How Long Do Betta Fish Live? (Tips to Increase Life Expectancy)

Betta fish reside for about 3 years, relying on how nicely you maintain the fish. Sickness and deficient care will result in bettas demise quicker.

This text will talk about the criteria that may impact a betta’s lifespan, and the way you’ll ensure your fish lives a at ease lifestyles for so long as conceivable.

Betta Fish Lifespan

Betta fish swimming in decorated aquarium

The typical lifespan of a betta fish is 3 years. Men and women reside for a similar duration of time, however you could in finding that your male bettas die first. Captive men die previous as a result of male bettas are allowed to mature ahead of they’re offered.


Promoting older men guarantees their colours are totally colourful and their fins are lengthy and flowing. Maximum male bettas are offered at twelve months outdated. Women, however, are offered at round six months outdated.

Captive bettas can live much longer than bettas within the wild, so long as they’re correctly cared for. In truth, there were circumstances of captive bettas residing from 6 to ten years.

Bettas within the wild face a lot harsher prerequisites than a puppy betta will in finding in a tank. Herbal predators and different components imply that wild bettas aren’t anticipated to have an extended lifespan.


After all, deficient residing prerequisites will lead for your bettas demise sooner. Combating, overfeeding, and small tank sizes can all affect your betta’s lifespan.

Combating Fights Between Male Betta Fish

Crowntail Betta swimming in dark tank

Male bettas can’t be stored in the similar tank below any cases. Bettas are often referred to as Siamese fighting fish, because of their aggression and territorial habits. Even in a big tank, two male bettas will battle to the dying. Combating additionally stresses the fish, shortening their lifespans.

In sufficiently big tanks, male bettas can also be stored with a gaggle of women folk, however by no means with only one feminine. The male will bully the one feminine, and will even assault her.


It’s beneficial to look at the tank whilst you first introduce your male and feminine bettas, in case of any aggression. Some bettas are extra competitive and territorial than others. Women will also be competitive. In case you have a couple of male betta, you’ll want a couple of tank.

A unmarried male betta will likely be rather glad on its own in a tank. Bettas aren’t shoaling fish, and don’t essentially want tankmates. On the other hand, that you must stay one feminine in a tank, or a sorority (5 or extra feminine bettas).

Developing The Proper Betta Tank Setup

Betta Fish swimming in planted tank

You might have noticed photos of bettas stored in small tanks, and even vases. That is dangerous for the bettas and can lead for your fish demise early, regardless of how lovely they may glance.

The minimal tank measurement for a betta is 5 gallons, with 10 gallons and upwards most well-liked. Should you simplest have a 5-gallon tank, you’ll simplest stay a unmarried betta. Overcrowding a tank will result in aggression and deficient water high quality.

While you arrange your tank, remember to have a excellent filtration device to stay the water blank. You’ll want to steadily exchange the tank’s water, with no less than 15% water adjustments each week.


Blank water will scale back the risk of your betta getting unwell. Deficient water prerequisites will also reason aggression in bettas. Reside vegetation can upload extra oxygen to the water, and in addition lend a hand to take care of excellent water high quality. You will have to additionally upload toys, decorations, and hiding puts to the tank to provide your betta an relaxing surroundings to reside in.

Should you do make a decision so as to add tank buddies, it’s vital to make a choice the correct of fish. Moreover, ensure there’s a lot of room within the tank in your new fish, and come with hiding puts.

Docile, bottom-feeding fish, like corydoras, are the most efficient tank buddies for bettas. By no means make a choice colourful fish with flowing fins, as male bettas may confuse the fish for every other male and assault.

Some small fish are referred to as “fin-nippers,” and can attempt to chunk a betta’s lengthy fins. This can result in damage, fin rot, and different infections to your betta. Don’t make a choice those fish as your betta’s tank makes.


Tricks to Lend a hand Your Betta Fish Reside Longer

Male Bettas displaying colors

Each and every fish proprietor desires their puppy to reside so long as conceivable. Fish can also be tough to deal with, and new aquarium house owners frequently have misconceptions about what their fish want.

Overfeeding fish and conserving fish in tanks which might be too small are commonplace issues. The vintage goldfish bowl isn’t appropriate for goldfish, or any fish, simply as tiny vases are utterly wrong for bettas.

Let’s talk about a couple of pointers and tips to pamper your bettas and lend a hand them to reside lengthy, glad lives.


Correct Vitamin

Many fish house owners make the error of overfeeding their fish. It’s beneficial to feed your fish simplest as soon as an afternoon (even though this may occasionally fluctuate relying at the species and age of your fish). Intention to supply sufficient meals in your fish to devour inside of 3 mins.

Many fish are grasping, and can continuously scour their tank for extra meals. Fish house owners shouldn’t concern that their fish is hungry and feed them once more.

Bettas can also be choosy eaters. Industrial tropical fish meals won’t give you the proper vitamin in your bettas — and the fish may no longer devour it.

Brine shrimp, bloodworms, and specifically designed betta meals can lend a hand your fish get the vitamin they want. Bettas are carnivores and like to devour bugs and larvae.


Stay the Men Aside

Male bettas shouldn’t be stored in the similar tank. Very competitive or territorial bettas can transform offended simply on the sight of every other male.

In case your betta is competitive, stay different men in numerous tanks, out of sight. It’s additionally a good suggestion to stay your fish tank clear of mirrors.

Keep an eye on Water Temperature

The best water temperature for bettas is between 75 and 79°F. Bettas are tropical fish and want heat, balanced water.

Water that’s too chilly or too scorching can have an have an effect on for your betta’s well being. Chilly water results in bettas turning into depressing, torpid, and in poor health, and scorching water can also be simply as unhealthy.

A excellent water heater will have to stay the tank water heat. Alternatively, watch out to not overheat small tanks. For small, 5-gallon tanks, chances are you’ll no longer desire a heater in any respect. To be protected, use a tank thermometer to observe the water temperature. Stay your tank out of direct daylight (which is able to reason it to overheat) and clear of drafts (which is able to sit back the water).

Give Your Bettas Get admission to to Floor Air

Bettas are labyrinth fish, because of this they may be able to breathe oxygen from the air and the water. In truth, bettas will also keep alive out of water for brief classes.

Your bettas will want get admission to to the outside of the tank to respire. That is one more reason why vases and small tanks with fitted lids aren’t excellent — your betta merely gained’t get sufficient oxygen.

Watch your Bettas for Sickness or Harm

Regardless of your perfect efforts, your betta might nonetheless transform in poor health. A betta’s lengthy fins are prone to damage, particularly if its tankmates have a dependancy of fin nipping.

Stay a detailed eye for your fish for any indicators of harm or sickness. White or coloured patches on their frame or fins may point out illness, growths, or discoloration. Ragged or bleeding fins point out damage, and the injuries may transform inflamed if the tank water isn’t blank sufficient.

Adjustments in habits too can point out that your fish isn’t wholesome. In case your bettas are torpid, refuse to devour, or lay within the backside of the tank, there may well be one thing mistaken. The earlier you establish any well being issues to your bettas, the earlier you’ll deal with them.


Betta Fish Existence Expectancy: Key Takeaways

betta fish eating at surface of water

Fish care is extra difficult than many new fish house owners assume. On your bettas to reside lengthy, wholesome lives, right here’s what you want to do:

  • Stay the men aside. It’s perfect to stay women and men aside, too
  • Make a choice an appropriate tank measurement and filtration device
  • Stay the tank blank and take care of excellent water high quality
  • Keep an eye on the water temperature
  • Supply a lot of decorations and hiding puts in your betta
  • Make a choice the correct tank buddies
  • Deal with any sickness or accidents straight away

Whilst the typical lifespan of a betta is round 3 years, well-cared-for bettas can reside for round six years or extra.

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