How do you stick Moss to a wall

How do you stick Moss to a wall

How do you stick Java Moss to a well, A little little bit of glue and tons of creativity are all it takes to stick a java moss to a wall.

Java Moss

Moss wall gardens are a gorgeous combination of living plant and artistic masterpiece.
If you’ve been eyeing this trend and are able to add a moss wall garden to your home, then read on for our simple DIY guide.
First up, we’re getting to allow you to in on a touching secret. Not every moss wall is alive…

1. Choose the type: living, preserved, or mixed

That’s correct! Many of the gorgeous moss walls you’ve been ogling on Pinterest and Instagram aren’t actually alive. And there’s a really good reason for that.
Living moss walls require constant moisture, which may be damaging to the walls they’re displayed on. So, unless you’re working with an architect or engineer on this, we propose that you:

Hang a living moss wall outdoors only
Hang a preserved moss wall indoors
A preserved moss wall is certainly the simplest to make . you’ll even create a mixed piece (alive and preserved), by adding air plants or succulents to your preserved moss wall. These plants don’t require much water, so you won’t run the danger of damaging your walls.

2. Choose or create a frame

Once you’ve selected the sort of wall you’re getting to create, it’s time to urge a frame.

For a preserved moss wall, you’ll attach plywood to the backside of any frame. For a living wall, it’s best to urge a soil-less garden wall kit. And for a mixed wall, you ought to choose a plywood base, assuming you’re adding a couple of living plants to your moss wall.

3. Choose your plants

Now it’s time to select your plants! Head to your local craft store or nursery for the following:

Preserved moss
Mood moss
Sheet moss
Reindeer moss
Dried accessories
Driftwood or dried bark
Sponge mushroom
Dried twigs
Dried seed pods

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4. Assemble

Time for the fun part! When working with preserved moss, this couldn’t be simpler. First, use a staple gun or wood glue to connect the plywood to the frame. Then get creative and picture how you would like the weather arranged. Create your own piece of abstractionism, combining different elements, textures, and colours together.

Don’t have a green thumb? No need for plants in your Vertical G(art)en! Here we’ve used preserved mosses, bark, and branches to offer the ‘live feel’ without the maintenance!.

If you’d wish to add living plants to your moss wall, then you’ll get to create a pocket with sheet moss. Simply glue the bottoms and sides of a square of sheet moss and leave the highest open. Then you’ll stick air plants and bromeliads in there. (It’s important to be ready to remove them so you’ll water them without damaging the wall.)

Living moss walls are all a touch trickier to assemble. you sometimes got to plant them within the medium or soil-less kit lying flat on the bottom first then hang the piece once the moss is established.

5. Maintain

Preserved moss walls are very easy to take care of. You hardly need to do anything! Because the moss is dry, you don’t need to water it in the least. to stay your art piece looking beautiful, add new pieces of moss if any of them fall off or begin to lose their lustre.
For any living plants, like air plants or succulents that are included during a moss wall will be got to be lightly sprayed or faraway from their moss sheet pockets, watered, then placed back.

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