Dalmatian Molly Care Guide & Species Profile

The dalmatian molly is a freshwater fish of the Poeciliidae circle of relatives. This species is a well-liked aquarium fish as a result of its horny colours and simple care necessities. The fish has a white frame with black spots. This species is small, rising as much as simplest 5 inches in duration.

Dalmatian Molly Info & Assessment

Dalmatian Molly

Medical title: Poecilia latipinna
Commonplace names: Dalmation molly, marbled molly, sailfin molly
Distribution: Central The usa, South The usa, southern North The usa, Mexico
Dimension: 3–5 inches
Lifestyles expectancy: 3–5 years
Colour: White frame with black spots
Vitamin: Omnivore
Temperament: Non violent
Minimal tank measurement: 30 gallons
Temperature: 70–82°F (21–27°C)
pH: 7.0–7.8
Hardness: 12–25 dGH
Care degree: Simple
Breeding: Livebearer


The dalmatian molly originates from the southern United States, the place it used to be first found out.

Within the wild, the fish inhabit lakes, ponds, rivers, and streams in tropical and subtropical freshwaters.


Dalmatian mollies aren’t choosy about their habitats. The fish’s tanks will have to come with hiding puts to retreat into all the way through feeding time or if the fish change into worried.

Grownup Dimension and Lifespan

The grownup measurement of the dalmatian molly is 3–5 inches lengthy, and men are smaller than women folk. In captivity, those fish reside as much as 5 years. Then again, some fish can reside so long as 10 years beneath very best prerequisites — with a right kind vitamin and just right water high quality.

All the way through the breeding season, male dalmatian mollies have a extra intense colour than women folk. The male additionally develops breeding tubercles — small, fleshy bumps on his anal fin — when he is able to mate. The bumps are provide all the way through the breeding season however can also be tricky to peer if the bumps aren’t swollen sufficient or if there’s no gentle shining thru them.


Mollies are non violent fish and don’t require a lot house to thrive. The fish can reside in small aquariums so long as there’s enough room to swim round and seek for meals. The tank will have to be no less than 10 gallons, however a bigger tank is healthier, to give you the fish extra space to swim about and workout its fins.


Dalmatian mollies are simple to seek out in puppy shops or on-line. Those fish are ceaselessly offered along different mollies to create a mixed-species aquarium. The associated fee for this fish is between $2 and $15 and varies relying at the fish’s measurement and placement.

Those fish are offered at chain puppy shops like Petco and Petsmart. Then again, the fish are simplest to be had at make a choice instances of the 12 months, so that they would possibly not at all times be in inventory. Additionally, search for dalmatian mollies on the following on-line shops:

Look and Habits

Essentially the most putting characteristic of the dalmatian molly is its colour — black spots on a white frame, akin to a dalmatian canine’s coat.

Those fish are hardy and simple to maintain, making them well-liked aquarium pets. This species will readily adapt to new environments if it’s been well-cared-for in earlier environments.

Colours, Patterns, Fins, and Intercourse Variations

The dalmatian molly will get its title from the unique black-and-white trend on its frame and fins. Whilst the fish’s colour can range, it’s in most cases black-and-white. The dorsal fin has alternating black-and-white bands that run horizontally around the duration of the fin. The anal fin has equivalent colour however is in most cases smaller than the dorsal fin. The caudal fin might also have slight permutations in colour, relying at the subspecies of fish.

Male dalmatians have extra intense colours than women folk. Men too can have quite longer fins than women folk, however this distinction isn’t at all times provide. Even if men are usually smaller than women folk, men who’ve no longer reached sexual adulthood might glance just like women folk.

Standard Habits

Dalmatian mollies are usually non violent, however they are able to change into competitive in the event that they really feel threatened by means of every other fish or by means of adjustments of their atmosphere.

The fish are energetic swimmers and experience having a number of room to discover their environment in an aquarium surroundings. This species has a tendency to hang around on the most sensible or heart segment of the tank and may be very social and energetic all the way through the day.

Dalmatian Molly Care and Tank Necessities

Dalmatian Molly

Taking good care of dalmatian mollies is slightly easy, however the fish nonetheless have some fundamental care necessities.


The fish’s tank will have to comprise an aquarium clear out and an air stone, or every other aeration instrument, to stay the water blank and oxygenated. The tank will have to additionally comprise vegetation, hiding puts, and decorations.

Dalmatian mollies are omnivorous and devour meaty meals akin to worms, brine shrimp, bloodworms, and algae wafers. Feed the fish two or 3 times an afternoon.

Habitat and Tank Necessities

Dalmatian mollies are local to southern North The usa, Central The usa, and South The usa. This species’ herbal habitat is slow-moving streams and ponds with muddy bottoms. The fish’s care wishes aren’t as difficult as many different tropical fish species.

A dalmatian molly’s tank will have to be spacious with a number of hiding puts and different decorations for the fish to discover. Suitable water prerequisites lend a hand stay the fish’s pores and skin wholesome and save you fin rot.


Tank Stipulations

The dalmatian molly is a freshwater fish that may tolerate quite a lot of water prerequisites, making those fish very best for newcomers. This species may be very hardy however does require some explicit necessities to thrive.

  • Water kind: Freshwater
  • Tank measurement: Minimal 30 gallons
  • Water temperature: 70–82°F
  • Substrate: Fantastic gravel or sand
  • Tank setup: Vegetation
  • Acidity: 7.0–7.8 pH
  • Water hardness: 2–25 dGH
  • Clear out: Sure, to extend water motion
  • Bubbler: Crucial, to offer fish with breathable oxygen

The tank prerequisites appropriate for dalmatian mollies are slightly simple to take care of. Needless to say a larger aquarium makes it more straightforward to maintain fish.

You’ll want to test the water’s pH ranges incessantly and regulate them as wanted. Alternate the pH ranges by means of including or putting off small quantities of water from the tank.


Even if the dalmatian molly has prime illness resistance, the fish can change into inflamed with parasites like Ich (white spot illness) and Trichodina. The easiest way to forestall those sicknesses is to take care of just right water high quality and stay the tank blank. Cycle your tank earlier than including new fish, and carry out common water adjustments to stay the tank wholesome.


Tank Pals

Dalmatian Molly

Dalmatian mollies are energetic, so they want fast-moving tank pals. Gradual-moving tank pals shall be chased across the tank, not able to break out from the quick dalmatian molly. Backside dwellers also are no longer really useful tank pals.

Appropriate fish tank pals for dalmatian mollies come with:

  • Shubunkins
  • Rosy barbs
  • Dwarf gouramis
  • Guppies
  • Platies
  • Rasboras

Appropriate non-fish tank pals for dalmatian mollies come with:


  • Freshwater shrimp
  • Vegetation
  • Snails

Vitamin and Feeding

Dalmatian Molly

Dalmatian mollies are omnivorous, that means they consume each plant and animal subject. Within the wild, those fish consume small bugs, crustaceans, worms, algae, and vegetation.

In a house aquarium, feed those fish numerous meals like frozen bloodworms, brine shrimp, and freeze-dried pellets to offer a balanced vitamin.

Dalmatians will have to simplest be fed two times in line with day — as soon as within the morning and as soon as within the night time. Don’t overfeed those fish as overfeeding can result in well being issues like bloating and constipation.


Dalmatian mollies can also be bred in two tactics: synthetic spawning or reside breeding. Synthetic spawning calls for an egg incubator or hatching jar, whilst reside breeding calls for a large tank.

For both breeding means, you’ll want:

  • A tank with water no less than 1–2 inches deep
  • Airstone, or an air pump for oxygenation (1 in line with 10 gallons)
  • Water conditioner (API Tension Coat)

Must You Get a Dalmatian Molly for Your Aquarium?

A dalmatian molly makes an ideal addition to house aquariums, in particular for newbie aquarists. This species is gorgeous, hardy, and simple to maintain. Dalmatian mollies are certain to offer their proprietor with some leisure. Those mollies are energetic and energetic fish who experience swimming across the tank at most sensible velocity after they aren’t hiding away beneath rocks and decorations.


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