Cherry Shrimp Care Guide & Species Profile

The cherry shrimp is a freshwater shrimp of the Atyidae household. These shrimp are rated by their shade. There are 5 color qualities offered: basic cherry shrimp, sakura cherry shrimp, fire red cherry shrimp (in reduced and also high qualities), and also repainted fire red cherry shrimp.

No matter their grading, cherry shrimp are little, lively invertebrates that are simple to take care of. The shrimp are preferred amongst aquarists because of their cost and also their tank-cleaning practices.

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Cherry Shrimp Information & & Review

red cherry shrimp standing on a mossy rock

Taxonomic name: Neocaridina davidi
Typical names: Cherry shrimp, red cherry shrimp, cherry red shrimp, fire cherry shrimp, fire shrimp
Circulation: Taiwan
Dimension: 1.5 inches
Life span: 1– 2 years
Shade: Numerous tones of red
Diet Regimen: Omnivore
Personality: Relaxed
Minimum storage tank dimension: 5 gallons
Temperature Level: 65– 85 °F( 23– 29 ° C)
pH: 6.5– 8.0
Solidity: 4.0– 14.0 dGH
Treatment degree: Easy


Wild cherry shrimp come from Taiwan, where they’re still typically discovered today. The shrimp’s native environment is rough streams and also fish ponds with thick plants.


Grownup Dimension & & Life Expectancy

Grown-up cherry shrimp mature to 1.5 inches long. Men are smaller sized than ladies and also expand to concerning 1 inch in size.

The typical life-span of a cherry shrimp is 1– 2 years. The majority of these shrimp just meet 1 year due to the fact that they battle to grow throughout adjustments to their setting, such as rising and falling water problems.


Cherry shrimp are commonly offered in animal shops. Keeping that stated, the most significant option of cherry shrimp is online.


You can discover cherry shrimp in the complying with respectable fish shops:

The expense of a cherry shrimp depends upon the shrimp’s grading. Criterion cherry shrimp are the least expensive, setting you back in between $1.50 and also $3 per shrimp. High qualities of cherry shrimp set you back approximately $8 per shrimp. Generally, shops offer cherry shrimp in teams of 3, 6, 12, or much more.

Look & & Habits

Cherry shrimp swimming in aquarium grass
Cherry Shrimp by Emilia Murray

Cherry shrimp are little shrimp in different tones of red. These shrimp are relaxed yet worried. This varieties of invertebrates invests the majority of its time scavenging in all-time low of the storage tank.

Color Styles, Patterns, and also Dimension

Cherry shrimp have a distinct shrimp-shaped head, with a sharp rostrum (nose) and also 4 antennae– one set longer than the various other. The shrimp have eyes that extend on stalks on either side of the rostrum. The varieties additionally has 3 sets of brief legs underneath the mouth that assist the shrimp scavenge for food.

The cherry shrimp’s abdominal area has 6 overlapping covering sectors as a covering and also 5 sets of legs for swimming.

Cherry shrimp can be found in a variety of red shades, and also are rated based upon their vibrancy:

  • Common cherry shrimp— are light or clear with red markings
  • Sakura quality cherry shrimp— have much more red tinting on their bodies than basic cherry shrimp, yet still have clear spots
  • Fire red low-grade cherry shrimp— are practically totally red
  • Fire red top-quality cherry shrimp— are totally red
  • Repainted fire red cherry shrimp— are strong red, with complete protection of shade that includes their legs

Aquarists additionally precisely reproduce cherry shrimp to create various other shade morphs, consisting of blue velour, environment-friendly jade, yellow sakura, delicious chocolate, and also orange sakura shrimp.

Ladies have bolder coloring and also are bigger than men. When the shrimp reach sex-related maturation, ladies establish egg-holding saddles on their bellies. When worried, cherry shrimp come to be paler than typical. The shrimp shed pigment as they age.

Regular Habits

Cherry shrimp are reluctant and also quietly occupy the reduced area of the storage tank. These shrimp are most comfy in teams of at the very least 4.

The varieties is understood to conceal in caverns and also behind plants for the initial couple of weeks after being presented to a brand-new storage tank. These shrimp ought to ultimately really feel comfy adequate to discover their environments in daytime. Cherry shrimp appreciate consuming algae from the wall surfaces, rocks, and also various other surface areas in the storage tank.

Cherry Shrimp Container & & Water Needs

The environment for a cherry shrimp need to consist of a cozy, reputable storage tank with a lot of plants, gaps, and also moss. The storage tank ought to go to the very least 10 gallons in dimension.


Environment and also Container Needs

Simulate the cherry shrimp’s all-natural environment as carefully as feasible with a pebbly substratum and also driftwood for the shrimp to consume algae off of.

Java moss is a terrific moss to make use of in a cherry shrimp storage tank due to the fact that the moss supplies a perfect hiding area for shrimp. Various other real-time fish tank plants, like java brush and also anubias, supply excellent cover for the shrimp when molting. Plants additionally accumulate biofilm which is a healthy food resource.

Cherry shrimp do not have certain illumination needs, so storage tank illumination can be customized towards healthy and balanced plant development.

The shrimp do not require a relaxing area to take a breath air over the water as long as the water’s oxygen degrees suffice.


Water Problems

Perfect storage tank problems for cherry shrimp are:

Water kind: A little soft, acidic, well-oxygenated freshwater
Container dimension: Minimum 10 gallons, or 2– 5 shrimp per gallon
Water temperature level: 65– 85 °F( 23– 29 ° C)
Substratum: Great stones (* )Container arrangement:
Great deals of plants, driftwood Level Of Acidity:
6.5– 8.0 pH Water solidity:
4.0– 14.0 dGH Filter:
Yes. Cherry shrimp are delicate to nitrite and also ammonia spikes, so a solid filter is needed to keep tidy water. Sponge filters are best for shrimp Illumination:
Not needed if all-natural illumination is offered, although illumination can be utilized for plant development Hot water heater:
Yes, to keep a cozy water temperature level in the storage tank Bubbler:
Yes. bubbler oxygenates the water, which the shrimp demand to make it throughA Cherry shrimp end up being quickly worried if they’re housed in transforming water problems. It’s necessary to keep continually tidy, soft, and also oxygenated fresh water in the storage tank.

Treatment & & Diet Regimen

Cherry Shrimp

Cherry shrimp close up near aquarium substrate
Taking care of cherry shrimp is simple. These invertebrates consume a diet regimen of algae and also small bacteria. Typical concerns influencing cherry shrimp are molting issues, shell illness, and also bloodsuckers.

Diet Regimen and also Feeding

In the wild, cherry shrimp are scavengers that prey on whatever they can discover, such as plant issue and also bacteria. The shrimp are omnivores and also more than happy to consume most foods that they can suit their mouths.


Feed cherry shrimp a diet regimen of shrimp pellets, algae wafers, and also blanched veggies in bondage. These shrimp are small and also need to just be fed a tiny pinch of food 2 or 3 times weekly. Get rid of remaining food 2 hrs after feeding the shrimp to stop it from contaminating the storage tank.

Cherry shrimp appreciate consuming algae bizarre and also surface areas in the storage tank. Motivate algae development by including great deals of plants to the storage tank and also positioning the storage tank in a location that obtains numerous hrs of straight sunshine daily.

General Treatment

The cherry shrimp is among the hardiest shrimp varieties and also calls for very little treatment and also maintenance. Nevertheless, bad water high quality can have an extreme impact on these shrimp, so you need to buy an effective sponge filter and also do 2 30% water adjustments weekly to stop an accumulation of waste in the storage tank.

Cherry shrimp are social shrimp and also ought to be housed in teams of at the very least 10. This varieties of shrimp fidgets and also requires a lot of sanctuaries to conceal and also reproduce.


The shrimp do not require any kind of unique illumination, and also supplements aren’t needed if you supply them with nutrient-fortified foods. If you choose, include determined quantities of fluid calcium to the storage tank according to the item’s directions.

Typical Issues

Cherry shrimp are delicate to ecological adjustments and also based on numerous typical illness.

Water therapies like copper, malachite environment-friendly, and also carbon dioxide can be harmful to cherry shrimp, so watch out for the therapies utilized for fish residents.

Molting Issues

In healthy and balanced problems, young cherry shrimp molt each to 2 weeks, and also grownups molt every 3 to 4 weeks.

Poor or rising and falling water problems can cause molting issues, such as the White Ring of Fatality, which takes place when the shrimp’s exoskeleton divides right into 2. This triggers the shrimp to obtain embeded its molt and also possibly pass away.

Avoid molting issues by preserving tidy, ideal water problems and also think about including calcium supplements to the storage tank.


Cherry shrimp can acquire numerous various bloodsuckers, such as a bloodsucker called Vorticella, a white, blurry, mold-like development on the shrimp’s body. If Vorticella is entrusted to increase, it can ultimately enter the shrimp’s gills. This development will certainly decrease oxygen degrees and also asphyxiate the shrimp.

Avoid Vorticella by maintaining the storage tank tidy. Talk to your vet concerning prospective therapies for impacted shrimp.

Is a Cherry Shrimp Dangerous?

Cherry shrimp are little, fragile, and also risk-free to take care of. Managing the shrimp isn’t suggested because of their little dimension. Making use of a fish tank web is the best method to move shrimp.

Cherry shrimp are tranquil invertebrates that do not show aggressive habits or assault various other storage tank residents. These shrimp are reluctant and also hideaway from problem when feasible.



The cherry shrimp is among the simplest sorts of shrimp to reproduce. This shrimp varieties gets to sex-related maturation in between 4 and also 6 months old.

Cherry shrimp scavenging in a planted tank

Right Here’s exactly how to efficiently reproduce cherry shrimp in bondage:

Prepare the fish tank for reproducing. Make certain the storage tank is greatly grown to supply safety throughout the reproducing procedure. Increase the water temperature level to 82 °

  • The fish tank ought to be developed, not newly-cycled, to make sure that the storage tank consists of microorganisms for the shrimp infants to prey onF Problem a team of around 10 man and also women shrimp for reproducing by feeding them a high-protein diet plan of pellets
  • When the ladies prepare to reproduce, they launch sex-related hormonal agents right into the water to draw in the men. The men will certainly discover the ladies and also down payment their sperm
  • After mating, ladies bring their eggs underneath their tails and also follower their tails to supply the eggs with oxygen
  • The eggs will certainly hatch out after concerning thirty days. Maintain the infants in the exact same fish tank as the moms and dads. The infants are independent from birth and also will certainly consume biofilm and also algae for their initial couple of days of life
  • Remain to feed the grownups as typical. At some point, the infants will certainly participate with the grown-up feeding
  • Container Companions

Cherry shrimp are little, tranquil, worried invertebrates that hit it off with similarly-sized, slow-moving, tranquil storage tank companions.

The shrimp ought to stay in teams of at the very least 10, and also should not deal with huge or predacious fish that often tend to consume shrimp. Improper tankmates consist of

cichlids, oscars, and also discus Ads

Perfect storage tank companions for cherry shrimp are:

Ideal non-fish storage tank companions for cherry shrimp are:

Should You Obtain a Cherry Shrimp for Your Fish tank?

Cherry shrimp are tranquil, sturdy, and also brightly-colored invertebrates. These shrimp work tank-cleaners and also can be amusing to enjoy.

You need to obtain cherry shrimp if you have a tranquil fish tank with adequate space for at the very least 10 bottom-dwelling residents. Do not obtain cherry shrimp if your storage tank consists of predacious fish that might consume the shrimp, or if your storage tank’s water problems disagree for this shrimp varieties.

In spite of their uneasiness and also require for reputable, continually tidy water, cherry shrimp are suitable for newbie fish caretakers that wish to discover exactly how to take care of a non-fish marine varieties.


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