Emperor Angelfish Care Guide & Species Profile

The emperor angelfish is a deep sea fish of the Pomacanthus household. A fully grown emperor angelfish has yellow and also blue straight red stripes, while an adolescent has white and also dark blue arch-like bands.

These fish are preferred amongst aquarists as a result of their special coloring– nothing else deep sea angelfish has yellow and also blue red stripes.

Due to their semi-aggressive and also territorial nature, emperor angelfish are inappropriate with various other fish, require a modest quantity of treatment, and also require a huge storage tank. This types is additionally costly.

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Emperor Angelfish Details & & Review

Emperor angelfish facts and overview


Taxonomic name: Pomacanthus imperator
Typical names: Emperor angelfish, royal angelfish, or imperator angelfish
Circulation: Red Sea, East Africa, Japan, Great Obstacle Coral Reef (Australia), French Polynesia, Hawaii, Florida, and also Puerto Rico
Dimension: As much as 12 inches in bondage, and also approximately 15 inches in the wild
Life span: 20+ years
Shade: Blue-black with rotating yellow and also blue red stripes
Diet Plan: Omnivore
Character: Semi-aggressive
Minimum storage tank dimension: 125 gallons (juveniles)
200 gallons (grownups)
Temperature Level: 72– 82 ° F( 22.2– 27.7 ° C)
pH: 8.1– 8.4
Solidity: 8– 12 dKH
Treatment degree: Modest to hard
Reproduction: Egg-laying

Beginning (* )angelfish prevail in the wild and also located in the Red Sea, East Africa (most especially Mozambique and also Madagascar), Japan, the Great Obstacle Coral Reef in Australia, and also French Polynesia– New Caledonia, Rapa, Marquesas Islands, Austral Islands, Line Islands, Tuamotu Islands, and also Easter Island.

Emperor These fish have actually additionally been identified in Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and also Florida, probably due to the fact that leisure activity aquarists launch the fish right into the water. There have actually additionally been records of emperor angelfish conquering the southwestern Mediterranean as an intruder types.

In the wild, these fish swim at midsts of 3.3– 328.1 feet. Grown-up emperor angelfish stay in caverns and also beneath steps in the calmer waters of reef. Subadults live where dishes abound: coral reef openings and also dental caries in seaward coral reef rise networks. Juveniles can be located living alone on the superficial coral reef borders in protected locations.


Grownup Dimension & & Life-span

In the wild, a mature emperor angelfish expands to 15 inches in size. In bondage, these fish typically expand to 12 inches long. Men are typically larger than women.

The typical life expectancy of a well-cared-for emperor angelfish in bondage is 20 or even more years. In the sea and also open water, these fish meet about 15 years.


angelfish are easily offered in pet dog shops and also on-line stores.

Emperor adolescent prices $129–$ 199, a subadult prices approximately $239 or even more, and also a grown-up prices $399–$ 1,400.A angelfish are offered from these on-line shops:

Emperor Look & & Habits

The emperor angelfish has a level, broad body removed in shades of blue, black, yellow, and also white. Grownups do not look the like juveniles, as the bands and also shades of this types are rather various throughout each life phase.

Emperor angelfish appearance

Like various other angelfish, this fish is rather territorial and also semi-aggressive.


Adolescent emperor angelfish appearance comparable to the adolescent Koran angelfish or semicircle angelfish (

Pomacanthus semicirculatus), as the fish both have a blue-black body with white centrally collaborated bands. In the wild, juveniles maintain their shades for 2 years, or till they expand to 3– 5 inches in size. In bondage, adolescent emperor angelfish might maintain these shades for longer.

When the adolescent shades begin to discolor, the fish stages right into the subadult phase and also its body ends up being rounder and also much longer, creates yellow and also blue red stripes, and also the tail fin adjustments to a strong yellow.

Grownup or totally mature emperor angelfish have actually a somewhat lengthened oblong body, and also rotating blue and also yellow straight bands along their flanks. The grownup’s neck is light greenish-yellow, and also its face is a light blue with a black and also blue eye mask. The grownup has a white-tipped dorsal fin, yellow tail fin, and also light-blue and also dark-blue candy striped rectal fin.


Male and also women emperor angelfish counterpart, though men have an even more blue face, while women have a grayish face and also look much less vivid.

Common Habits

Although emperor angelfish might be reluctant when presented to a container, the fish are semi-aggressive, specifically towards various other emperor angelfish men, angelfish that are comparable in shade and also physique, and also smaller sized fish. These fish are additionally territorial, and also grunt or make a knocking noise when they really feel intimidated.

The types requires a lot of swimming area in the storage tank, however it additionally suches as to conceal in caverns and also behind rocks. These fish appreciate all areas of the fish tank.

Angelfish Treatment & & Storage Tank Demands

Emperor Promotions

Juvenile emperor angelfish

angelfish are reasonably hard fish to look after. These fish demand to be presented to a big, recognized storage tank due to the fact that the fish tension quickly in brand-new or tiny containers. The storage tank’s water high quality requires to be thoroughly preserved to avoid illness and also fatality.

Emperor fish are leading, so make sure when selecting storage tank friends.Emperor Container problems need to carefully simulate their all-natural deep sea environment, with the ideal lights, temperature level, a little alkaline and also slow-moving water, and also decoration like plants, rocks, and also man-made coral reefs.

angelfish are omnivores. Feed them flake food, pellets, or tablet computers (with sponge product and also spirulina consisted of), real-time food, and also veggies.

Emperor Environment and also Storage Tank Demands

In the sea, emperor angelfish commonly occupy regions as huge as 10,000 square feet. The fish are located alone, in sets, or residing in hareems.


While a deep sea storage tank isn’t as large as all-natural regions, the storage tank ought to a minimum of hold 200 gallons for one or an adhered set (man and also lady) of grown-up emperor angelfish. Maintain one adolescent in a minimal 125-gallon storage tank, and also a set in a 185-gallon storage tank. Maintaining a hareem of emperor angelfish (one man and also a number of women) calls for a much bigger storage tank.

huge storage tank that isn’t chock-full with various other fish and also designs offers enough swimming area for the emperor angelfish. A lot of rockwork and also caverns are required for the fish to conceal in when it really feels worried. Deep sea plants like turtle turf fires, mermaid’s follower, environment-friendly finger plant, halimeda, and also dragon’s tongue algae additionally provide the emperor angelfish concealing area and also something to munch on.

A In the wild, emperor angelfish stay in exotic waters, so the storage tank’s water temperature level need to be tepid, at 72– 82 °

Due to the fact that the typical pH of the sea is 8.1, the water in the storage tank need to additionally be a little alkaline to simulate the fish’s natural surroundings.F solid purification system is additionally suggested to cycle the storage tank and also manage pH degrees due to the fact that these fish create a great deal of waste. Include a brilliant light to the storage tank to draw out the fish’s shades and also to aid avoid illness.

A Promotions

The emperor angelfish additionally socializes in sea coral reefs, so you might choose a coral reef storage tank with real-time rocks, reefs, and also brilliant lights. The real-time rocks offer a food resource and also an area where the emperor angelfish can conceal. Pick tiny polyp stony (SPS) reefs, disc polyp, celebrity polyps, bubble reefs, and also hammer reefs.

Storage Tank Problems

The emperor angelfish requires the following storage tank problems to prosper:

Water kind:

Slow-moving deep sea Container dimension:
Minimum 200 gallons (one or a set of grownups), or minimal 125 gallons (one adolescent) Water temperature level:
72– 82 ° Substratum: F
Any Kind Of Container arrangement:
Lights, caves, rockwork, real-time rock, plants, (optional) reefs Level Of Acidity:
8.1– 8.4 pH Water solidity:
8– 12 dKH Filter:
Yes, to help in reducing waste Details gravity:
1.020– 1.025 SG (1.023 is perfect) The emperor angelfish requires great deals of swimming area and also concealing areas in a large-sized storage tank. Make certain the water needs simulate this types’ tropical-water environment.


angelfish are sturdy, however they are prone to conditions if the fish are worried or if there are bloodsuckers in the storage tank’s water. One of the most usual conditions that can impact this fish types are ich, head and also side line disintegration illness, and also aquatic velour.

Emperor Ich


, additionally called white place illness or crypt, is brought on by a bloodsucker. Influenced fish have tiny white areas on their skin and also fins, and also the fish scrape versus rocks and also various other items in the storage tank to ease itching. Quarantine the impacted fish and also treat them with copper, while disinfecting the primary storage tank.

Head and also Lateral Line Disintegration

Head and also side line disintegration illness, additionally called hole-in-the-head illness, influences the side line body organ and also the skin that covers the fish’s head and also face. Abrasive sores develop along these locations. Reasons can consist of nutrient shortages, triggered carbon, bloodsuckers, and also carbon dirt.

Therapy for hole-in-the-head illness consists of anti-parasitic drug, correct storage tank upkeep, and also making sure the emperor angelfish aren’t worried. Avoidance for this illness consists of lighting the storage tank with a brilliant light and also maintaining the storage tank in perfect problems.

Marine Velour

Marine velour is additionally brought on by bloodsuckers. Influenced fish will certainly have gold areas on their bodies and also the gills might come to be swollen and also hemorrhage. Copper is one of the most efficient therapy alternative.

Stop aquatic velour by quarantining brand-new fish for a couple of weeks prior to including them to a well established storage tank, keep the storage tank problems, and also guarantee the emperor angelfish does not really feel worried.


Storage Tank Companions

Due to the fact that emperor angelfish are semi-aggressive, present this types to a container just after presenting its storage tank friends to aid suppress territorial habits. Never ever maintain 2 male grownups in the very same storage tank. You can maintain one emperor angelfish, an adhered set, or perhaps one man and also 2 women with each other.

Emperor angelfish tank mates

The huge emperor angelfish is recognized to bully smaller sized or relaxed fish, in addition to various other angelfish that are aesthetically comparable.

Appropriate storage tank friends for the emperor angelfish are:

Improper storage tank friends for the emperor angelfish are:


  • Assessors
  • Dartfish
  • Fairy wrasses
  • Anthias
  • Dwarf angels
  • Clownfish
  • Seahorses
  • Chines
  • Sea followers
  • Pipefish
  • Shrimp
  • Crabs
  • Snails
  • Clams
  • Oysters
  • Scallops
  • Polyps
  • Sea celebrities
  • Diet Plan and also Feeding

angelfish are custodian fish because the fish consume most food they can locate in their natural surroundings. Feed these omnivore emperors a selection of pet and also plant-based foods.

Emperor Promotions

Just feed as long as the fish can consume in 5 mins and afterwards eliminate any type of leftover food to maintain the storage tank water tidy. In a container with greater than among this types, scatter food throughout the storage tank to guarantee all emperor angelfish reach consume.

Popular foods for the emperor angelfish are:


  • Marine algae
  • Shrimp or brine/mysis shrimp
  • Squid
  • Scallops
  • Clams
  • Spinach
  • Sponge (Porifera)
  • Flake food
  • Pellets or tablet computers
  • Reefs
  • Dried out algae
  • Reproduction

It isn’t suggested to reproduce emperor angelfish in bondage due to the fact that attaining the particular reproduction problems the fish need (like substantial open area) is hard.

Emperor angelfish care

Picking your

AngelfishEmperor Angelfish do not deliver well and also are susceptible to tension, so it is essential you select a fish that is healthy and balanced.

Emperor Promotions

Preferably, when you select an emperor angelfish, you need to acquire an adolescent that is around 4– 6 inches long, as they locate it simpler to adjust to bondage. See to it they are energetic and also interested regarding their atmosphere.

Examine their gill matter; if it mores than 80 a min and also they are swimming smoothly, take this as a warning. If the fish show up excessively brilliant and also disorientated, they may have been treated with cyanide– once again an additional warning.

You might locate that the shades aren’t as brilliant as wild emperor angelfish. If this holds true, you can utilize shade boosters in their food to enhance their shade.

Should You Obtain an

Angelfish for Your Fish tank?Emperor An emperor angelfish is a great enhancement to a big storage tank where various other semi-aggressive to hostile fish types prosper. Nevertheless, emperor angelfish aren’t a great alternative if you have a tiny storage tank or a tranquil fish populace, because emperor angelfish bully passive fish and also really feel caught in a tiny storage tank.

In spite of compatibility concerns, the emperor angelfish– an adolescent with concentric-like circles, or a grown-up with straight bands– is a gorgeous fish to have in your storage tank.


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