platy fish

Introduction to Platy Fish

Platy is a frequent title of freshwater fish in the genus Xiphophorus that lacks a “sword” at the backside of their tails. Both species are livebearers, comparable to different fish of the household Poeciliidae, such as the guppy and molly. Platies are native to the east coast of Central America and southern Mexico.

Nowadays, these fish are very frequent in the aquarium interest and have been interbred to combine hues and fins shape. The Southern Platy and the Variable Platy are the most frequent species and have been interbred so plenty that now it’s tough to distinguish between the special species.

The Southern Platy, additionally recognised as the Common Platy, used to be brought to the aquarium interest in 1907, whilst the Variable Platy used to be delivered later in 1932. The Variable Platy, as the identity suggests, used to be named after its high-quality shade diversity.

The Swordtail Platy nevertheless stays an uncommon specimen. This fish is additionally referred to as the Spike Tail Platy, due to the structure of its fins.

All Platies are hardy fish however have an exceedingly brief existence span. They stay about three years; perchance 5 years if actually nicely cared for.

The platy (Xiphophorus maculatus) grows to a most universal size of 7.0 cm (2.8 in). Sexual dimorphism is slight, the male’s caudal fin being extra pointed. The anal fin of the male fish has developed into a gonopodium, a stick-shaped organ used for reproduction. The lady southern platyfish’s anal fin is fan-shaped. Wild sorts are drab in colouration, missing the special darkish lateral line frequent to many Xiphophorus species. Platies can have from 20–50 fry (baby fish) at once, as frequently as soon as a month. They might also additionally devour their very own young.

How Platy Fish Behave

Platy fish are small peaceable fish. Even even though they are now not viewed as shoaling or training fish, they are a great deal happier when stored in a small group.

They are very lively and love breeding.

Platies spend most of their time swimming in small organizations in the centre of the water column, amongst the flora and hiding between the floating leaves.

They are now not commonly aggressive, however, you would possibly locate that the adult males crush the ladies if you don’t preserve the proper ratios (more on this later). Platy fish can jump! Remember to constantly preserve the tank included as they can bounce out the tank.

Types of Platy Fish

platy fish

Platy fish are small, laterally flattened fish, with small quick fins and a tail formed like a fan.

There have been many hybrids and versions cross-bred from the Southern and Variable Platy. Occasionally, the rarer Swordtail Platy has additionally been interbred to create greater variants in colours and fin shapes.

The Southern and Variable Platy are each quite quick and sturdy, missing the prolonged “sword” ordinary of the Swordtail Platy.

Platies hues range a lot. A few famous colourations are red, yellow, white, blue and green. Often, the distinctive colourings have been due to their herbal habitat.

There are small dimension variations between the distinct species. Female Southern Platy fish attain up to 2.5 inches whilst the Variable Platy reaches three inches. Males are constantly barely smaller than females.

Popular breeds from the authentic lines of the Southern Platy are the Half-Moon, the Coral, the Comet, the Salt and Pepper, the Moon, the Blue Mirror and the Bleeding-Heart Platy.

Popular types from the Variable Platy are Redtail, Yellowtail, Sunset, Rainbow, Hawaii and the Marigold Platy.

The names talk for themselves and mirror the colour/appearance of that precise fish.

Platy Fish Habitat

Platy fish are small tropical fish from the rivers of Central America.

The three species of Platies inhabit exclusive rivers of South America:

The Southern Platy inhabits the freshwaters of Mexico, Guatemala and northern Honduras
the Variable Platy fish is native to the southern waters of Mexico, from Rio Panuco to Rio Calzones
the Swordtail Platy is solely observed in the river machine of Rio Soto La Marina in Mexico.
These species are observed in canals, ditches, heat springs and marshes. These small our bodies of water have nearly no water contemporary with heat waters, silt beds and dense vegetation.

Tank Setup

Generally, Platies are hardy fish and can tolerate a broad vary of water prerequisites (Swordtails alternatively are touchy to terrible environments).

Try to have ordinary water modifications with 25% modified each and every two weeks.

Your Platy fish will be extra at ease in an aquarium that mimics their herbal habitats with a closely planted tank and gravel substrate.

Plants can be organized in a different way relying on which species you keep. Whilst the Southern prefers a loosely organized aquarium, the Variable favours a densely planted tank with open areas for swimming.

Hornwort, Java Moss and duckweed are all proper flora that you can use.

Water temperature barely adjustments relying on the range that you have. The Common and Swordtail pick 70-70°F, whilst Variable prefers 72-75°F. Their hues will exhibit higher if you preserve the temperature in the cooler range. They all decide upon susceptible currents with a water pH of 6.8-8 and water hardness of 10-28 dGH.


Platys are extensively used in tropical aquariums. Several special shade editions have been developed, such as red, yellow, orange, blue, rainbow (a combination of colours) and white.
As small energetic fish, Platy fish want a tank dimension of at least 10 gallons.

Other fishes to be added to in the Aquarium

Platy fish make perfect tank mates as they are very peaceful. Don’t overlook even though that they can be very active. They revel in swimming round in companies with men every now and then combat amongst themselves.

Small peaceable fish are the best tank companions, particularly with species that are loosely associated such as Mollies, Guppies or Swordtails.

They additionally get alongside properly with different comparable measurement and temperament fish such as Corydoras, Tetras, Characins, Gouramis, small peaceable barbs and of course different Platy Fish. They can be stored with shrimps and snails if you would like some non-fish companions.

Platies will fight with massive aggressive fish such as Cichlids and Arowanas. Tiger barbs, Bettas Vampire Tetra and Wolf Fish are all examples of fish to keep away from when deciding on tank companions.

Keeping Platy Fish in the same aquarium

Platy fish are no longer regarded shoaling fish, then again they are happier when stored in a small group. Once they settle in your aquarium it won’t be lengthy earlier than your aquarium populace increases.

Always hold greater girls than males. This prevents the ladies from turning into exhausted from being chased. We propose maintaining two or three ladies to each male.

what Platy fish feed on

Platy fish are no longer fussy eaters as lengthy as you supply them with a weight-reduction plan which is excessive in vegetables.

In their herbal habitat, they devour small crustaceans, worms, bugs and plants. They are regarded as omnivorous fish but decide upon a herbivorous diet.

They will consume most food, live, commercially organized and vegetable food. Choose excellent pleasant flake meals to structure the core of their diet.

You can deal with them as soon as or twice a week via feeding them brine shrimp, tubifex and bloodworms. Proteins are properly as long as there are usually lots of veggies. Boiled veggies such as squash, spinach, cucumber and vegetable dietary supplements such as spirulina are an accurate beginning point.
Keep in thinking that a weight-reduction plan which is wealthy in nutritional vitamins will produce the great colouration.

Try to feed your Platy small amounts of meals a number of instances per day.

Golden rule: attempt to feed them a quantity that they can end inside 3 minutes.

Platy Fish Guide

Platies are small hardy fish and are no longer susceptible to any disorder in particular. However, they can fall sufferer to frequent tropical fish troubles such as Ich and Fin Rot.

Fish illnesses are now not usually convenient to spot. You will likely note unique conduct or some flukes on their pores and skin and body. Depending on the stage you understand them, the disorder will be greater or much less hard to treat.

The Ich ailment is one of the most frequent ailments in the aquarium hobby. It is a parasite which reasons white spots on the body, gills and fins. If no longer cured, this can reason extreme infections and respiratory harm to the fish.

There are many treatments, from elevating water temperatures to the use of medication.

Fin Rot is some other frequent sickness given via bacterial contamination of the tails or fin. Antibiotics are typically great alternatives such as chloromycetin or tetracycline. You can add these whilst feeding your fish.

The high-quality issue you can do is strive to proactively stop ailments through preserving properly water high-quality and a balanced healthful diet. Reducing the stage of stress is imperative for your fish and you can do this by means of giving them a fantastic viable environment. Stressed fish are greater in all likelihood to get sick.

An exact way of stopping ailments is to correct easy and quarantine something that you add to your aquarium, this includes fish, plants, new substrate and any variety of decoration.

How To Breed Platy Fish

Platy fish are additionally regarded as livebearing fish. These fish are acknowledged to hold the eggs inner they’re our bodies till they’re prepared to supply beginning to free-swimming fry.

These fish are prolific breeders. You will no longer have to do a lot (just maintain two fish of contrary intercourse in the identical tank) in order for them to breed.

It’s pretty challenging to decide contrary sexes till they attain maturity at about four months. At this factor, sexual dimorphism is pretty obvious. Sexual dimorphism is the distinction in measurement and looks between the sexes of the identical species.

Females are commonly large and plainer when they’re thoroughly grown. Male Platies take a whilst to reap their full colouration, and as they develop the anal fins take on a rod shape, which is recognised as their gonopodium (reproductive organ.)

Platy fish are in all likelihood to consume their fry, therefore, we advise the usage of a breeding tank of about 10-20 gallons with filtration.

If you’re set on breeding in the neighbourhood aquarium, make positive you grant adequate hiding areas with dense flowers so that the fish can locate a shelter.

Generally, ladies can have up to eighty fries. They are normally pregnant for around 24-30 days earlier than giving beginning to stay young. They are born equipped to swim and you can feed them egg yolk, dry meals and particular meals for fry.

How to verify if Platy fish is  Pregnant Platy 

You can without problems spot a pregnant girl as the stomach will become pretty massive and if the pores and skin are obvious ample you would possibly additionally be capable to observe a couple of black eyes. Occasionally she will additionally boost a gravid spot (a black mark on her abdomen).

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