The Complete Dragon Goby Care Guide

The Dragon Goby is simply one of the other species of gobies. Those are spiny-finned fish belonging to the Gobiidae circle of relatives.

Those small, meat-eating fish are discovered everywhere the arena however are particularly prevalent in tropical waters.

This text will inform you the whole thing that you wish to have to grasp when preserving the Dragon Goby to your aquarium at house.

Dragon Goby Info & Review

dragon goby

Class Ranking
Care Stage: Intermediate
Temperament: Competitive
Colour Shape: Violet and gold
Lifespan: As much as 10 years
Dimension: As much as 24 inches
Nutrition: Omnivorous
Circle of relatives: Gobiidae
Minimal Tank Dimension: 30 gallons
Tank Set-Up: Brackish water with caves and logs
Compatibility: Medium-sized, brackish water fish


The Dragon Goby is sometimes called the Violet Goby as it has a ravishing deep crimson colour. It is usually often referred to as a Dragon Fish or a Dragon Eel.

The clinical title of the Dragon Goby is the Gobioides Broussonnetii. It belongs to the circle of relatives referred to as Gobiidae.

The Dragon Goby is a brackish water fish. It wishes water that has some saline content material, however must now not be as salty as seawater. They’re local to the brackish waters of the Atlantic Ocean alongside the beach of North The united states and South The united states.


A amateur aquarist simply beginning out on his passion of preserving fish in a house aquarium would possibly in finding it reasonably difficult to stay a Dragon Goby, as they do require a certain quantity of specialised care.

The Dragon Goby is an competitive species that may react viciously to different specimens within the tank, so you will need to know the way to deal with this fish and methods to arrange its tank.

Most likely for the reason that Dragon Goby calls for an even quantity of consideration, it isn’t a vastly widespread fish for the house aquarium. Then again, for skilled aquarists, this can be a good selection and is to be had from maximum aquarium provide shops.

Be expecting to pay between $10 – $15 for a wholesome Dragon Goby. It’s all the time really useful to shop for from a credible retailer, so as to be confident that the fish that you just put to your tank is freed from illness.

A wholesome dragon Goby can also be anticipated to reside for as much as 10 years in the precise stipulations.

Standard Habits

dragon goby

The Dragon Goby presentations extremely competitive inclinations in positive cases. Consequently, it’s steadily categorised as an competitive fish. Then again, this isn’t essentially correct.

It seems extraordinarily fierce, because it has a large mouth and plenty of sharp enamel. Then again, this can be a predator scavenger. So long as it’s fed steadily, it is going to now not attempt to devour different smaller fish.

The Dragon Goby does now not have a excellent imaginative and prescient. Subsequently it’s steadily victimized through different larger fish that is aware of its weak spot and incapacity to protect itself if taken through wonder.


The Dragon Goby is typically thought to be to be an excessively beautiful fish. It seems so much like an eel. It’s lengthy and skinny, with a big, spherical, dome-shaped head.

Its eyes are very small when it comes to the dimensions of its head and are situated at the aspects of the top. This reasons it to have deficient eyesight.


The colour of the Dragon Goby typically varies amongst other sunglasses of lilac, violet, and crimson. For this reason it’s sometimes called the Violet Goby. Then again, it additionally steadily has a golden tinge to its fins.

First of all, you won’t have the ability to differentiate between the fins and the remainder of the frame of the Dragon Goby. Each the anal fins and the dorsal fins are visual when having a look on the complete fish.

The ventral fins are simply visual at the back of the gills. Those fins allow the Dragon Goby to carry onto rocks and transfer across the tank.

Dragon Gobies range in dimension however can turn out to be somewhat massive. They’re recognized to be one of the vital greatest species of gobies.


In its herbal habitat, a Dragon Goby can develop to a duration of as much as 24 inches. When stored in captivity, its expansion is specific. It is going to typically now not develop larger than 15-16 inches when stored in a tank.

The Dragon Goby has numerous extraordinarily sharp enamel. This offers them a vicious look, however they typically most effective use those enamel for dining and scraping rocks for algae. They’re going to seldom use their enamel to assault any other fish.

A wholesome Dragon Goby might be crimson in colour however could have a sparkling, shimmery hue that provides it a golden tinge.

Female and male Dragon Gobies glance nearly precisely the similar. The one approach to differentiate between them is through analyzing the genital papilla. The men are lengthy and tapered, while the women don’t seem to be as lengthy, and are so much flatter.


Habitat and Tank Stipulations

dragon goby

Even though the Dragon Goby was once at the start local to the spaces alongside the Atlantic coastline, it’s now extra usually present in estuaries and bays of brackish water. It enjoys spaces with a substrate of dust.

Tank Stipulations

In a house aquarium, the Dragon Goby will do smartly in brackish water that has a saline content material this is about 25% of that of seawater.

Then again, if you want to stay  Dragon Goby in a freshwater tank, this can also be completed. You would need to acclimate the fish to the brand new water stipulations very step by step, through slowly casting off small volumes of the salty water and changing it with blank, freshwater.


On this means the saltwater might be diluted an increasing number of with recent water, casting off the saline content material from the water.

The entire procedure must now not be rushed and must be performed over a length of a couple of weeks. In the end, the entire water within the tank might be freshwater, and your Dragon Goby must cope smartly within the new stipulations.

The best water temperature for a Dragon Goby is between 78° – 82° Fahrenheit. This intently resembles the water temperature in its local setting.

You’ll desire a thermometer, so as in an effort to observe the temperature of the water. Relying on outdoor stipulations, you might also desire a water heater.

The pH stage of the water must now not be too excessive at both finish of the size. A pH of between 6.5 – 8.5 will be sure that the water is neither too acidic nor too alkaline for the Dragon Goby.

Brackish water wishes a certain quantity of salt. The saline stage must be maintained at between 1.006 – 1.008.

Take care to stay ammonia ranges low to your tank. If there may be an excessive amount of ammonia within the water, the Dragon Goby will combat to respire.

Younger Dragon Gobies revel in spending their time lined in dust. This is a excellent concept to have a 3-inch thick layer of sand on the backside of the tank, to create an acceptable muddy setting.

A Dragon Goby’s tank shouldn’t have any rocks. Their fins are subtle and can also be simply injured at the rocks. It will have disastrous penalties, inflicting an infection which might be able to even kill your Dragon Goby.

What Dimension Aquarium Do They Want?

The Dragon Goby can also be somewhat a big fish when absolutely grown. It wishes numerous area to reach its complete expansion doable. The tank must be at least 25 gallons, however you want to have a 50-gallon tank to permit for construction.


You probably have a couple of Dragon Goby to your aquarium, the tank must be at least 50 gallons, so as to permit them each and every to have enough room with out invading each and every different’s territory.

With maximum aquatic specimens, the quantity of the tank is typically the most efficient information when taking into consideration the important tank dimension. However every now and then, as with the Dragon Goby, you could have a specimen of fish this is specifically lengthy.

In a case like this, it is usually essential to take a look at the duration of the tank. The Dragon Goby wishes enough room to swim round. Although you most effective have one Dragon Goby to your aquarium, it must be at least 4 ft lengthy, so as to give your fish enough area to swim.

If you need your Dragon Goby to revel in a protracted and satisfied existence, you want to give him as a lot tank room as imaginable. It kind of feels to make a vital distinction to the lifespan of this species.

Tank Buddies

The Dragon Goby can flip competitive when it feels threatened, however that doesn’t imply that it has to spend its existence in ‘solitary confinement’, by myself in a tank.


If you need so as to add different specimens for your aquarium, it is suggested most effective to pair the Dragon Goby with calm and tranquil brackish fish which are somewhat smaller.

However, although, it is usually essential to be sure that the Dragon Goby does now not view its tank friends as a possible meal. It is going to prey on any fish that it thinks it could possibly devour.

There’s a effective steadiness between making sure that the Dragon Goby doesn’t see its tank friends as a danger, and it doesn’t imagine it to be meals. The one approach to save you it from dining its fellow fish is to be sure that they don’t seem to be too small.


The Dragon Goby is a scavenging omnivore. With a purpose to be sure that your Dragon Goby stays wholesome, and refrains from looking to devour its tank friends, it is very important to feed it the proper nutrition.

If you happen to love to feed dry meals, they’ll do smartly on a normal serving to of small pellets, flakes, or algae wafers. However this must now not be their most effective supply of meals.


It is strongly recommended so as to add a normal feed of both frozen or reside meaty meals. They’re going to revel in blood worms and small items of fish like shrimps.

The true meals debris must now not be too large. Those fish should not have a large throat. Their throats are narrower than standard, so large items of meals are tough for them to swallow

If you happen to observe a normal feeding time table, your Dragon Goby will quickly learn how to be expecting its subsequent meal and can watch for it. The Dragon Goby must be fed as soon as an afternoon, at kind of the similar time each day.

Take care to not overfeed your dragon Goby. It must have the ability to end the meals that it’s presented inside a couple of mins. If it doesn’t, you’re perhaps giving an excessive amount of


Taking good care of your Dragon Goby isn’t too tough, upon getting arrange the tank. We recommend that you just observe the tips given above for methods to get the tank arrange accurately, and succeed in the optimal tank stipulations.


The Dragon Goby, like maximum aquarium fish, wishes a blank tank. One of the vital time-consuming facets of taking good care of it’s preserving the tank blank.

Water must be modified steadily, to stop an overgrowth of such things as algae within the water. When converting the water, you must now not trade it all immediately. Quite, a normal partial alternative of outdated water with new, blank water will be sure that the water stays blank.

It may be very useful to make use of a checking out package, to be had from any aquarium provide retailer, to check the standard of the water. It will point out when water must be modified, or have positive parts added to the water.

Paying cautious consideration to the state of the water, and making sure that it’s all the time blank, is the easiest way to stop illness to your fish. Like several fish, the Dragon Goby is liable to positive not unusual diseases that may have an effect on it if the water isn’t stored blank.


dragon goby


Previous on this article, we defined methods to differentiate the male from the feminine Dragon Goby. That is important for breeding functions.

Team 2-3 women with just one male within the tank. The male will most likely breed with all the women within the tank at the similar day, equipped breeding stipulations are ultimate.

To create the most efficient breeding stipulations, cut back the volume of meals given for a couple of days. Then get started including extra reside meals, to extend the protein of their nutrition.

As soon as they’re dining the prime protein meals, cut back the saline content material to one.004, and an afternoon later build up it to one.023. The surprising trade will spark the breeding procedure.

As soon as the feminine dragon Gobies have laid their eggs, switch the women to any other tank. The male will guard the eggs till they hatch, which takes a couple of days.


As soon as the eggs have hatched, take away the male, and the small children will slowly get started rising into wholesome little Dragon Gobies.

Is the Dragon Goby Appropriate For Your Aquarium?

Equipped that each one its wishes are met, as specified by our tips above, the Dragon Goby can also be a captivating addition to a house aquarium.

If you have already got some enjoy with preserving fish, and also you don’t seem to be fearful of a bit of further paintings to be sure that your Dragon Goby remains wholesome, then there is not any reason why to not have one to your aquarium.

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