How to Care for Your Arowana Fish (By a Professional)

The Arowana fish is among one of the most popular killer fish, yet many are unlawful in the USA. Just the South American varieties are lawful in the USA, so you can have several of these attractive fish, yet they are costly.

Arowana are big fish that can mature to 3 feet in bondage. As a result of their dimension, they require a huge storage tank of 240 gallons or even more. They are meat-eating yet they will certainly likewise consume pests. In some cases they are described as Dragon Fish. They can be costly, particularly when they are totally expanded.

If you are wishing to find out more concerning the treatment of Arowana fish, maintain reviewing!


Arowana’s are big fish with huge ranges as well as spiky fins. The ones that are lawful in the USA are usually silver with darker ranges in the direction of the top of the body. They are likewise called Dragon Fish or Ape Fish.

When they are young, they have to do with 2 to 7 inches long They can expand to be a foot long within a couple of months as well as will ultimately mature to 3 feet lengthy! Their life expectancy is 10 to fifteen years if looked after correctly.

Arowana’s originated from the osteoglossidae family members as well as can be located in South America, Southeast Asia, as well as Australia. They are fresh water fish as well as are very predacious. This kind of fish is among one of the most popular freshwater fish. Arowanas are thought about fortunate since they appear like Chinese dragon.

A distinct quality of Arowana in its mouth. As surface area feeders, their mouths are high up on their bodies. They likewise have 2 weights that connect from the mouth, off the reduced lip.

Below is a graph revealing which of these fish are lawful in the USA as well as which are not.

Arowana Legal in the United States Arowana Illegal in the United States
Silver Australian
Black Saratoga
Strawberry Eco-friendly
Blueberry Banjar/Yellow Tail
Red Tail Golden
Info from Rusty’s Coral reefs (Marine Animal Shop in Bountiful, UT)

The majority of Arowana are unlawful as a result of the issue that varieties from around the globe, such as Eastern Arowanas, would certainly go out as well as might outcompete the populace of say, South American Arowanas. Considering that they are killers, it is much safer to maintain them in their very own area so one varieties does not overwhelm the others.

Prior to acquiring an Arowana, make certain you are doing your study initially.

South American Arowana

  • Silver (Osteoglossum Bicirrhosum): They are the biggest of the varieties as well as can mature to 3 1/2 feet long. They are silver with extended dorsal as well as rectal fins as well as are one of the most typical. Since they prevail, they are likewise the least costly.
    • Strawberry: A pink variation of the silver Arowana
    • Blueberry: A blue variation of the silver Arowana
  • Black (Osteoglossum Ferreira): This variant resembles the silver Arowana in dimension, yet they have a skinnier body as well as have a black band covering the size of their body when they are young.

Australian Arowana

  • Australian: This variant has copper-colored ranges with pink sides that appear like pink places. They can mature to 3 feet as well as will certainly not endure storage tank companions that are 12-14 inches in dimension.
  • Saratoga: The least well-known of the varieties that appears like the Australian arowana, with even more famous pink places.

Eastern Arowana

A Lot Of the Eastern Arowana are brilliantly tinted as well as attractive.

  • Eco-friendly: Discovered in Malaysia, this variant is light environment-friendly with a color of environment-friendly. It can mature to 3 feet as well as has a much shorter dorsal as well as rectal fin than the South American varieties.
  • Banjar/Yellow Tail: This variant has a yellow color, while the dorsal, tail, as well as rectal fins are totally yellow.
  • Red Tail Golden: This variant is the traditional try to find Eastern Arowanas. They have actually been greatly searched for.
  • Golden: One of the most renowned as well as desirable as a result of its totally gold head. It is likewise one of the most costly.
  • Red: The red Arowana is among one of the most costly decorative fish worldwide. When they are young, the red shade is just on their lips as well as fins, yet as they grow, the shade spreads. The coloring resembles a dragon, so in Eastern society, it stands for good luck as well as success.
  • Batik: This variant has scribble noting over its body that appears like battle tattoos of old Polynesian people.

African Arowana

  • African: This variant can mature to 4 feet in size. It is a lot better in regard to arapaima than Arowana. They are sand sifters, instead of surface area feeders like various other Arowanas. They look comparable to South American Arowana, with their yellow/pale tummies.

Diet Regimen

Arowanas are meat-eating, so they consume smaller sized fish as well as pests.

In their all-natural environment, they stay in the levels, so they consume pests as well as tiny pets. They also consume tiny birds if offered the possibility. Arowanas likewise like to dive to obtain their target, so they can lift to 3 feet airborne to obtain a pest or various other animal off of a tree arm or leg. See it at work in the video clip listed below.

Relying on the fish, it might not consume anything that is not living, so pellets could not help it Pests are the most effective choice for these fish, yet they will certainly likewise take feeder fish, snails, crabs, frogs, as well as shrimp. Arowanas are surface area feeders, so worms, pests, as well as larvae are likewise terrific choices.

Young fish needs to be fed two times a day, while older ones can be relocated to one dish a day. You do not need to fret about overfeeding your Arowana since they generally neglect food when they are complete.

Make certain to eliminate any kind of accessibility food after your Arowana is done consuming to maintain the storage tank tidy.

If your Arowana approves pellets, you can feed your fish them, yet make certain they are obtaining sufficient healthy protein in their diet regimen.

Enjoyable truth: in the wild, Arowana feed a whole lot throughout flooding period since the water is greater as well as they have the ability to get to tree arm or legs that have pests on them.

Container Arrangement

The suggested storage tank dimension for expanded Arowanas is 240 gallons. When they are more youthful, you can begin with a 60-75 gallon storage tank, yet given that they can expand promptly, you will certainly need to relocate them to a bigger storage tank quickly. Likewise, the glass on the storage tank need to go to the very least half an inch thick. If it is thinner, your Arowana can appear the glass.

It is essential to keep in mind that these fish can leap, so your storage tank needs to be established in a manner to secure your fish from leaping out of the storage tank. A limited cover or cover need to suffice.

The water temperature level need to be in between 75-82 levels Fahrenheit (23-27 C) while the pH need to be in between 6.0-7.0 with a KH of 1-8

Considering that Arowanas are hostile fish, they will certainly take pleasure in a solid existing in their storage tank that can be supplied by a filter. Likewise, given that they are larger fish, they will certainly require a solid filter to maintain the water tidy. Regular water adjustments likewise assist maintain the storage tank tidy.

Rocks as well as live plants benefit the fish tank since they will certainly assist your fish feel comfortable as well as provides concealing areas if they fidget. Maintain some space for swimming however, as they are energetic.


Container Friends

With the exception of silver as well as black Arowanas, all Arowanas are hostile as well as territorial. They will certainly also eliminate their very own kind. Considering that they are hostile, specialists locate presenting the Arowana to the storage tank initially will certainly assist them really feel tranquil when various other fish are presented right into the storage tank.

There is generally just one Arowana in a container, yet various other fish can be included in the storage tank. Below are several of the storage tank companion choices:

  • Silver bucks
  • Pacu
  • Plecos
  • Some cichlids (if the storage tank allows sufficient)
    • Eco-friendly fear cichlid
    • Parrot cichlid
  • Clown Loach
  • Datnoids
  • Peacock bass
  • Dinosaur Bichir
  • Black Ghost Knifefish
  • Black Grouped Leporinus

It could be a negative concept to present an additional beast fish to the storage tank since it might create problems with your Arowana.

Exactly How to Maintain Your Arowana Healthy And Balanced


Maintaining the storage tank water tidy is one of the most vital point when it pertains to fish health and wellness. By inspecting the water day-to-day as well as maintaining it tidy, your animal will certainly remain healthy and balanced.

Arowanas can have eye problems if they do not have a correct diet regimen of healthy protein as well as live foods. Some individuals have actually uncovered that feeding your Arowana fatty foods as well as non-living foods can impact their eyes. A healthy and balanced diet regimen of target will certainly maintain your fish satisfied as well as healthy and balanced.

A few other illness that prevail with any kind of exotic fish are ick or abscess. A vet will certainly have the ability to assist with those problems. Watch on your Arowanas ranges to look for illness.

Exactly How to Purchase Arowana as well as Their Price

Considering that Arowana are very popular, they can be extremely costly. According to Rusty’s Coral reefs in West Bountiful, Utah, their Arowanas variety from $ 60-$ 1,000 relying on pigmentation as well as subspecies. Have a look at your regional fish vendor to locate the most effective cost as well as kind around you.

South American Arowana can be bought at regional fish shops as well as are popular. Keep in mind, anything out of Asia is unlawful, so make certain to do your study prior to acquiring.

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