Assassin Snail: Care, Breeding, Size, Diet & More

The assassin snail is a fresh water snail of the Nassariidae household. These snails have brownish and also yellow candy striped coverings and also are prominent amongst aquarists due to their strength, convenience of treatment, and also propensity to consume various other bug snails.

Expanding to be 0.8– 1.25 inches long generally, assassin snails are tiny and also fit to 10-gallon containers

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Assassin Snail Information & & Introduction

Assassin snail full size

Taxonomic name: Anentome helenas
Typical names: Assassin snail, awesome snail, bumblebee snail
Circulation: Southeast Asia
Dimension: 0.8– 1.25 inches generally
Life span: 2-3 years
Shade: Light off-white body with flecks, brownish and also yellow candy striped covering
Diet Regimen: Predator
Character: Serene
Minimum container dimension: 10 gallons
Temperature Level: 70– 80 °F( 21– 28 ° C)
pH: 7.0– 8.0
Firmness: 8– 15 dGH
Treatment degree: Easy


The assassin snail((* )Anentome helena) is belonging to Southeast Asia, generally discovered in the lakes and also rivers of Indonesia, Malaysia, and also Thailand, though the snail likewise lives in storage tanks and also streams. Ads

As a result of their aggressive nature, the varieties is commonly maintained by fishkeepers that wish to lower bug snail populaces.

Grownup Dimension & & Life Expectancy

The assassin snail is a tiny invertebrate that expands to around 0.8– 1.25 inches, though some can get to 3 inches in size. Wild assassin snails are usually bigger than those increased in bondage.

With the appropriate treatment and also water problems, this varieties can live for approximately 3 years.



Assassin snails are budget-friendly and also conveniently offered at fish shops throughout the globe. This types expenses in between $2 and also $4 per snail, generally, and also can be gotten online from

LiveAquaria, Arizona Aquatic Gardens, and also Marine Arts Assassins are rather singular and also do not require to be maintained in teams to grow. Nonetheless, a huge team is required if there is a huge bug populace that requires to be looked after.

Preferably, there need to be 5 snails per 15 gallons of water.

team of this dimension will certainly set you back around $13.A Look & & Actions

Assassin snails obtain their bumblebee label from their striking yellow-and-brown-striped covering. Although aggressive to various other freshwater snails, these invertebrates are calm towards fish and also make remarkable enhancements to area containers.

Assassin snail baby size

Color Styles, Patterns, and also Dimension

The assassin snail has actually a grooved, conelike covering with yellow and also brownish spiral bands. The snail’s body is a light off-white with dark flecks, and also juveniles are paler than grownups.

siphon– a tube-like appendage that aids the snail take a breath and also discover target– extends out from the covering.

A Ads

Unlike a lot of snail varieties, assassin snails aren’t hermaphroditic and also have distinctive sexes. Nonetheless, sexing them is difficult due to the fact that ladies and also men share the exact same look, dimension, and also form.

Indicators of health issues or tension consist of covering modifications, staining, and also lack of exercise.

Common Actions

The assassin snail is slow-moving, feeds upon tiny snails, and also invests a lot of its time at the end of the container delved in the substratum.


In spite of its aggressive nature, the snail hits it off with its very own kind and also will not damage fish or big invertebrates. This varieties likewise will not root out or consume plants, making it suitable for grown fish tanks.

The assassin snail maintains to itself and also is seldom energetic throughout the day, favoring to quest in the evening.

snail reaching the top of the container is commonly an indication of inadequate water top quality.A Assassin Snail Container & & Water Demands

Looking after assassin snails is simple due to the fact that they’re calm and also can endure a variety of container problems. Nonetheless, these invertebrates do best in a configuration that mimics their all-natural environment.

Assassin snail feeding
The container must be cozy, at the very least 10 gallons, and also have a soft-grained substratum.


Environment and also Container Demands

The assassin snail favors reasonably tough water on the alkaline side due to the fact that alkaline consists of minerals like calcium that assist maintain the covering healthy and balanced.

Plants aren’t required for this varieties, though plant life can include some shade to a storage tank and also aid distribute solid currents. Go with durable plants like

Anubias and also bolbitis. The substratum must be soft, loosened, and also thick sufficient for the snail to delve in, preferably in between 2 to 3 inches. Make certain the container goes to the very least 10 gallons and also boost the dimension by 3 gallons per snail. Supply this varieties 8– 12 hrs of light each day to imitate an all-natural day to evening cycle.

Display water temperature level with a thermostat and also the pH degree with a pH meter. Prevent filters that create a solid existing, due to the fact that assassin snails are accustomed to slow-moving water. Cover power filter consumption to stop the snail from climbing up right into the filter and also obtaining pain.


Water Problems

The suitable water problems for an assassin snail are:

Water kind:

Slow-moving freshwater Storage tank dimension:
Minimum 10 gallons, rise dimension by 3 gallons per assassin snail Water temperature level:
70– 80 ° ( 21– 28 ° F)C Substratum:
Soft-grained, loosened substratum Storage tank arrangement:
Produce climbing up places with driftwood and also rocks. Purchase a protected cover to stop the assassin snail from running away Level Of Acidity:
A little alkaline, 7.0– 8.0 pH Water firmness:
Reasonably hard, 8– 15 dGH Filter:
Premium filtering system that produces reduced or no existing Illumination:
All illumination kinds appropriate Plant Kingdoms:
Not required Bubbler:
Not required Assassin snails are delicate to water variations. Just present this varieties once the water specifications are secure and also the container has actually been completely cycled. Do partial (25%) water modifications once a week to maintain nitrate and also ammonia degrees reduced.

Treatment & & Diet Regimen

Assassin snails are simple to look after due to the fact that they hit it off with fish and also endure a variety of water problems. In the wild, these predators consume worms, dead microorganisms, and also tiny snails such as ramshorns and also Malaysian heralds.

One of the most usual wellness problem that impacts assassin snails is parasitical infections.


Diet Regimen and also Feeding

Assassin snails will gladly feed upon undesirable bug snails in the container, yet various other appropriate foods consist of salt water shrimp, water fleas,

snail eggs, and also bloodworms. Your assassin snail’s diet regimen need to likewise consist of protein-rich sinking wafers from time to time. It’s great method to cover up real-time food frequently to make sure there’s constantly sufficient in the container. As a harsh standard, these snails usually consume 1– 2 snails each day.

The very best time to feed them goes to evening since that’s when they’re most energetic.

General Treatment

Offering a diet plan abundant in healthy protein and also calcium, and also maintaining water variations at a minimum, offers assassin snails the most effective possibility at living long, healthy and balanced lives.

Typical Troubles

Typical wellness problems that influence an assassin snail consist of:

Parasitical infection

  • : Reasons white places on the covering, sleepiness, and also covering modifications. Therapy entails damaging the bloodsucker’s life process, though this isn’t constantly feasible because of assassin snails’ level of sensitivity to chemicals. Quarantine influenced snails instantly. Weak covering
  • : Triggers the covering to disintegrate and also is usually brought on by an absence of calcium or inadequate water top quality. Deal with fragile covering by providing the snails extra calcium and also maintaining water properly maintained. Stunted development
  • : Takes place when there’s an absence of nourishment or otherwise adequate area in the container. Make certain the container is a suitable dimension which the snail is fed sufficient protein-rich food. Prevent including medicines including copper right into the container due to the fact that the chemical is harmful to assassin snails.

Is an Assassin Snail Dangerous?

The assassin snail is safe to people. When touched, this varieties commonly hideaways right into its covering and also hides, making it simple to grab and also relocate in between containers. Nonetheless, dealing with need to be maintained to a minimum to prevent emphasizing the snail.

Like all freshwater snails, assassin snails can nurture bloodsuckers and also need to be quarantined for 2 to 4 weeks prior to presenting them right into the major container.

Assassin Snail Reproduction & & Eggs

Assassin snails are egg layers. While simple to reproduce, this varieties recreates at a sluggish price, laying just one egg at once.

Assassin snail breeding, eggs, babies, and reproduction


Fishkeepers curious about reproducing assassin snails need to acquire a team of 6 or even more to boost the probabilities of having both ladies and also men.

To cause reproduction:

Progressively increase the temperature level by a couple of levels and also give a protein-rich diet regimen.

  1. Placed the snails right into a different reproduction container to offer the eggs the most effective possibility of survival. Include a great substratum and also frameworks with tough surface areas, like rocks and also driftwood, for the woman to lay her rally.
  2. set locks with each other for approximately 12 hrs while copulating.
  3. A The women after that lays square-shaped specific egg pills which are yellow, clear, and also around 1.0 to 1.5 millimeters in dimension. Assassin snail eggs hatch out within 3 to 8 weeks.
  4. Adolescent assassin snails delve in the substratum and also get to sex-related maturation at 6 months.

Container Companions

In spite of their awesome track record, assassin snails will not assault or disrupt varieties bigger than them. The snails are fit to area containers with accommodating fish that share comparable water choices.

Assassin snail tank mates
Preferably, container friends need to live in the leading and also center degrees of the fish tank.


Terrific container friends for assassin snails consist of:

Prevent maintaining these snails with energetic fish and also snail-eating varieties. Big bottom-dwelling fish, which are understood to disrupt snails, need to likewise be prevented.

Should You Obtain an Assassin Snail for Your Fish tank?

The assassin snail has an attractive look and also aids eliminate undesirable insects in the container. This varieties can endure a variety of water problems, will not consume or root out plants, and also is typically calm, making it appropriate for area containers or grown fish tanks.

You need to think about obtaining an assassin snail if your container holds at the very least 10 gallons and also has a soft, fine-grained substratum. Do not obtain one if you battle to maintain water specifications secure or residence energetic fish in your container.

With the appropriate treatment and also container arrangement, the assassin snail will certainly grow and also bring a pop of shade to your residence.


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