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Gorgeous, majestic, and simple to maintain, betta fish are vastly in style amongst fish keepers. Bettas are available all kinds of colours and shapes. This species variance has basically evolved because of selective breeding.

This information will educate you the way to breed betta fish and can speak about key data together with when the fish are in a position to reproduce, the way to arrange an acceptable breeding tank, and a lot more.

Step One: Arrange a Tank

female betta swimming in planted aquarium

The first actual step to breeding bettas is to arrange an acceptable breeding tank. A fundamental setup must come with a minimum of 3 tanks: the male betta’s tank, the feminine betta’s tank, and the breeding tank. It’s essential additionally acquire an not obligatory fourth tank for the fry to develop up in, however you might select to only depart them within the breeding tank.


There are 4 major parts you must believe, when putting in a tank, to ensure the breeding is going easily: tank measurement, apparatus, decorations, and protection.

Tank Dimension

The breeding tank must be a minimum of 5 gallons in measurement. A 10-gallon tank is best possible, because it supplies enough room for the bettas to cover from each and every different, if important, however received’t make it tricky for them to come back in combination.

The breeding tank must be cut loose each the female and male’s house tanks, and it’s best possible to stay the tank clear of different aquariums.


The tank received’t want to be totally complete, so 3 to five inches of water might be sufficient. If you’ll, stay the breeding tank in a quiet, non-public house.


Betta breeding tanks are a lot more fundamental than common tanks, and most effective want a couple of items of apparatus. You’ll desire a heater to stay the water at round 78°F. Whether or not or no longer you select to make use of a clear out is as much as you. Remember, on the other hand, {that a} robust water present can break the male’s bubble nest. And not using a bubble nest, the feminine received’t lay eggs.

It’s additionally a good suggestion to make use of some transparent plastic walls to divide the tank and stay the female and male aside. This permits the pair to look each and every different with out the male chasing or bullying the feminine.

After getting the tank arrange, you’ll want to let it cycle prior to including your bettas. Biking takes a minimum of per week.


Your breeding tank will want some decorations, however you shouldn’t overcrowd the tank. For example, gravel or sand at the flooring of the tank is a foul thought. Stay the ground of the tank naked. The eggs might settle within the gravel, or the male won’t have the ability to to find them.

For decorations, you’ll want:

  • A hiding position — Male bettas are competitive, particularly all through breeding. The feminine might desire a wreck or someplace to cover
  • One thing to flow at the floor of the tank — Reside crops, leaves, or perhaps a styrofoam cup will give the male a spot to construct his bubble nest
  • Reside crops — Reside crops aren’t totally important, however they upload oxygen to the water and can give the newly hatched fry one thing to consume. Reside crops give you the feminine bettas with excellent hiding puts. Bettas want color and privateness all through breeding, so leaves can upload wanted refuge.

It’s best possible to stay decorations to a minimal. The breeding tank is just a transient location, and you need the bettas to concentrate on each and every different.


Male bettas are competitive. In the event you introduce the female and male too quickly, the male might bully and even assault the feminine. This may occasionally depart your feminine betta exhausted and in all probability even injured. An assault can lead to a loss of eggs or, in a worst-case situation, a useless betta fish.

Use a transparent container or a plastic divider to stay the female and male aside till they’re in a position to be offered. Keep watch over your bettas whilst they breed, and be in a position to take the feminine out of the tank as soon as the breeding is over.

Bettas like privateness, so vivid gentle can discourage them from breeding. If imaginable, put a lid or duvet over the tank whilst breeding betta fish. You’ll want to take a look at to your bettas steadily.

Step Two: Make a selection Your Breeding Pair

Types of Betta Fish


Now comes the joys phase — opting for your breeding pair. Don’t simply pick out the primary two bettas you spot. It’s essential to grasp what to search for in each men and women, which is able to give the most efficient probability of wholesome fry and glad guardian bettas.

What to Search for In a Male Betta

Male bettas are identified for his or her colourful colours and lengthy, flowing fins. Within the wild, feminine bettas select men according to their colours and the standard in their bubble nests.

In captivity, you’ll select the style and color of a male betta that you simply’d like to reproduce. Right here’s what you must search for:

  • A wholesome, lively fish — The male betta will maintain the eggs till they hatch, and he’ll want to be wholesome and in a position to handle the stresses of dating and taking good care of his younger
  • Colourful colours with lengthy, spectacular fins — Brilliant colours are best possible, and pink is the preferred colour
  • The way of fin that you simply’d just like the fry to have — For instance, you might wish to breed extra combtail bettas. If so, you’ll desire a combtail male, ideally with very spectacular fins

The male betta’s temperament must even be an element when breeding betta fish. Overly competitive bettas might make breeding tougher, and will also injure the feminine.


What to Search for in a Feminine Betta

Relationship and breeding are very nerve-racking reviews for a feminine betta, so make sure to select a powerful and wholesome feminine. In contrast to men, colour and fin duration aren’t so essential in ladies.

Right here’s what you want to search for in a feminine betta:

  • A wholesome, lively fish — Your feminine betta must be at liberty, with wholesome coloring and no visual sicknesses or accidents
  • A fish with a excellent urge for food — Ensure that your feminine is consuming neatly and no longer torpid
  • A feminine round the similar measurement because the male — A feminine of equivalent measurement to the male, or smaller, makes a excellent fit

Most significantly, you want to grasp whether or not or no longer your feminine betta is able to breed — and whether or not she likes that individual male betta. This might be mentioned in additional element later. First, you want to duplicate the very best breeding stipulations.

Step 3: Situation Your Fish and Create a Breeding Atmosphere

betta fish building a bubble nest


Within the wild, water adjustments and different environmental elements inform a betta that it’s time to reproduce. In captivity, you want to duplicate the ones stipulations. It takes about two weeks to situation a couple of bettas.

At this level, neither of your bettas must be within the breeding tank. Placing your bettas into the breeding tank and introducing them to one another is without doubt one of the ultimate steps of breeding.

Reside meals is one of the best ways to situation your bettas for breeding. Common water adjustments also are a good suggestion.

Get started through feeding your bettas top of the range, are living meals two to 4 instances an afternoon. Some meals you’ll take a look at come with:


  • Bloodworms
  • Small bugs
  • Daphnia
  • Tubifex worms

You’ll be able to even feed your bettas finely chopped meat. This vitamin will get your bettas used to the speculation of breeding and assists in keeping them robust and wholesome. If you’ll’t use are living meals, frozen meals will do.

Step 4: Introduce Your Breeding Pair

Betta Fish Making Bubble Nest
Betta Fish Making Bubble Nest

As soon as your fish are conditioned and also you’ve arrange the tank for breeding, it’s time for motion. You must introduce the feminine betta to the breeding tank first, after which the male.

That is the tough a part of breeding betta fish — despite the fact that each bettas are excited and in a position to reproduce, the advent can cross mistaken in the event you aren’t cautious.

Introducing the Feminine

The feminine must be added to the tank first and given round half-hour to settle in. Use a transparent container or a plastic divider in order that she has her personal house. It’s essential to make use of see-through dividers in order that the female and male can see each and every different.

Introducing the Male

As soon as the feminine is relaxed in her a part of the tank, you’ll upload the male to his phase and let him settle in. Stay the male and female separated.

The 2 bettas must understand each and every different instantly. The male’s colour will darken and he’ll flare his fins, indicating that he’s within the feminine. The feminine will show pastime within the male — her colour will darken and he or she’ll show vertical stripes throughout her frame. Those stripes point out that she’s in a position to reproduce.

The male may chunk on the divider in an strive to succeed in the feminine. That is customary habits. After appearing off for some time, the male must rush off and construct a bubble nest. It may well take as much as 24 hours for the male to construct a bubble nest, and he’ll come again steadily to blow their own horns some extra for the feminine. It’s essential the nest is constructed prior to any breeding can happen.

The First Assembly

If the preliminary discovery is going neatly, and also you’re assured that your bettas are inquisitive about each and every different, you’ll take away the divider and let the female and male meet correctly. Once they meet, there’s a series of occasions that are meant to occur to culminate in a success breeding. Stay an in depth eye to your bettas in case the male will get too competitive.

  1. The feminine will swim over to the bubble nest to check up on it. If she’s proud of the male’s efforts, the courtship will start
  2. The male will start to chase the feminine across the tank. It will cross on for a couple of hours
  3. The pair will swim aspect through aspect, flaring their fins at each and every different. That is the place the male can get competitive — if the feminine doesn’t reply, he might chunk and nip at her.

This habits is a lead-up to the true mating procedure. It may well take a couple of hours or perhaps a day or two. Whilst your bettas are dating, you shouldn’t feed them.

Step 5: The Breeding

Male Betta Collecting Eggs
Male amassing the eggs to position within the bubble nest

To reproduce, the male betta turns the feminine the wrong way up and holds her shut, in order that he can fertilize the eggs as she lays them. The eggs sink to the ground of the tank, and the male scoops them up and takes them to the bubble nest.


It continuously takes a couple of of those embraces prior to the feminine begins to put eggs. It’s essential to notice that the feminine will most likely lie on her aspect and glance in poor health and useless whilst she’s laying the eggs. In the event you’re a first-time betta breeder, this may well be being worried. Don’t concern, that is customary.

You’ll be able to be expecting round 30–40 eggs to be laid, however some bettas can lay masses.

Step Six: Take away the Feminine

As soon as the mating is over and the entire eggs are laid, the male must let cross of the feminine and get started busily taking the eggs to the bubble nest. Now it’s time to take away the feminine.

Courtship is an laborious procedure, and there’s a possibility that your feminine betta may have been injured. The male infrequently assaults the feminine after breeding, seeing her as a danger to the eggs. In reality, the male may well be proper — some ladies do consume their very own eggs. The male is the person who cares for the eggs, so there’s no use for the feminine to stick within the tank.

Step Seven: Repairs and Hatching

Male bettas are excellent fathers and maintain their eggs till they hatch. The men might rearrange the bubble nests, or construct new ones.


It’s essential to stay the tank heat and humid. One of the best ways to try this is through wrapping plastic wrap across the tank and retaining it in a heat atmosphere.

Chances are you’ll understand your male consuming a couple of eggs. Ahead of you panic, remember the fact that it’s not going that each and every unmarried egg can have been fertilized, particularly if there are masses. Your male betta may well be consuming unfertilized eggs. It’s best possible to not feed the male till the eggs have hatched.

After round 36 hours, the fry will begin to wriggle out in their bubble nests. It’s too quickly for them to hatch, and the male betta will catch them and put them again within the nest. All the way through this time, the male betta will hang out underneath the bubble nest, maintaining a tally of his younger.

The betta fry must hatch after round 4 days. They’ll then be in a position for his or her first feed. The male betta’s paintings is completed. At this level, it’s best possible to take him out of the tank, as he may try to consume his youngsters now that they’ve hatched.

Caution Indicators to Watch Out For

betta fish feeding fry
Feeding Betta Fry

Breeding bettas will also be tough for first-time breeders. Merely tossing a female and male betta in a tank in combination and leaving them by myself for a couple of days isn’t excellent sufficient — you want to finally end up with a useless feminine and no eggs.


Listed here are a couple of caution indicators that point out that breeding betta fish isn’t going neatly.

  • The feminine displays no real interest in the male — Relying at the feminine’s persona, she may well be quiet and shy, which doesn’t imply she isn’t inquisitive about courtship. Alternatively, in case your feminine betta doesn’t show the breeding marks on her frame and tries to keep away from the male, this implies she both isn’t within the male or isn’t in a position to reproduce. You must take her out and take a look at with some other feminine
  • The feminine destroys the male’s bubble nest — This means that that she’s no longer pleased with the nest. At this level, you’ll want to take her out and take a look at once more later with the similar pair. If she destroys it a 2d time, the pair isn’t appropriate. Take a look at once more with a special feminine or a special male, or an entire new pair
  • The male is some distance too competitive — Whilst some aggression is customary all through betta breeding, you mustn’t let it cross too some distance. Male bettas can severely injure and even kill feminine bettas. If the feminine doesn’t display any pastime in breeding with the male, the male will develop extra annoyed and competitive. When you’ve got any considerations in any respect, take the feminine out of the breeding tank
  • The feminine is improperly injured — In case your feminine is desperately seeking to disguise and keep away from the male or is visibly injured or bleeding, take her out of the tank

The Backside Line

Breeding bettas is a thrilling and rewarding procedure. So long as you’re cautious along with your bettas and do numerous analysis, there’s no reason you shouldn’t welcome a couple of dozen betta fry into your aquarium.

Breeding your personal bettas is one of the best ways to make sure to have wholesome, glad, and lovely fish.

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