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Quick Summary

  • Household: Datnioididae
  • Taxonomic Name: Datnioides microlepis
  • Treatment degree: Modest
  • Character: Semi-aggressive around smaller sized fish
  • Diet Regimen: Predator
  • Water problems: Cozy, neutral pH
  • Max Dimension: 14 inches
  • Minimum container dimension (as a grown-up): 150 gallons

Quick Summary

Additionally called tiger fish, the datnoid fish is a classy and also stunning fish that makes a great enhancement to any kind of fish tank. It has a tiger-like pattern on its body and also tracks its victim similarly its aptly-named animal equivalent does. There are numerous sorts of datnoids, however various other types of fish are commonly inaccurately identified as being datnoids without really holding true datnoids.

There are numerous sorts of datnoids, consisting of the Siamese Tiger Fish, the Indonesian Tiger Fish, the Northern Thailand Tiger Fish, the American Tiger Fish, and also the New Guinea Tiger Fish. Without a doubt, the Indonesian Tiger Fish is one of the most typical sort of datnoid had by fish tank enthusiasts. This sort of fish provides dynamic coloring, without noticeable distinctions in between male and also women elements of the types.

Datnoid Fish Look

What dimension are they when they’re tiny?

Datnoid fish are one-of-a-kind from various other preferred sorts of fish because they have the very same dynamic coloring throughout a lot of their life expectancy. They have 3 or 4 red stripes on the body and also 2 red stripes on the tail fin. They have a high body with a temple that inclines in greatly, with gold and also white pigmentation throughout the body. In their young people, they are just a few inches long.

Just how fast/slow should you anticipate them to expand?

Since datnoid fish have such an extensive life expectancy, they normally expand gradually in their initial couple of years of life, getting to a foot long just in concerning midlife. They will at some point expand to fourteen inches or longer, however this takes rather time– normally numerous years or even more, and also just under appropriate living problems.

What’s their max dimension?

Datnoids can expand rather huge, sometimes enlarging than 2 feet. In the wild, this is specifically real, with datnoids frequently enlarging than eighteen inches. A lot of datnoids, nonetheless, will certainly stay at the extra convenient size of a foot approximately. Some will certainly get to fourteen inches, however this is uncommon. Datnoids can live for as much as 10 to fifteen years in bondage.

Sorts Of Datnoids

Datnoids are a typical option for fish tank proprietors for their splendid appearances and also tiger-like red stripes on the body. Nonetheless, based upon the beginning and also functions, Datnoids can be generally classified as offered listed below:

Siamese Tiger Fish or Wide Bar Datnoid: These are one of the most typical ranges of Datnoids. Lots of people perplex Siamese Tigers with the Indonesian Tigers as they look practically the very same. Siamese Tiger Fish have 3 major red stripes on the body and also 2 irregular red stripes at the tail fin.

Indonesian Tiger Fish or Indonesian Datnoid: To an amateur, Indonesian Tigers are not conveniently appreciable from Siamese Tigers. The only distinction is that, unlike Siamese Tigers, Indonesian Tiger Fishes will certainly have 3 or 4 red stripes on the body and also 2 the same red stripes on the tail fin. Both red stripes on the tail are precisely the very same dimension.

North Thailand Tiger Fish or Thin Bar Datnoid: This types is discovered in the riverways of North Thailand and also is renowned for the wide straight red stripes on its body. Additionally, the intense gold tone can be yellow-colored sometimes.

American Tiger Fish or Silver Tiger: Silver Tigers obtained their names from the silver-tone on their body.

New Guinea Tiger Fish or Brand-new Guinea Datnoid: This range is primarily discovered in the freshwaters of New Guinea islands. They are simple to understand the curly pattern of gold and also black on their body.

Datnoid Diet Regimen & & Feeding

My Advised Datnoid Food

What do datnoid fish consume in the wild?

In the wild, datnoid fish favor to consume real-time foods like worms and also pests. They will certainly likewise consume tiny fish, shellfishes, and also various other tiny pets. When offered the chance, they will certainly likewise consume points like shrimp, crabs, and also snails. Sometimes, they will certainly pursue various other huge fish, however this is uncommon, as they will normally just try to consume fish that coincide dimension or dramatically smaller sized than they are.

Datnoid Fish Feeding behaviors

Feed your datnoid fish concerning one or two times a day. Never ever feed greater than the fish can consume in one feeding. While wild-caught datnoid fish will certainly be tough to educate to consume business fish foods, it is simple to educate young fish to consume a variety of business foods, like pellets, meaningful sticks, krill, or silversides. You can likewise feed them live foods like feeder shrimp, fish, or bloodworms.

What foods are advised?

Datnoid fish favor to consume real-time food, however this naturally can be an obstacle to a house fish tank enthusiast. In time, you can instruct your datnoid to approve pellets and also icy food. Business food or icy foods might likewise be fed. That being stated, because of their wild reactions, they will certainly a lot favor real-time foods and also this can be an obstacle to adapt them to your container initially.

If you begin by feeding them live foods, bear in mind that it might be hard to encourage them to switch over to business, icy, or pellet food. You might require to by force deprive them or present competitors to get them to consume. Right here is a fantastic option to feed your Datnoid fish!

Datnoid Aquarium Configuration

Quick summary of all-natural environment

Datnoid fish are normally discovered in the fresh, briny waters of southeast Oriental nations like Thailand and also Indonesia. They favor freshwater and also are belonging to the Malay Peninsula and also Indonesia. They are regularly puzzled with the Siamese tigerfish, which is discovered in comparable area.

These fish are normally discovered in decayed locations with lots of immersed trees and also courses. They are commonly greatly masked, utilizing their candy striped pattern to enable them to conceal as they wait on victim.

Datnoid Container Dimension (and also why this or that much area is required)

Datnoid fish require a minimum of a 150-gallon container as grownups. If you include numerous container friends, either a fish that coincides dimension or bigger, you need to take into consideration a much bigger container too. They require great deals of open swimming rooms along with concealing areas. Adolescent participants of the types can reside in containers of around sixty gallons, however you will certainly require to change this container with a bigger one in time. Take into consideration setting up a big outside cylinder filter and also constantly consist of a tight-fitting cover, as these fish do leap.

Your container needs to likewise consist of diffused illumination and also some locations of immersed plant origins. There need to be modest water circulation given that they are a river-based types. They require exceptional water top quality to remain healthy and balanced and also delighted, also.

Datnoid Water problems

Datnoid fish are delicate to nitrates, so you need to offer lots of routine water adjustments. They favor a pH of 7.0 to 7.5, with temperature levels around 75 to 80 levels Fahrenheit. Take into consideration setting up a great water filtering system, as you need to have tidy water for these fish in any way times. They create a respected quantity of waste contrasted to various other fish, a thing worth keeping in mind when you are looking for a filtering system.


Datnoid fish will certainly conceal regularly, as an outcome of their all-natural shyness, so you need to offer a container with lots of all-natural hiding areas. The all-natural impulse of the datnoid fish is to conceal whenever offered the opportunity, such as when anxious or when tracking victim. Include lots of rocks and also plants, specifically verdant plants. These sorts of plants make it feasible for the fish to assimilate with its atmosphere, assisting it to really feel even more comfy.

Datnoid Container Mates

General Actions of Datnoids

Datnoids are not just stunning, however they can likewise come to be really tamed. Because you can maintain them for as much as 10 years (their typical life expectancy in bondage), your datnoid will certainly expand made use of to your visibility and also really come to be rather tame. Numerous fish tank enthusiasts really report having the ability to feed their datnoid fish from their hands.

That being stated, datnoids are normally really timid when they are initial positioned in a brand-new atmosphere. As they come to be extra adjusted, they will certainly heat up and also will certainly not conceal rather as regularly. Young datnoids have a tendency to be much shyer than their older friends and also will certainly conceal regularly behind plants and also rocks.

Datnoid Container Mates


Datnoid fish do not function well with a lot of various other fish tank types, as they have a predative nature that can make them improper for smaller sized types. This is because, in the wild, the datnoid pursues by tracking its victim and after that utilizing its huge mouth to draw the pet in. For that reason, you need to stay clear of any kind of fish that is tiny sufficient to be thought about victim by the datnoid. Besides this all-natural searching habits, datnoid fish are really accommodating and also will not usually act strongly towards various other fish. They will certainly in some cases be a little bit hostile towards brand-new intros to the container, however this habits normally subsides in time, and also as the fish obtain made use of to every various other.

Excellent tankmates consist of various other semi-aggressive, bigger types. It’s an excellent suggestion to maintain an also variety of datnoids to make certain healthy and balanced competitors and also to stop one from being neglected. In the wild, datnoid fish normally, socialize in tiny teams, so maintaining teams of 4 to 6 will certainly assist them stay better. Take into consideration the adhering to fish when seeking appropriate container friends:

Exactly How to Maintain Datnoid Fish Healthy And Balanced

Typical conditions to keep an eye out for

When worried, datnoid fish will certainly transform blackish and also come to be unpredictable. This is normally brought on by inadequate water problems or congestion. Illness are normally not an issue in a well-kept container. Because these fish are so durable, you will likely just observe a health problem in a couple of fish at once– if any kind of. You are most likely to observe indication of condition prior to anything else.

One of the most typical condition to impact datnoid fish, similar to various other restricted tropical fish, is ich. This will certainly trigger problems like tiny white spites on the skin, along with secured fins. It can be treated with drug and also by quarantining influenced fish. Tail or fin rot is likewise not unusual in datnoid fish. This can be dealt with by, once again, maintaining water top quality immaculate, as well as likewise treating with prescription antibiotics like tetracycline or Chloromycetin.

An additional typical problem in datnoids is that of eye (or eye) issues. This can be treated with penicillin or amoxicillin however is usually shown by eyes that extend or appear to be shadowed. You can commonly treat with raised amounts of vitamin A or various other pharmaceutical solutions too.

Tips on maintaining datnoid fish healthy

The condition is hardly ever an issue with datnoid fish specifically if you are cautious concerning real estate them in a well-kept fish tank. If you are doing an excellent task of maintaining the container tidy, you likely will not require to bother with condition or various other cleanliness-related issues.

Datnoid fish love to consume, however you require to be mindful in feeding them to make certain the water top quality of your container does not come to be jeopardized. Water top quality problems are one of the most typical issues dealing with datnoid fish, so if you are feeding huge quantities of food, see to it you are taking note of just how much your fish has the ability to consume. As formerly pointed out, datnoid fish have a tendency to excrete in a lot greater quantities than various other sorts of fish. A great water filter will certainly assist maintain the water shimmering tidy, which is so vital for the total health and wellness of your fish tank.

If you pick to feed real-time foods, you need to likewise take care with what you are presenting to the container. Make certain the worms or fishes you are feeding were formerly quarantined which they aren’t bring any kind of condition.

Reproducing Datnoids

While it is feasible to reproduce datnoid fish, it is not likely that you will certainly have the ability to do so in bondage. While possible, there have actually been no reported situations of tiger fish being efficiently reproduced in bondage or at home fish tank configurations.

Fascinating realities

Datnoid fish are one-of-a-kind because they will certainly in some cases participate in cravings strikes. This can be battled by including various other real-time fish types to the fish tank, specifically those that have a tendency to consume their food rapidly. When your datnoid notifications just how rapidly the various other fish are consuming their food, he will swiftly do the same. Take into consideration including types like Titan Danios or huge barbs.

Is a Datnoid Fish Right For You?

Datnoid fish have a tendency to be among the favored types for huge aggressive fish aquariums. They have a tendency to be greater in rate than various other tropical fish, making them a steeper financial investment, however they are well worth the cost.

Although datnoid fish are much better for even more skilled fishkeepers, they can be simple to increase if you recognize just how to feed them and also just how much area they will certainly use up. When you are prepared to include them in your container, you will likely locate that they are an excellent family pet to have.

These fish are reasonably sturdy and also can live for years. With lovely pigmentation and also the capability to reside in family member tranquility with various other huge fish tank types, they are most definitely worth taking into consideration for your following fish tank acquisition.


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