Ghost Shrimp Care Guide & Species Profile

The ghost shrimp is a freshwater shrimp of the Palaemonetes household. This types is tiny as well as largely clear in shade, which is why it obtained its name.

These shrimp are preferred amongst aquarists due to the fact that the shrimp are very easy to look after as well as work as storage tank cleansers.

Ghost shrimp make the excellent enhancement to any type of exotic neighborhood containing various other tiny non-aggressive fish.

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Ghost Shrimp Details & & Review

Ghost shrimp swimming near wood in decorated tank
Palaemonetes paludosus
Taxonomic Name: Palaemonetes paludosus
Usual names: Ghost shrimp, glass shrimp, eastern glass shrimp
Circulation: The United States And Canada
Dimension: 1.5 inches
Life span: One year
Shade: clear
Diet Plan: Omnivore
Personality: Serene
Minimum storage tank dimension: 5– 10 gallons
Temperature Level: 65– 82 °F( 23– 28 ° C)
pH: 7.0– 8.0
Solidity: 3.0– 12.0 dGH
Treatment degree: Easy


Although ghost shrimp fossils recommend this shellfish’s presence in the Cretaceous as well as Jurassic durations, these little shellfishes were very first explained in The United States and Canada in the 1850s.


Ghost shrimp can often be seen on sand coastlines as well as seaside areas around the Pacific Sea.

Grownup Dimension & & Life Span

Grown-up ghost shrimp mature to 1.5 inches long. Ladies can mature to 2 inches long.

A life-span of just one year implies these tiny shrimp aren’t recognized for their long life.



Ghost shrimp are readily available at the majority of pet shops, specifically shops concentrating on marine animals. They commonly set you back $0.50–$ 3 per shrimp.

You can get this freshwater types at AquariumFis h or

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Ghost shrimp body diagram
The ghost shrimp’s clear body provides it an unusual look– specifically given that the clear body enables others to see what the shrimp have actually consumed that day.

This types’ serene as well as reluctant nature makes the ghost shrimp a suitable storage tank friend for various other serene types.

Color Styles, Patterns, as well as Dimension

Ghost shrimp are clear. This one-of-a-kind physical particular assists these shrimp prevent killers as well as makes the types appealing in any type of fish tank. This types does not differ in shade, yet some ghost shrimp have actually tinted places on their back. Ladies create eco-friendly markings on their sides when coming close to the age of puberty.

Ghost shrimp are tiny. Ladies mature to 2 inches long, yet men just expand 1.5 inches. Unlike fish, ghost shrimp do not have fins as well as utilize their tails to relocate.

This types molts consistently, as it expands as well huge to fit its covering. When these tiny shrimp dropped their coverings, they’re specifically susceptible till the brand-new covering expands. Throughout this moment, maintain your ghost shrimp far from any type of energetic fish to prevent injury.


Ghost shrimp are recognized for being easy as well as serene, making them the suitable storage tank companions for hectic containers with numerous various other types.

These shrimp can be located swimming around the center of the storage tank or cleansing remaining food as well as algae from all-time low. They often tend to remain energetic as well as hectic throughout the day as well as periodically tunnel in the sand.

While this serene types appreciates remaining in a team, a solitary shrimp will certainly endure gladly by itself.

Ghost Shrimp Container & & Water Demands

Any type of aquarist wanting to house a ghost shrimp need to make sure the shrimp’s storage tank is regularly cozy as well as has a capability of a minimum of 5 gallons.


Environment as well as Container Demands

Ghost shrimp take pleasure in decors such as driftwood, rocks, as well as sand. Just usage rounded rocks in the storage tank, as sharp rocks can harm the shrimp’s exoskeleton.

Avoid nitrates collecting in the storage tank. To get rid of nitrates from the storage tank’s water, present fast-growing drifting as well as root-feeder plants to the storage tank.

Prevent plants with delicate origins, as the shrimp’s delving routines might harm them.

Water Problems

The suitable storage tank problems for a ghost shrimp need to be as adheres to:


Water kind:

Tough, freshwater Storage tank dimension:
Minimum 5 gallons Water temperature level:
68– 82ºF Level Of Acidity:
7.0– 8.0 pH Water solidity:
10– 15 dGH Water supplements:
Calcium The storage tank problems for a ghost shrimp need to simulate the shrimp’s all-natural environment– cozy freshwater, with a layer of sand near the bottom as well as a variety of plants to take pleasure in.

Ghost shrimp do not need too much filtering– buying a filter to match the dimension of your storage tank suffices, as well as a sponge filter is perfect. The shrimp take pleasure in swimming in the bubbles developed by an

air pump Prevent producing an existing that’s as well solid, hindering your shrimp’s capacity to swim.

Treatment & & Diet Plan


Ghost shrimp resting near rocky substrate

Looking after a ghost shrimp is fairly very easy. These shrimp take pleasure in a diverse diet regimen, consisting of algae off the side of their storage tank.

Ghost shrimp’s fragile exoskeleton boosts their threat of injury, so maintain your shrimp’s storage tank devoid of sharp decors.

Diet Plan as well as Feeding

Feed your ghost shrimp a diet regimen being composed mostly of algae, marine plants, larvae, weeds, as well as pellet foods. It’s likewise worth feeding ghost shrimp calcium supplements to aid them create a thick skin.

Because of the shrimp’s tiny dimension, these shellfishes just need percentages of food, a lot of which they can get from their storage tank companions’ leftovers. If you maintain your ghost shrimp alone or simply with storage tank companions of the very same types, you’ll require to provide their very own food.


The quantity of food the shrimp need depends upon just how much algae remains in the storage tank. The even more algae there is, the much less you’ll require to feed them.

team of 4 shrimp requires feeding as soon as every various other day, as well as simply one ghost shrimp just needs food as soon as every couple of days. This types’ scavenging nature implies you do not require to be as well stringent with its feeding regimen.

A General Treatment

Looking after ghost shrimp is uncomplicated as a result of their absence of rigid feeding demands, fairly tiny storage tank dimension need, as well as serene nature.

Supplement your ghost shrimp’s food as well as water with calcium to maintain their covering solid. Intense lights as well as accessibility to concealing locations within the storage tank will certainly maintain this types delighted.

Usual Issues

Ghost shrimp respond adversely to inappropriate water problems, such as pH beyond the 7– 8 variety, or the visibility of ammonia in the storage tank. The shrimp are likewise specifically vulnerable to the vorticella bloodsucker as well as a number of microbial infections.

Vorticella is a bloodsucker that looks like a white fungi on the ghost shrimp’s tail as well as the suggestion of their nose. This bloodsucker might trigger an anorexia nervosa as well as power in ghost shrimp as well as can be treated with fish tank salt as well as an excellent filter.

Microbial infections will certainly look like a pink, inflamed area on a ghost shrimp’s body. Regrettably, microbial infections are typically deadly for ghost shrimp, so the very best strategy is to divide the contaminated shrimp from their storage tank companions to quit the infection from dispersing.

Is a Ghost Shrimp Dangerous?

Ghost shrimp are ruled out unsafe. Nonetheless, aquarists need to prevent maintaining a lot of of these shrimp in a storage tank with each other, due to the fact that the types can come to be hostile as well as strike its storage tank companions when it needs to defend room.

Container Friends

Ghost shrimp make suitable storage tank companions for tiny, tranquil, bottom-dwelling fish, as a result of both types’ reluctant as well as non-aggressive natures.

These little shellfishes’ dimension makes them susceptible to being consumed, so prevent matching them with huge killers.


Suitable storage tank companions for ghost shrimp consist of:

Life-span as well as Molting

Ghost shrimp live for around a year, yet this can differ relying on the private as well as the area of beginning.

Ghost shrimp up close

Due To The Fact That they are so affordable as well as very easy to reproduce, these shrimp are commonly made use of as feeder fish for bigger types in the house fish tank, and also because of this, are commonly maintained in high thickness with bad filtering.

This makes them most likely to pass away throughout transportation as well as boosts their death price. It prevails for some people to pass away a couple of days right into life in their brand-new storage tank, also if the storage tank is flawlessly healthy and balanced.


Although their lives are brief, ghost shrimp molt consistently as they consume as well as expand, ending up being as well huge for their previous covering. This can come to be rather regular. Everything depends upon just how much they consume as well as just how quick they expand.

As soon as ghost shrimp have actually dropped their old covering, they will certainly be specifically susceptible till their brand-new covering hardens. While you do not require to stress excessive throughout this moment, do not be amazed if your ghost shrimp takes damages via harsh actions from energetic fish.

Make sure that your storage tank has holes as well as plants for molting shrimp to conceal in.

When you see a molted covering remaining on the debris, it’s all-natural to stress as well as presume it’s a dead shrimp. Nonetheless, upon closer assessment, the hollow inside of the husk need to plainly recognize it as a thrown out outside.

When your ghost shrimp loses its covering, you do not require to eliminate it from the fish tank promptly due to the fact that it will typically come to be food for various other shrimp in the storage tank.



Ghost shrimp are very easy to reproduce given they’re maintained in a healthy and balanced atmosphere without killers. For an ideal possibility of reproduction, supply the storage tank with two times as numerous women as men. You can develop which shrimp are women by their bigger dimension as well as eco-friendly saddle, situated under their bodies.

To replicate the shrimps’ warmer breeding months as well as urge reproduction, elevate the storage tank’s temperature level to around 80 °

After a couple of weeks, the women will certainly generate eggs, which will certainly look like eco-friendly dots around their legs.F Permit a couple of days for the men to feed them. Having high degrees of calcium in the storage tank will certainly enhance the possibility of these eggs growing.

Once the eggs are fed, relocate the women to a various storage tank to permit the young to hatch out, as ghost shrimp have actually been recognized to consume their very own young.

The infants’ atmosphere need to match the primary storage tank, with a slim layer of sand as well as some smooth decors. Including a durable sponge filter to the storage tank will certainly make sure none of the young obtain drawn right into the fish tank’s tools. Feed the infant shrimp percentages of bit food till they expand legs, whereupon you can feed them the very same diet regimen as a grown-up ghost shrimp.


Shrimp are completely expanded at 5 weeks old, whereupon you can relocate them back to the primary storage tank with their moms and dads.

Should You Obtain a Ghost Shrimp for Your Fish tank?

If you’re searching for a shellfish with an one-of-a-kind look as well as serene nature, a ghost shrimp is perfect. These little shrimp will certainly not just delight you with their energised shenanigans, yet they’ll likewise maintain the storage tank tidy as well as without algae.

The ghost shrimp’s tiny dimension as well as capacity to agree storage tank companions make this shellfish an interesting enhancement to any type of aquarist’s storage tank.

Ghost Shrimp Frequently Asked Questions

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