Mystery Snail Care Guide & Species Profile

The secret snail is a fresh water snail of the Ampullariidae family members. These snails’ shade variants, convenience of treatment, advantageous algae-eating actions, as well as relaxed character make them prominent with aquarists. Rising to 2 inches in size, secret snails are perfect for tiny, 5-gallon containers.

Enigma Snail Details & & Summary

mystery snail moving on substrate

Taxonomic name: Pomacea bridgesii
Usual names Enigma snail, spike-topped apple snail
Circulation: South America
Dimension: Approximately 2 inches
Life span: 1– 2 years
Shade: Brown, black, blue, purple, gold, as well as white
Diet Plan: Herbivore
Character: Tranquil
Minimum storage tank dimension: 5 gallons
Temperature Level: 68– 82 °F( 20– 28 ° C)
pH: 7.5– 8.5
Firmness: 7– 18 dGH
Treatment degree: Easy


The secret snail ( Pomacea bridgesii) is belonging to South America, where it populates rivers, lakes, as well as swamps of Brazil, Bolivia, as well as Paraguay. This varieties prevails in the wild as well as isn’t taken into consideration jeopardized or endangered.

Like several various other invertebrates, secret snails are all-natural scavengers that prey on algae, food leftovers, as well as sediment in the water– actions that aid maintain containers tidy.


Grownup Dimension & & Life-span

Grownup secret snails get to 2 inches in size, with women being somewhat bigger than men. This varieties has a typical life expectancy of one year in the wild, though can meet 2 years in bondage with correct treatment as well as suitable storage tank problems.


Enigma snails are respected in the pet dog profession as well as are easily offered at a lot of fish shops. Anticipate to compensate to $6 per snail, with the cost depending upon the snail’s shade morph. A team of 6 secret snails prices in between $18 as well as $30.

Enigma snails can be purchased online from Marine Arts, LiveAquaria, as well as Flip Aquatics


Look & & Actions

Enigma snails been available in a vast array of shades. This varieties is relaxed as well as makes a fantastic enhancement to a neighborhood storage tank.

mystery snail climbing a log

Color Styles, Patterns, as well as Dimension

Enigma snails have big, appealing coverings that are available in a selection of shades. Usual shades consist of gold, brownish, black, as well as cream color, while the rarest selections are purple as well as albino snails. Patterns as well as markings can likewise vary, though the covering is commonly grouped or strong.

Grown-up secret snails are 1 to 2 inches in size, as well as men are somewhat smaller sized as well as have actually much more rounded covering openings than women. The simplest means to sex secret snails is to take them out of the storage tank as well as look below their coverings. The sex body organ lies alongside the lung cavity. Men have a penis sheath, while women merely have an opening.

The secret snail’s body is commonly a light off-white or ivory shade with dark streaks, as well as its siphon (breathing tube) is lengthy as well as extending. This varieties can likewise take a breath via gills.

Enigma snails are prone to numerous wellness problems that can create covering adjustments. Indicators of disease consist of covering staining, brittleness, as well as white areas.

Normal Actions

Enigma snails are relaxed invertebrates that hit it off with various other varieties as well as their very own kind. The snails are slow-moving, maintain to themselves, as well as invest the majority of their time at the end of the storage tank consuming algae, sediment, or food leftovers.

Enigma snails are widely known for their fascinating leaping actions, where they’ll go up the storage tank wall surfaces, launch their hold, as well as slide pull back to the base.

When endangered, the secret snail hideaways inside its covering as well as closes its catch door, called the operculum

Enigma Snail Storage Tank & & Water Needs

The secret snail is durable as well as can endure a series of water problems, though it prospers in a biotope storage tank arrangement (reproduces all-natural environment). The storage tank should go to the very least 5 gallons, largely decayed, as well as have a difficult substratum. Water ought to be cozy as well as on the alkaline side.

planted tank for mystery snail
Enigma snails like well grown containers

Environment as well as Storage Tank Needs

The secret snail is accustomed to reasonably tough, alkaline water as well as temperature levels in between 68 as well as 82 °F The pH degree need to never ever go down listed below 7.5 since this neutral worth can create the covering to liquify or expand incorrectly. Screen the pH degrees daily with a pH meter.


The substratum have to be tough as well as use great resistance to enable the snail to quickly walk around all-time low of the storage tank. Little stones, sand, as well as crushed rock are perfect. Prevent products that are severe or harsh as they can harm the secret snail’s fragile body.

Including rocks as well as plants throughout the storage tank assists secret snails feel comfortable. Ideal plants consist of anubias, java moss, hornwort, as well as bolbitis.

Enigma snails commonly rise to the surface area to inhale air, so make sure there’s a void of 2 to 4 inches in between the cover as well as water. As a result of their daring nature as well as outstanding climbing capability, a safe and secure storage tank cover is required to stop the snails from leaving.

Water Problems

Water kind: Slow-moving freshwater
Storage tank dimension: Minimum 5 gallons, rise dimension by 5 gallons for each 2 secret snails
Water temperature level: 68– 82 °F( 20– 28 ° C)
Substratum: Difficult sand, stones, crushed rock
Storage tank arrangement: Largely decayed with lots of rocks. Water degree a couple of inches listed below the cover
Level Of Acidity: Alkaline, 7.5– 8.5
Water firmness: Reasonably hard, 7– 18 dGH
Filter: Filtering system that produces a reduced present
Illumination: Dim to regulate. Prevent severe, straight illumination
Water supplements: Calcium

Maintaining water changes at a minimum as well as including calcium supplements to the storage tank assists secret snails live healthy and balanced, lengthy lives. Make certain the cover is safe and secure to stop these invertebrates from leaving.


Treatment & & Diet Plan

Enigma snails are perfect for newbie aquarists since the varieties is relaxed, durable, as well as isn’t fussy over food. Usual health issue that impact secret snails consist of bloodsuckers, stunted development, as well as covering problems.

Diet Plan as well as Feeding

Enigma snails gladly scavenge on algae as well as leftovers in the water, however their diet plan can be supplemented with algae wafers, pellets, as well as blanched veggies like zucchini, lettuce, as well as cucumber. Readjust the quantity of extra food based upon the amount of algae in the storage tank.

Prevent overfeeding secret snails since excessive food can cause health issue as well as decreased water high quality.

General Treatment

Enigma snails are simple to take care of since they can endure a series of water problems as well as have very little feeding demands. Carry out partial, 25% water adjustments once a week to maintain ammonia as well as nitrate degrees reduced. Offer calcium supplements routinely, as well as maintain the storage tank out of straight sunshine.


Usual Issues

Enigma snails are a fairly healthy and balanced varieties, however low quality water or an unsuitable diet plan can cause numerous wellness problems.

Bloodsuckers can make use of secret snails as their hosts. Impacted snails existing with white areas, sleepiness, as well as covering staining. The impacted snails need to be quarantined quickly as well as the storage tank temperature level need to be slowly increased by a couple of levels to quicken the bloodsucker’s development cycle.

Without correct nourishment, secret snails can experience stunted development. Offer a nourishing, calcium-rich diet plan with leafy environment-friendlies as well as sinking wafers.

A absence of calcium in the water can create the secret snail’s covering to end up being weak, broken, as well as stained. Calcium supplements as well as a secure, proper pH degree can recover covering wellness.


Avoid making use of copper-based medicines since the chemical is extremely harmful to secret snails.

Is an Enigma Snail Dangerous?

Enigma snails are relaxed as well as totally safe. This varieties can be dealt with, however managing need to be short to stop the snail from ending up being worried or drying.

Enigma snails, specifically wild-caught snails, can nurture bloodsuckers as well as have to be quarantined in a different storage tank prior to being presented to the primary storage tank. The quarantine duration need to last for 3 to 4 weeks.

two mystery snails near a rock


Enigma snails are gonochoristic egg layers. As long as there are men as well as women in the storage tank, the snails will certainly reproduce easily with no treatment. Nevertheless, numerous food, a low tide degree, as well as a cozy temperature level aid develop perfect reproduction problems.

Ladies lay their eggs inside cocoons at the water’s surface area. The eggs are pink as well as hatch within 2 to 4 weeks. To offer the infant snails the very best opportunity of success, eliminate them as well as elevate them in a different, 5-gallon storage tank.

Newly-hatched infant snails fall right into the water, create rapidly, as well as prey on the exact same foods as grownups.

Reproducing can be difficult for women since the men will constantly chase them. Maintain men in a different storage tank for a couple of days if women reveal indications of stress and anxiety.

Storage Tank Companions

Enigma snails live in harmony with their very own kind as well as various other freshwater varieties. Nevertheless, these snails are tiny as well as can not protect themselves, so they should not be maintained with big, hostile fish.

mystery snail with tank mates


Ideal storage tank companions for the secret snail consist of:

Should You Obtain an Enigma Snail for Your Fish tank?

Enigma snails are fantastic family pets for newbie fishkeepers since the varieties is relaxed as well as simple to take care of, as well as the snails aid maintain a storage tank tidy.

You need to obtain a secret snail if you have a freshwater storage tank that goes to the very least 5 gallons, has lots of plants, as well as homes relaxed, tiny fish. Prevent secret snails if your storage tank gets on the acidic side or homes hostile, lively varieties.

As long as the secret snail is effectively fed as well as maintained in perfect water problems, it’ll spruce up your storage tank with its brilliant shades as well as fascinating actions.

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