Red Zebra Cichlid Care Guide & Species Profile

The red zebra cichlid is a freshwater fish of the Cichlidae household. These cichlids are located in a range of shade morphs, consisting of blue– not to be perplexed with the blue zebra cichlid ( Maylandia callainos).

Red zebra cichlids are prominent amongst aquarists as a result of the fish’s strong individualities as well as brilliant shades. Nonetheless, like several African cichlids, these fish are recognized for their territorial hostility as well as are inappropriate with some storage tank friends.

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Red Zebra Cichlid Information & & Summary

Red zebra cichlid

Taxonomic name: Maylandia estherae
Typical names Red zebra cichlid, Esther Give’s zebra, red zebra mbuna
Circulation: Lake Malawi, East Africa
Dimension: 4– 5 inches
Life span: 8– ten years
Shade: Red, off-white, brownish, blue, yellow, pink, multicolor
Diet Plan: Omnivore
Personality: Semi-aggressive
Minimum storage tank dimension: 55 gallons
Temperature Level: 72– 82 °F( 22– 28 ° C)
pH: 7.5– 8.6
Solidity: 6– 15 dGH
Treatment degree:(* )Easy(* )Reproduction: Beginning
The red zebra cichlid comes from Lake Malawi, a big Eastern African lake that covers throughout Malawi, Tanzania, as well as Mozambique. The fish’s all-natural environment is cozy, slow-moving freshwater, with a sandy, rough substratum that supplies a lot of concealing places. The red zebra cichlid prevails in the wild as well as is believed to be among greater than 1,000 cichlid varieties in Mouthbrooder

Lake Malawi

Ads Grownup Dimension & & Life-span

In the wild as well as in bondage, a mature red zebra cichlid is 4– 5 inches long. Men have to do with 1 inch longer than women.

The ordinary life-span of a red zebra cichlid is 8– ten years. With the appropriate treatment, some fish in bondage meet 12 years.


Red zebra cichlids are very easy to discover in pet dog shops as well as online. The fish are economical, setting you back regarding $9 for a little fish as well as as much as $24 for a big fish. Purchasing the very least 4 red zebra cichlids for your fish tank is advised.


Reliable on-line shops marketing red zebra cichlids are:

Look & & Habits

Red zebra cichlids are medium-sized, semi-aggressive fish located in numerous brilliant shades.

Color Styles, Patterns, Fins, as well as Sex Distinctions

Red zebra cichlid appearance

Red zebra cichlids have muscle, torpedo-shaped bodies as well as are stockier than various other zebra cichlids. The fish have tiny, portable fins as well as triangular tails.

The red zebra cichlid has a deceptive name– several red zebra cichlids aren’t red or stripy. Typical red zebra cichlid shades are:



  • Brownish
  • Blue
  • Yellow
  • Pink
  • Varicolored
  • Albino (uncommon)
  • Generally, women are yellow, off-white or brownish, while men are brilliant blue. Men come to be bolder in shade throughout reproducing period when they’re attempting to draw in women. Women are rounder than men, as well as men have bigger as well as extra countless egg places on their rectal fins than women.
  • Worried or infected red zebra cichlids come to be paler in shade than regular.


Regular Habits

Red zebra cichlids are slow-moving swimmers that invest a lot of their time wandering along all-time low of the storage tank, checking out caverns, as well as looking for food. The fish are most energetic throughout the day as well as rest in caverns or on the substratum for as much as 12 hrs over night.

Red Zebra

Container Demands

Looking after the red zebra cichlid is very easy as long as you preserve optimum water problems as well as supply sufficient area for the fish to assert their very own areas. The fish require a cozy freshwater environment that reproduces Lake Malawi’s waters.Cichlid Environment as well as Container Arrangement

Red zebra cichlid in tank
The red zebra cichlid’s all-natural environment is the sandy, rough waters of Lake Malawi. Duplicate this environment in bondage with appropriate storage tank problems as well as the appropriate water criteria.


Red zebra cichlids invest a great deal of time at the end of the storage tank as well as are recognized to dig in the substratum as well as reorganize style. Make use of a smooth stone or sandy substratum to stop damages to the fish’s body.

Offer a lot of rock frameworks in the storage tank, consisting of passages, rock heaps, as well as caverns, to provide the fish hiding areas as well as decrease territorial habits.

Red zebra cichlids like to collect plants, so plants that root right into the substratum aren’t appropriate for the storage tank. The most effective plants are those that can be expanded on rocks as well as caverns, like anubias as well as java moss.

Container Problems

Suitable storage tank problems for a red zebra cichlid are:


Water kind

Alkaline, slow-moving freshwater

Container dimension Minimum 55 gallons for a little team of 4 to 5 fish
Water temperature level 72– 82 °
Substratum Soft sand or smooth stonesF
Container arrangement Rocks, caverns, passages, plants
Level Of Acidity 7.5– 8.6 pH
Water solidity 6– 15 dGH
Filter Yes, a cylinder filter will certainly maintain the water tidy without creating excessive existing
Bubbler Not necessary
Lights Conventional fluorescent or LED fish tank lights
Hot water heater Yes, to maintain the water cozy
Red zebra cichlids are durable, yet they still call for regular water criteria to endure. excellent filter as well as hot water heater are necessary for a prospering neighborhood of red zebra cichlids.

Typical Red Zebra A Wellness Issues as well as Diseases

Red zebra cichlids are vulnerable to numerous conditions that prevail among freshwater fish. Keeping tidy, cozy water problems must protect against a lot of these conditions.Cichlid Wellness Concern

Signs And Symptoms

Recommended Activity


Malawi bloat

Anorexia nervosa, stomach swelling, ranges that jab far from the body, stained feces, quick breathing

Carry out a big water modification as well as deal with the water with metronidazole (an antibiotic) or feed the fish foods having metronidazole Swim bladder illness Drifting to the leading or sinking to the base of the storage tank, battling to remain upright, swollen tummy, bent back
Enable the fish to quickly for 3 days, speak with your vet regarding prescription antibiotics, as well as include 1/8 tsp of Epsom salt per 5 gallons of water Consumption Sleepiness, torn fins, or no signs whatsoever. Random fatalities without any web links to various other conditions
No therapy, just encouraging treatment. Minimize the danger of infection by effectively quarantining brand-new fish as well as plants prior to including them to the storage tank Red Zebra Container Companions

Preferably, red zebra cichlids must be housed in a single-species storage tank as a result of their territorial nature. Nonetheless, the fish work with various other certain, medium-sized fish from Lake Malawi. Do not house red zebra cichlids with tiny fish or invertebrates that can be quickly harassed by a semi-aggressive, territorial fish varieties.Cichlid Excellent storage tank friends for red zebra cichlids are:

Red zebra cichlid tankmates

Various other red zebra cichlids (teams of 4 or even more, with one man for every single 3 women, will certainly decrease the danger of dispute)

Gem cichlids

  • Malawi squeakers
  • Electric yellow cichlids
  • Blue-gray mbunas
  • Powder-blue cichlids
  • Bristlenose plecos
  • Red Zebra
  • Diet Plan as well as Feeding

In the wild, the red zebra cichlid consumes a mix of plant as well as pet issue, consisting of algae, tiny pests, as well as invertebrates.Cichlid Ads

Duplicate this diet plan in bondage by feeding your fish a well balanced diet plan of microworms, salt water shrimp, algae wafers, as well as spirulina pellets. Paled spinach as well as lettuce are excellent auxiliary foods for this cichlid varieties.

Feed red zebra cichlids a pinch of food 3 or 4 times daily. Just supply sufficient food that can be consumed within 30 secs– red zebra cichlids are money grubbing fish that will certainly eat way too much if offered the chance.

Make certain the fish adhere to a mainly vegetarian diet plan. Excessive healthy protein can lead to illness as well as excessive weight in these cichlids.

Reproducing the Red Zebra

Reproducing red zebra cichlids in bondage are very easy, as well as the fish reach sex-related maturation when they have to do with 3 years of ages, or 3 inches long.

To effectively reproduce red zebra cichlids, adhere to these actions: Cichlid

Red zebra cichlid breeding

Make certain there is one man to every 3 women in the residence storage tank.

different reproduction storage tank isn’t required, as well as you do not require to change the water criteria– the fish will certainly reproduce normally

  1. Await a man to prepare a nest in a cavern, after that draw in the women by vibrating as well as showing its dynamic shades. An interested woman will certainly adhere to the man right into the cavern as well as lay propel a level rock. After disabling to 60 eggs, the woman will certainly scoop the eggs right into her mouth, as well as the man will certainly launch his sperm right into the eggsA Enable as much as 20 days for the fry to hatch out. The woman will remain to bring the eggs as well as fry in her mouth for as much as one month prior to permitting the fry to swim openly in the storage tank
  2. Feed the fry infant salt water shrimp or daphnia once they are free-swimming
  3. Relocate the fry right into different storage tanks once they get to 6 months old
  4. Should You Obtain a Red Zebra
  5. for Your Fish tank?

The red zebra cichlid is a positive, vivid fish that makes a fantastic enhancement to a house fish tank. Nonetheless, this fish isn’t appropriate for all neighborhood storage tank arrangements.Cichlid Think about obtaining a red zebra cichlid if you intend to establish a single-species storage tank or your storage tank consists of various other suitable Lake Malawi fish varieties. Do not obtain a red zebra cichlid if your storage tank is confined or consists of tiny, anxious fish that would certainly be harassed by a territorial fish.

Getting Red zebra cichlid
In spite of their semi-aggressive individualities, red zebra cichlids are amusing fish that are very easy to look after in the right storage tank atmosphere.

Red Zebra

Frequently Asked Questions

Just How Huge Do Red Zebra Cichlids Obtain?Cichlid Red zebra cichlids obtain as huge as 5 inches long. Mature men have to do with 1 inch longer than mature women. The fish are medium-sized African cichlids, like gem cichlids as well as electrical blue cichlids.

team of 4 or 5 red zebra cichlids must be housed in a minimal 55-gallon storage tank.

AdsA Are Red Zebra Cichlids Aggressive?

Red zebra cichlids are semi-aggressive as a result of their all-natural territorial impulses. The fish are more than likely to act boldy if they’re housed in a confined storage tank with inadequate area to case different areas. To decrease the red zebra cichlid’s hostile nature, home the fish in a roomy storage tank with a lot of caverns as well as concealing areas, as well as make certain there are 3 women for every single one man.

The Length Of Time Do Zebra Cichlids Live?

Zebra cichlids live for 8– ten years typically, depending upon their high quality of treatment. Some fish meet 12 years in bondage when taken care of well. To boost a red zebra cichlid’s life-span, feed the fish a healthy and balanced omnivorous diet plan as well as make certain the water problems are continually tidy.

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