.

Some individuals have actually handled to maintain a set with each other by presenting them as juveniles, yet it is unworthy the danger.

Diet Plan

Picasso Triggerfish are mostly meat-eating, so they require lots of meaningful foods loaded with healthy protein.

In the wild, they would certainly exploit invertebrates like clams, shrimps, and also snails. In some cases they would certainly procure bigger foods like squid.


Reproduce these feeding routines in your home, not just to supply a healthy and balanced diet plan yet to use down their teeth as well.

Picasso Triggerfish teeth are constantly expanding, so they require to routinely consume hard-shelled animals to maintain them at an excellent dimension.

You can select in between real-time and also icy foods; both are extremely healthy choices. Differ the diet plan as long as you can however, to supply a large range of nutrients to maintain them more powerful.

You ought to provide percentages to consume 2-3 times a day.


When a fish tank is established to their taste and also ideal storage tank companions have actually been selected and also presented, Picasso Triggerfish are rather simple to take care of.


With general storage tank upkeep (normal water adjustments and so on) and also a healthy and balanced diet plan, they ought to be extremely delighted in their setting.

Take care when placing your hands right into the storage tank for cleansing, this varieties has actually been understood to attack when they really feel intimidated.

In a tidy storage tank, conditions ought to be uncommon, yet Picasso Triggerfish can still grab usual deep sea conditions. They are sturdy fish that react well to therapy.

Quarantine them in a different storage tank to execute the therapy. It is additionally an excellent concept to quarantine freshly bought fish for a number of weeks prior to presenting them to your arrangement.


There has actually been little success when reproducing Picasso Triggerfish in your home. Also elevating wild-caught fry has actually shown tough, so there isn’t much factor in attempting to reproduce your fish.


Business procedures have actually been a lot more productive.

In the wild, a man would certainly have a huge area which contains several women. Each lady would certainly have their very own smaller sized area within this.

When preparing to mate, women would certainly dig an opening in their area for spawning.

To enable these habits in a residence fish tank, you would certainly require a large storage tank and also several people, which would certainly create hostility concerns.

Are Picasso Triggerfish Appropriate for Your Fish tank?

You ought to with any luck currently have a concept concerning whether Picasso Triggerfish are for you.


Taking Care Of them is fairly straightforward, you simply require to be prepared to handle their hostility. If you have actually done your study and also created your arrangement correctly, hostile outbursts ought to be maintained to a minimum.

Once they are swimming around in your fish tank, you will certainly be mesmerized by their one-of-a-kind patterns and also distinct character.

What does your Picasso Triggerfish arrangement appear like? Allow us recognize in the remarks listed below …

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