Nerite Snails Care Guide & Species Profile

The nerite snail is a types of the Neritidae family members, that can stay in freshwater as well as deep sea. These small snails are much less than 1 inch long as well as are a valuable enhancement to any kind of container, many thanks to their cleansing capacities.

Nerite snails are preferred with fishkeeping novices since these snails are simple to take care of as well as have a calm character. Their marginal container demands as well as treatment requirements make these snails preferable pet dogs.

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Nerite Snails Details & & Summary

zebra nerite snail climbing a rock

Taxonomic name: Vittina natalensis
Usual names Nerite snail, identified nerite
Circulation: Eastern Africa
Dimension: 1 inch
Life span: 1– 2 years
Shade: Different
Diet Plan: Herbivore
Personality: Tranquil
Minimum container dimension: 5 gallons
Temperature Level: 72– 78 °F( 22– 25 ° C)
pH: 8.0– 8.4
Solidity: 6.0– 12.0 dGH( freshwater)
15.0– 18.0 dGH( deep sea) (* )Treatment degree:
Easy Beginning(* )The nerite snail is commonly located in Eastern Africa where it occupies a mix of deep sea from the sea as well as freshwater from rivers. Deep sea selections of nerite snails reside on the Caribbean or Pacific coastline.


Grownup Dimension & & Life-span

Grownup nerite snails gauge around 1 inch long, with ladies commonly somewhat bigger than men. Various types of nerite snails have various covering shades as well as patterns, however all types coincide dimension. Healthy and balanced nerite snails measure up to 2 years.


Nerite snails are conveniently offered at the majority of pet shops that focus on water animals. This snail types is affordable, commonly setting you back approximately $4, however you can anticipate to pay much less per snail if you purchase a couple of at the same time.

This tank-cleaning invertebrate is offered online at

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as well as LiveAquaria Ads Look & & Habits

Nerita versicolor by James St. John

Nerite snails can be candy striped, horned, or solid-colored. These invertebrates are serene as well as not likely to act strongly in the direction of their tankmates.

a group of nerite snails in shallow water
Color Styles, Patterns, as well as Dimension

Nerite snails have a big covering that can be found in different shades as well as conceals a foot that the snails utilize to relocate. The majority of nerite snails expand to around 1 inch long, with ladies expanding somewhat longer than men.

Zebra nerite snails– Have yellow or black red stripes throughout their coverings, aiming in the direction of the facility of the coil

Olive nerite snails– Are a strong olive shade. This types of nerite snail prevails amongst aquarists

  • Tiger nerite snails– Have red stripes comparable to the zebra nerite types, however the red stripes are orange, causing an appearance comparable to a tiger’s layer
  • Horned nerite snails– Have black as well as yellow red stripes with a collection of spiky horns along one red stripe
  • Red racer nerite snails– Are brilliant red (or often yellow) with a red stripe diminishing the center of their coverings. This types of nerite snail is a vivid enhancement to any kind of aquarist’s container
  • Regular Habits
  • Nerite snails are serene herbivores that have a tendency not to trouble their tankmates. As an outcome of their mild nature as well as tiny dimension, they can come to be victim to big, hostile fish.

The snails are slow-moving moving companies that invest the majority of their time consuming container algae in bondage. These invertebrates are competent mountain climbers, so they often run away from the container. Purchase a tight-fitting cover for your container to prevent your nerite snail getting away.

Nerite Snail Storage Tank & & Water Needs

Checkered Nerite Snail in All-natural Environment

One nerite snail calls for a 5-gallon container, as well as the even more snails you have, the larger the container needs to be. Permit 5 gallons for each and every snail.

a nerite snail in the wild
These snails can stay in deep sea as well as freshwater, however they can just reproduce in deep sea.

Environment as well as Storage Tank Needs

Nerite snails periodically involve the water’s surface area, so maintain the container water a number of inches listed below the container cover to offer your snail this alternative.


Nerite snails are delicate to extremely brilliant light, so utilize reduced to modest lighting for your snail’s container. Stay clear of subjecting the container to route sunshine since this can dry the snail.

A lot of the nerite snail’s demands rely on whether they are maintained in seawater or fresh water. Freshwater containers must have a substratum of mud or dark sand, as well as deep sea containers must have calcium sand. The high calcium substratum will certainly motivate healthy and balanced covering development. Difficult, scratchy substratum can harm the snail’s soft body, so stay clear of making use of tough substratum in the container.

Water Problems

Water kind:

Freshwater or deep sea

Storage tank dimension: 5 gallons per snail
Water temperature level: 72– 78 °
( 22– 25 ° )F Substratum: C Soft sand or mud
Level Of Acidity: 8.0– 8.4
Water solidity: 6.0– 12.0 dGH (freshwater )15.0– 18.0 dGH( deep sea)
Lights: Modest lights, no sunshine
Water supplements: Calcium
Water problems differ somewhat depending upon whether you’re maintaining your snail in freshwater or deep sea, however the container dimension, temperature level, as well as pH degree must remain the very same. Ads

Deep sea containers call for the enhancement of aquatic salts to maintain the water hard. Maintain your nerite snail’s water without ammonia as well as nitrate for optimal wellness.

Treatment & & Diet Plan

Zebra Nerite Snail in a Storage Tank by Evan Baldonado

Taking care of nerite snails is reasonably simple, so they appropriate for fishkeeping novices. These snails gain from consuming calcium-rich foods consisting of eco-friendly leafy veggies. These tiny snails have a tendency to be healthy and balanced, however typical illness commonly influence their coverings.

zebra nerite snail on the substrate
Diet Plan as well as Feeding

Nerite snails have marginal feeding demands since their diet regimens primarily include the algae in the container.

Nevertheless, if the container is lacking algae for the snail to consume, include spinach, lettuce, as well as kale to the container. If you see the algae quits going away from the container, minimize the quantity of veggies you feed your snail up until it goes back to consuming the algae.


Avoid overfeeding or underfeeding your snail since discrepancy can create wellness problems. You must have the ability to evaluate the quantity of veggies your snail requires based upon the quantity of algae in the container.

General Treatment

Many thanks to the nerite snail’s marginal food demands as well as versatility to various water problems, this types is reasonably simple to take care of. This types gain from calcium supplements that maintain their coverings hard, as well as marginal lights to stay clear of damages from brilliant lights. Duplicate the nerite snail’s all-natural environment with rocks for it to conceal under as well as consume algae from.

Usual Issues

Nerite snails are usually healthy and balanced however they are susceptible to specific wellness problems.

If your nerite snail overeats, its covering will certainly come to be stained. The staining is an indicator to quit feeding your snail veggies as well as minimize its diet regimen to simply the algae in the container.


If your snail’s covering is fractured or harmed, this is an indicator that the covering isn’t solid sufficient. Reinforce the covering by including calcium supplements to the container.

Older snails are susceptible to edema, which can limit the snail’s activity. Sadly, there’s no therapy for this edema, so offer your snail the most effective convenience as well as lifestyle to reduce pain.

Copper is poisonous to the majority of invertebrates, so never ever utilize copper in the nerite snail’s container.

Is a Nerite Snail Dangerous?

nerite snail is a calm animal, so fishkeepers can manage it securely. Stay clear of drawing on the snail’s covering as well tough or you might hurt the snail.


A Reproduction

Emerald Nerite Snail by James St. John

Unlike various other snails, nerite snails do not recreate asexually. Rather, women nerite snails lay eggs that men after that feed.

shell of an emerald nerite snail
Nerite snails can reproduce in freshwater containers, however the eggs will not hatch out since the larvae require briny water to endure. You’ll require to place your nerite snails, or the eggs, in briny or salted water for effective reproduction. You can either relocate the eggs to a container with briny water or type with snails that are currently accustomed to as well as maintained in a deep sea container.

There’s little you can do to require nerite snails to reproduce, however the most effective point to do is place an also proportion of men to ladies in a container as well as have persistence. As numerous snails as can suit the container, while enabling adequate room for each and every snail to flourish, provides the most effective reproduction outcomes.

Storage Tank Friends

Nerite snails are serene as well as relaxed, so they do not position a threat to container friends. Nevertheless, their tiny dimension makes them susceptible to being struck or eliminated by big, hostile fish, so these snails must just share their container with serene fish.

Fantastic container friends for nerite snails consist of:

Should You Obtain a Nerite Snail for Your Fish tank?

If you’re searching for a calm invertebrate that can sign up with various other non-aggressive water animals in your fish tank, a nerite snail is excellent.

If you have actually had a hard time to take care of fish or snails with even more intricate requirements, you might discover the nerite snail simpler to take care of.

When offered with a calm setting as well as the proper water problems, these tiny snails make outstanding enhancements to any kind of aquarist’s container as well as will certainly aid maintain the container tidy as well as without algae.

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