Molly Fish Care (Lifespan, Tank Mates, Diet, & Health)

Quick Statistics

  • Household: Poeciliidae
  • Taxonomic Name: Poecilia spp.
  • Treatment degree: Easy
  • Personality: Tranquil
  • Diet Plan: Omnivorous
  • Water problems: Freshwater, 25– 28 levels Celsius (72– 82F), 6.5– 8 pH
  • Max Dimension: 10 centimeters (4 inches)
  • Minimum container dimension (as a grown-up): 40 Litres (10 gallons)

Quick Review: Molly Fish Treatment

Mollies are tiny exotic fish stemming from freshwater streams of South, Central, and also The United States And Canada. A seaside fish, they have actually been understood to occupy briny water, and also swamps, and also are also sometimes discovered in the sea. This capacity to endure both fresh and also deep sea makes Mollies a special fish.

Molly Fish has actually a squashed body, high in the center and also tightening to a factor at the mouth. Their back fin is big, fan-shaped, and also can be either clear or vivid. The dorsal fin can be a comparable follower form or flatter versus the body, relying on the kind.

Molly fish are livebearers, reproducing prolifically to “deliver” to spawn; they do not lay eggs like numerous various other fish varieties. Men and also ladies are simple to separate as ladies have a fan-shaped rectal fin and also men generally have a pointier rectal fin. In a mixed-sex container, ladies are generally expecting, which likewise makes them much easier to recognize.

Mollies are among one of the most typical fish in the fish tank pastime, prominent for their mild nature and also eye-catching pigmentation. These easy-keepers make a superb option for an unskilled or perhaps all new aquarist.

Molly Fish Life-span

For How Long Do Molly Fish Live For?

Mollies have a life span of regarding 3 to 5 years in a fish tank with superb treatment and also problems. Balloon Mollies, people that have actually been picked and also reproduced with a spine disfigurement that provides a balloon form, experience a much shorter life expectancy.

Just how fast/slow should you anticipate your Molly Fish to expand?

Mollies fully grown rapidly, getting to sex-related maturation around 3 to 4 months old.

What are Molly Fish max dimension?

The optimum dimension of a Short-finned Molly is 10 centimeters (4 inches). The Sailfin Molly and also Mexican Sailfin Molly expand somewhat bigger, rising to 15 centimeters (6 inches) in size.

Various sorts of Molly Fish


Frequently incorrect as one varieties, there are in fact 3 varieties of Molly readily available in many fish shops, however substantial hybridization and also reproduction in bondage in between the 3 have actually made them virtually difficult to separate. Wild-caught mollies marketed are more than likely either Sailfin Mollies ( Poecilia latipinna) or Brief Finned Mollies ( Poecilia sphenops).

Sailfin Mollies are one of the most typical sort of Molly, discovered in seaside locations of the southeast USA and also the Gulf of Mexico. They are respected dog breeders and also have a high resistance for deep sea.

Short-finned Mollies adjust to fish tank life far better than any type of various other Molly, making them among the very best selections readily available for a novice fish caretaker. Like the Sailfin Molly, this varieties can endure high salinity and also types conveniently.

The 3rd varieties of Molly discovered in fish tanks is the Mexican Sailfin Molly ( Poecilia velifera). Established in the seaside locations of the Yucatan, this varieties can likewise endure deep sea. Mexican Sailfin Mollies are hard to maintain in fish tanks and also do not reproduce as conveniently as various other Mollies, and also consequently, are much rarer to discover in bondage.

These varieties of Molly have actually been intermixed to generate a huge range of shade morphs. Right here are a few of one of the most prominent Molly variants amongst fishkeepers:

Dalmatian Molly: Called for their black and also white areas comparable to the prominent pet type, Dalmation Mollies are likewise called the Marbled Molly or Marbled Sailfin Molly.

Black Molly: Black Mollies are entirely black in pigmentation and also or else really comparable to the Short-Finned Molly. Some Black Mollies have silver or gold spots when they are young however these discolor as they age.

Lyretail Molly: This fish is called for its big, sharp tail. They are likewise called the Titan Lyretail Molly, Mexican Lyretail Molly, and also Yucatan Molly. Variants can be seen with platinum, environment-friendly, and also gold-colored ranges.

Sailfin Molly: Sailfin Mollies are appropriately called for their sail-like dorsal fin and also can have ranges of virtually any type of shade consisting of brilliant orange, metal environment-friendly, yellow/orange, and also white.

Balloon Molly: This sort of Molly is created by precisely reproducing for a spinal column anomaly that provides Mollies a curved back and also rounded stubborn belly, looking like a balloon. These fish experience much shorter life span and also difficulty swimming. Balloon Mollies can show a selection of pigmentations.

Gold Molly: A short-finned Molly reproduced for distinctive brilliant metal orange ranges.

Black Multicolor Molly: This gorgeous version is generally viewed as a Lyretail and also displays a gold and also white range pigmentation with black areas throughout its body.

Molly Fish Diet Plan & & Feeding

Mollies are omnivorous and also can consume practically anything. Range in the diet plan of your Molly is essential to guarantee they obtain healthy nourishment.

What do Molly Fish consume in the wild?

Mollies are belonging to creeks and also streams of North, Central, and also South America. In the wild, they eat a mix of water plants, algae, and also tiny invertebrates.

What foods are advised for Molly Fish?

In a fish tank setup, Mollies can be fed a mix of fresh, icy, and also flake foods. You ought to intend to feed your Molly a top notch flake food supplemented with veggies and also the periodic healthy protein reward. Veggies such as zucchini, cucumber, spirulina, and also peas are all superb selections for Mollies. For the periodic healthy protein, think about real-time or icy bloodworms, salt water shrimp, daphnia, blackworms, or bloodworms.

Molly Fish Feeding routines

Feed your Mollies a couple of times a day however stay clear of overfeeding; never ever supply extra food than your fish can eat in 2 to 3 mins. Mollies are specifically understood for eating way too much and also might likewise eat real-time plants in their container. Leftover food in your container can likewise influence water top quality, creating nitrogen degrees to increase.

Gourami Aquarium Configuration

Like all fish, Mollies prosper finest in a storage tank that resembles their all-natural environment and also matches their requirements.

A quick summary of all-natural environment

Mollies normally occupy locations of slow-moving creeks and also streams in seaside areas of North, Central, and also South America. They choose greatly decayed atmospheres however have actually likewise been discovered to prosper in briny and also also sea waters.

Molly Aquarium Dimension

Container dimension demands for Mollies are reasonably very little. The tiniest varieties, the Short-Finned Molly, can change well in a storage tank as tiny as 40 litres (10 gallons). Bigger selections might require a larger container, however also the biggest range will certainly succeed in a 115-liter (30-gallon) container. Bigger storage tanks supply even more steady atmospheres, are much less susceptible to unexpected modifications, and also are a general far better option for your Mollies.

Molly Fish Water Problems

Types of Molly are extremely durable, and also able to stay in both freshwater and also deep sea atmospheres. They choose freshwater in between 25 and also 28 levels Celsius (72 to 82 levels Fahrenheit) and also a pH in between 6.5 and also 8. Mollies are not always untidy eaters, however a few of the crossbreed selections can be extra vulnerable to conditions, so a well-filtrated container is suitable. Some aquarists include a percentage of salt to their container

Storage Tank Decorations

Mollies choose a sandy substratum along all-time low of their storage tanks. Though Mollies do not invest much time near all-time low of their fish tank, the sandy substratum appropriates for the real-time plants Mollies prefer. Pick high plant alternatives like Anubias to supply sanctuary for your Mollies, however likewise realize they might eat any type of real-time plants in their container.

Deal your Mollies designs that produce caverns and also holes so this serene fish has locations to leave feasible harassment.

Molly Aquarium Mates

Mollies are normally serene and also social naturally. Men can be hostile in the direction of each other, so keeping a proportion of 3 ladies for every man is better. Having several ladies is likewise much better for their health and wellness: a man with just one woman will certainly try reproducing so commonly that she will certainly come to be stressed out and also might also pass away.

Mollies make a great enhancement to an area container as long as various other fish are close to the exact same dimension and also similarly serene.

Any kind of tiny serene neighborhood fish will certainly hit it off with Mollies. Some feasible container friends for Mollies are:

  • Various Other Mollies
  • Cherry Barbs
  • Corydoras Catfish
  • Danios
  • Dwarf Gouramis
  • Buffoon Rasbora
  • Platies
  • Glowing Barbs
  • Tetras
  • Yo-yo Loaches
  • Zebra Loaches

Types of shrimp and also snails are an additional prominent alternative for tankmates that Mollies will certainly disregard.

Molly Fish General Habits

Mollies are serene, social fish, making them fantastic selections for an area container of various other friendly fish. The only hostile actions originates from men going after ladies for breeding. Men maintained without ladies have actually been understood to come to be hostile, nipping fins of various other fish.

Mollies choose to have splits, holes, and also plants to conceal in however are not normally really reluctant.

Molly Fish

Exactly How to Maintain Molly Fish Healthy And Balanced

Mollies are extremely durable however can be vulnerable to normal conditions that influence freshwater fish, specifically in atmospheres of reduced water top quality or unexpected modifications.

Usual conditions to keep an eye out for

Like many tropical fish, Mollies are vulnerable to ich, an illness brought on by protozoa. Signs and symptoms of ich consist of twitching, scrubing their bodies on different surface areas in the container, and also the look of white areas on the body and also gills. They normally react well to drug and also recover rapidly.

Swim bladder condition is a condition identified by unusual swimming patterns and also difficulty keeping buoyancy. This can be brought on by genes, inappropriate nourishment, overfeeding or irregular bowel movements, a physical defect, or perhaps an infection. Some situations are effectively dealt with by feeding defrosted icy peas.

Mollies can be impacted by skin flukes and also various other bloodsuckers, fungal infections, and also microbial infections.

When dealing with a specific fish, finest technique requires eliminating the fish to a different “health center container” lacking plants or crushed rock for therapy. If an illness has actually impacted a whole container, it is most likely best to deal with the container. Read and also comply with the directions for any type of drug or therapy for finest outcomes. Make sure, as some therapies can ruin advantageous germs or otherwise negatively influence water top quality. The carbon in your purification system might take in some drugs, providing therapy inadequate, and also might require to be gotten rid of.

Know the indicators and also therapies of typical freshwater fish conditions to capture issues early and also maintain your Mollies delighted and also healthy and balanced.

Tips on maintaining Mollies healthy

Mollies are generally simple to maintain healthy and balanced as long as you check and also keep your water make-up. Do water modifications and also examination water top quality consistently to maintain ammonium and also nitrite degrees in check, and also do not overfeed as food waste will certainly create these degrees to increase.

Bear in mind that bloodsuckers and also germs can be presented by brand-new container friends in addition to real-time food, plants, and also container designs.

Reproducing Mollies

A lot of selections of Molly type extremely well in bondage. Mollies are live-bearing fish, implying ladies gestate eggs inside their bodies and also generate real-time, established spawn. A container of mixed-sex Mollies will certainly generally constantly generate spawn, however if the fry is not gotten rid of the bulk will rapidly be consumed by grownups. Women and also men ought to be maintained in a proportion of 3 to 1 or even more to avoid the man from bothering the ladies.

Fry can be secured by offering drifting plants or thick plants like Java moss for the infants to conceal in. The even more plants your container has, the more probable a few of your fry will certainly live to the adult years.

  • Mollies can making it through in both fresh and also deep sea atmospheres.
  • Color scheme and also variants are apparently boundless because of reproducing and also hybridization.
  • Mollies do not lay eggs, they generate real-time spawn.
  • Larger mollies can generate approximately a hundred infants each time.

Are Molly Fish right for you?

Mollies are probably among the most convenient fish to take care of. They are visually pleasing, social, and also serene tropical fish that quadrate many various other neighborhood fish. A lot of Mollies endure a selection of water problems, making them a very easy caretaker for a person brand-new to the pastime.

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