Discus Fish Care Guide & Species Profile

The discus fish (or Symphysodon) is a freshwater fish of the cichlid category. The fish’s typical name is stemmed from its squashed form.

Unlike lots of cichlids, the discus grows in teams, is normally tranquil, and also often tends to be timid with various other varieties. Vibrantly tinted and also typically delicately formed, the discus fish is normally in between 4.8– 6.0 inches in size.

Although discus fish can be testing to maintain, specifically in a blended storage tank, lovers reward the fish for their striking look and also extraordinary capacity to alter shade.

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Discus Fish Details & & Summary

group of discus fish in decorated aquarium


Taxonomic name: Symphysodon aequifasciatus (blue discus or brownish discus), S. discus (red discus or heckle discus), S. tarzoo (environment-friendly discus)
Typical names Discus fish, pompadour fish, king of the fish tank
Circulation: Amazon.com river container, South America
Dimension: 4.6– 8 inches
Life span: 10– 15 years in bondage
Shade: Wild discus fish are red, blue, or environment-friendly, and also various other shades. Formed crossbreeds exist in bondage
Diet Regimen: Omnivore
Character: Smart, relaxed, timid
Minimum storage tank dimension: 10 gallons per fish, or over 55 gallons for a team of 6 fish
Temperature Level: 82– 88 °F( 28– 31 ° C)
pH: 6.0– 7.0
Firmness: Soft water, 2– 8 dGH
Treatment degree: Testing, calls for a greater temperature level than lots of various other varieties
Reproduction: Mouthbrooders


The discus fish is belonging to the Amazon.com river in South America. Heaven discus is belonging to the eastern Amazon.com container, the environment-friendly discus is belonging to the western Amazon.com container, and also the red discus is belonging to the Rio location.

This varieties is testing to maintain in a mixed-species storage tank because of the discus fish’s reduced pH, high mineral material, and also cozy temperature level requirements. Restricted discus fish have extra dynamic shades when water specifications are well-kept, despite the fact that the fish adjust far better than wild varieties to water variations.

Embellish the discus fish’s storage tank with driftwood to duplicate the dropped trees in branches located in the varieties’ indigenous environment.


Environment loss and also various other ecological modifications might offer a lasting danger to the discus varieties in the wild.

Grownup Dimension & & Life Expectancy

In the wild, grown-up discus fish normally get to 4.8– 6 inches in size. Nonetheless, in bondage, they can rise to 9 inches long. Male discus fish are a little bigger than ladies.

In bondage, discus fish can live in between 10– 15 years. Their life-span is typically much shorter in the wild because of killers.


Discus fish are a specialized type, so they’re seldom readily available in regional shops, and also if you discover these fish in your area, they might not be top quality samplings.

These fish are best acquired in teams from specialized dog breeders online. Respectable dog breeders consist of Discus Chaos, LiveAquaria, and also Petco, and also the fish array from $60 to $240 per sampling.

Look & & Habits(* )fish hit it off with various other varieties, yet maintaining a mixed-species storage tank with discus can be tough due to the fact that the fish has stringent storage tank problem demands.

group of colorful discus fish swimming together

Discus team of discus fish makes an appealing enhancement to any kind of fish tank because of the fish’s level, rounded form and also dynamic coloring.A Promotions

fish have 4 key jewel-like shades and also the fish show a range of markings and also patterns, which lovers very reward. Heckle discus are normally light yellow with 3 upright red stripes of the exact same shade, with one red stripe going through the eye. Brownish discus have 9 upright red stripes, while blue and also environment-friendly discus have red dots.

Discus A Number Of the even more brilliantly significant discus variants arise from hybridization and also do not exist in the wild. Full tinting becomes the fish grows, and also the fish modification shade according to their setting and also various other elements.

Brilliant shades and also dazzling markings on samplings under 2 inches long might arise from hormonal agent supplements, and also if this holds true, the shades discolor in time.

While the discus fish’s level sides and also rounded form offer the varieties some similarity to

angelfish, discus fish do not have the angel fish’s particular prolonged fins. Promotions

Common Habits

are peace-loving fish that grow when they can swim gradually around a fish tank in a team. When frightened by bigger, quicker, or extra hostile fish, discus have a tendency to conceal in plants or caverns.

Discus fish are energetic in the day and also rest in the evening.Discus Like various other

cichlids, discus fish can be territorial, so it’s ideal to maintain them with various other fish of a comparable dimension. Slow-swimming fish that do not contend for food make great storage tank companions for discus fish. Fish Treatment & & Storage Tank Demands

Discus fish are thought about a specialized type. Taking care of them is testing due to the fact that these fish have details storage tank and also diet plan requirements.

discus fish swimming in a planted tank

Discus Promotions

Environment and also Storage Tank Demands

The discus fish occupies the slow-moving rivers and also lakes of the lowland Amazon.com container. The fish gather together near dropped trees and also branches near river financial institutions in the wild, so in bondage, discus choose secure settings.

Water kind:

Soft, freshwater Storage tank dimension:
Minimum 60 gallons (10 gallons per discus fish) Water temperature level:
82– 88 ° ( 28– 31 ° F)C Substratum:
Sand, stones, rocks Storage tank configuration:(* )Plants, caverns, driftwood
Level Of Acidity: 6.0– 7.0 pH
Water firmness: 6– 14 dGH
Filter: Yes, discus fish create a big quantity of waste and also stimulate the substratum, so a tough filter is important
Plant Kingdoms: Yes, to distribute the water in the fish tank and also make certain an ample oxygen supply. In bigger storage tanks, powerheads (completely submersible pumps) are favored
fish purchased online can be included straight to a ready storage tank. freshly included fish that pushes its side is not sick or passing away– this is a typical response to the modification in water stress in between the container and also the fish tank, and also the fish will certainly quickly season.

Discus Modification 10% to 25% of the discus aquarium water regular to keep excellent water high quality.A Condition

fish are most susceptible to typical warm-water microbial infections such as cotton woollen and also hole-in-the-head condition. The fish are likewise susceptible to inner and also outside bloodsucker infections such as gill flukes.


Discus If the discus fish’s high water temperature level demands aren’t complied with, the fish might be influenced by typical cool-water bloodsuckers and also health problems like


(white area condition). Maintaining your discus healthy and balanced consists of maintaining the storage tank tidy, preserving the water temperature level at the appropriate degree, and also feeding the fish tidy, top quality food. As quickly as you see any kind of indicators of ailment, recognize the reason after that treat your fish swiftly and also meticulously. Storage Tank Friends

Appropriate storage tank companions for discus fish consist of non-aggressive, slow-moving, big fish that call for comparable storage tank problems as discus fish, which aren’t tiny adequate to be misinterpreted for food.


discus fish with tank mates in planted tank

Excellent storage tank companions for discus fish consist of:

Storage tank companions to prevent consist of:

Diet Regimen and also Feeding

fish feed generally on water bugs, invertebrates, and also plankton in the wild. Provided their squashed physique, discus can not stuff on big meals, so they consume tiny parts throughout the day. It is necessary to not overfeed the fish.

Restricted discus fish require a diverse diet plan of cichlid food, supplemented with protein-rich, online, freeze-dried or icy foods. To create one of the most dynamic shades, feed shrimp eggs or specialized pigment-enhancing foods.

discus fish feeding in aquarium

Discus Reproduction

Determining a discus reproducing set is testing. Male and also women discus both take 2 to 3 years to get to sex-related maturation, and also there’s no noticeable distinction in between the sexes.

When you discover that 2 of your team show up territorial, move them to a reproduction storage tank of at the very least 36 x 18 x 18 inches. Make certain that the water problems, temperature level, and also food are all optimum. All-time low of the reproduction storage tank must be bare for simple cleansing. Include driftwood and also level rocks to act as egg-laying surface areas.

discus fish up close

Urge the discus to lay eggs by positioning an upturned clay pot or plastic cone in the storage tank, giving the difficult surface area they require.

Pregnancy takes much less than 4 days and also is complied with by an incubation duration of 10 days. The discus young, which originally feed off the mucous on the moms and dads’ ranges, end up being independent after 2 to 3 weeks.


Should You Obtain a

Fish for Your Fish tank?

fish needs to be maintained in a team. Discus have details demands that can make them testing to consist of in a mixed-species storage tank, and also the fish call for comprehensive time and also interest to remain healthy and balanced.

Discus Nonetheless, with ample room, appropriate water problems, and also suitable storage tank companions, a team of discus fish will certainly include a sprinkle of dazzling shade and also passion to your freshwater fish tank.Discus Resource web link


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